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List of 2005 Earmarks

In fiscal year 2005, there were 125 earmarks totaling $239,950,000.

Agency:    National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Bureau:    National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Account:    Science, aeronautics, and exploration
Certifying Official:    Deputy Assistant Administrator
Certifying Organization:    Office of Legislative Affairs

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2005 Earmarks Amount ($K)
Advanced Interactive Discovery Environment engineering research program at Syracuse University$990
Aerospace Education Center, Cleveland OH$350
Albany State University Darton College in Albany, Georgia for the Science, Engineering, Math and Aerospace Academy program$400
Albany State University in Albany, Georgia for project "Jumpstart" for a Math, Science Education Enhancement program for precollege students$250
Alliance for Nanohealth, Houston, TX to purchase equipment and conduct research on Nanotechnology and medicine$1,980
Applied Polymer Technology Extension Consortium for research on polymers$990
Boston Museum of Science, Massachusetts for the National Center for Technology Literacy$990
Central New York Biotechnology Research Center, Syracuse NY$990
Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, CA for The Future for Humans in Space Education Program$500
Challenger Learning Center in Cookeville, Tennessee$300
Chesapeake Information Based Aeronautics Consortium$2,980
Christa McAuliffe Planetarium in New Hampshire for the construction of the Alan Shepard Discovery Center$500
Coca Cola Space Science Center in Columbus, Georgia to support the Space Science Center$150
College of Charleston, South Carolina for the School of Science and Mathematics$1,980
Columbia projedt (ESS) Upgrade the GSFC's Center for Computational Science [NCCS]$4,960
Continuation of emerging research that applies remote sensing technologies to forest management practices at the State University of New York, College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry$500
Delaware Aerospace Education Foundation in Kent County, Delaware$740
Detroit Science Center$250
Development of a Research Flight Computing System in support of the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center's Altairfiedator B UAV Technology Demonstrator Project$990
Development of an Aircraft Radio Guidance System (ARGUS) utilizing a new radio frequency interferometer that will provide 2 or 3 dimensional navigation guidance for airborne, space or surface vehicles$500
Dominican U. San Rafael, CA for Center for Science and Technology for science teacher training/education$250
Earth Science Applications Program$14,880
Education Training Center at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center$250
Educational Advancement Alliance, to support the Alliance's K-12 math, science, and technology education enrichment program$1,980
Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne Florida for its Hydrogen, Fuel Cell & Sensor Technology Initiative$840
Georgia Project/ABAC College, Tifton, Georgia to implement a K-12 program for Hispanic students in science, engineering, math and aerospace in SW Georgia who struggle with English as a Second Language$250
Georgia Southwestern College in Americus, Georgia for grants and scholarships in math and science for students implemented through the Multicultural Affairs Program$100
Glendale Community College, CA for the Cimmarusti Science Center's Teacher Training and Science Education Outreach Program$250
Glenn Research Center for the National Center for Communications, Navigation and Surveillance$990
Glenn Research Center for the commercial technology program$3,980
Goddard Space Flight Center's Clustering and Advanced Visual Environments Initiative$990
Gravitational space biology research at North Carolina State University$500
Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, CA$740
Hollins University for upgrades to its science infrastructure$250
Hydrogen Research Initiative$7,440
Hyper spectral remote sensing research and development at the Desert Research Institute$500
Idaho State University for the Temporal Landscape Change Research program$990
Implementation of a remote data storage capability at NASA IV&V facility$4,460
Improvements to the Cooper Library at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina$1,980
Inland Northwest Space Alliance in Montana for the FreeFlyer program$2,980
Institute for Scientific Research, Inc. for development and construction of research facilities$15,770
Integrated Sensing Systems at the Rochester Institute of Technology$1,490
Intelligent Propulsion System Foundation Technologies (Propulsion 21) to continue research by the existing coalition of NASA, state government, industry, and academia$24,800
Iowa State University for the Center for Nondestructive Evaluation$990
JASON Foundation$1,980
Liberty Science Center$500
Liberty Science Center, Jersey City, New Jersey for the Hudson Harbor and Estuary Ecological Learning Center$500
Little River Canyon Field School$3,470
Marshall Space Flight Center for propulsion materials microgravity research$4,960
Marshall University in Bridgeport, WV for the continuation of NASA related composites workforce development training at the Composites Technology Institute$2,480
Michigan Research Center$1,240
Michigan Small Aircraft Transportation System$500
Mitchell Institute, Portland, Maine for science and engineering education$1,740
Montana State University to purchase clean room systems and basic process equipment related to the microdevice fabrication facility$1,490
Montana State University-Bozeman for the Center for Studying Life in Extreme Environments$1,490
Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia to support the technology center$200
Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois for the Henry Crown Space Center$250
National Aviation Technology Center at Dowling College, NY$990
National Center for Air and Space Law at the University of Mississippi$990
National Center of Excellence in Bioinfomatics, in Buffalo NY$2,980
National Institute of Aviation Research in Kansas for icing research$990
National Technology Transfer Center at Wheeling Jesuit University to transfer and adapt the Walter Reed Army Medical Center's Health Forces program, into medically underserved rural areas$990
New Mexico State University for the ultra-long balloon program to augment planned flights and technology development$2,980
New Science Center at St. Bonaventure's University in New York State$3,970
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences for NASA Earth Science integration planning$500
Northern Kentucky University/University of Louisville for the Taking Astronomy to the Schools Project at Northern Kentucky University in Campbell County, Kentucky$990
Northwestern University Institute for Proteomics and Nanobiotechnology$500
On-going activities of the Goddard Institute for Systems, Software, and Technology Research, including mission design tools, Earth Science analysis, and remote sensing instrumentation development$1,490
Pearl River Community College in Mississippi for remote sensing, geographic information system and GPS training$390
Project SOCRATES$4,960
Regional Application Center for the Northeast$2,980
Research Triangle Institute, International for Synthetic Vision System/Combined Vision Systems$600
Research on Advanced Wireless Communications for Airport Applications$2,080
Rowan University, Pomona, New Jersey for the Engineering and Technology Satellite Campus$250
Sacramento Space Science Center at California State University$500
Sci-Quest, Northern Alabama Science Center for interactive immersive reality science laboratory$250
Science Center of Iowa in Des Moines, IA$500
Simulator for Injuries$400
South Georgia Technical College in Americus, Georgia for the Science, Engineering, Math and Aerospace Academy program$250
Southeast Missouri State University for the NASA-ERC Initiative$500
Southern Methodist University Multifab Facility in Dallas, TX to develop multifabrication manufacturing technology$990
Space Education Initiative, Wisconsin for the Wisconsin Aerospace Education Initiative$740
Space Place$400
Space radiation research at the Loma Linda University Medical Center$2,980
State University of Buffalo Center for Bioinformatics, Erie, NY$990
State University of New York Downtown Medical Center, Brooklyn, for Adv Biotechology Incubator project$990
State of Alabama for the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative$500
Synergy, including $1.5M for Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratory's Infomart; not more than $1.5 to support the transition of Synergy Infomart activities to the ESE Application Division; and $12M through for extension of Synergy Data Pools$14,880
Telescope construction at the Pisgah Astronomical Research Center$990
Tennessee Technological Institute for the development of a Challenger Learning Center$990
Texas A&M Space Engineering Institute in College Station, TX to continue minority engineering outreach in conjunction with NASA$990
Texas Tech University Experimental Sciences Initiative, Lubbock, TX to promote advanced and interdisciplinary research$990
To increase NASA's payload capacity for space shuttle servicing missions$2,080
To research Secure Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) Surveillance data link technology for enhanced aviation security'and general aviation airspace access$2,680
Transfer to Air Force Research Lab to begin development of miniature synthetic radar technology$2,980
US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama for education training equipment and the museum exhibit improvement program$740
University System of Georgia Board of Regents, Atlanta, Georgia for purchase and implementation of a pre-testing software for math and science educational and career-related standardized test$400
University of Alaska for weather and ocean research$2,980
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR for the AR-Oklahoma Center for Space and Planetary Sciences$990
University of Callifornia Center for Science and the Environment$990
University of Connecticut for the Center for Land Use and Education Research$740
University of Hawaii, Hilo for the Mauna Kea Astronomy Education Center$3,970
University of Idaho for RTULP Electronics for Space Applications$990
University of Louisville Space Flight Exploration: The Impact on Perception, Cognition, Sleep and Brain Physiology Project at the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky$1,980
University of Maryland, Baltimore County for photonics research$1,740
University of Missouri at Columbia for the National Center for Gender Physiology studies on basic biomedical knowledge for the improvement of life on earth and solution of problems in human space flight$1,490
University of Missouri at Rolla for Aerospace Propulsion Particulate Emissions Reduction Program$2,280
University of Missouri at Rolla for the Advanced Millimeter Wave Inspection System program$300
University of Montana in Missoula, MT for the National Space Privatization Program$740
University of New England Marine Science Center$250
University of North Dakota in Grand Forks for the Northern Great Plains Space Sciences and Technology Center$1,980
University of Northern Iowa for the GeoTREE project$740
University of Texas Mid-American Geospatial Information Center at the UT Center for Space Research in Austin, TX to continue information collection through satellite imaging$990
University of Toledo Turbine Institute$1,690
University of Vermont, Burlington for the Center for Advanced Computing$740
Up to 8 FTEs for NASA program office @ APL$1,980
Upgrade High End Production Capability at the Goddard Space Flight Center to improve climate and weather research capabilities$1,980
Utah State University in Logan, UT for the Calibration Center$990
Utah State University in Logan, UT for the Intermountain region Digital Image Archive and Processing Center$990
Validated Probabilistic Wing Tools$350
Virginia Air and Space Museum$990
Virginia Institute for Performing Engineering and Research$2,980
Virtual Systems Laboratory of the National Aviation Technology Center, School of Aviation, Dowling College, NY$690
Wallops Island Flight Facility for developing a standard small launch vehicle, universal FTS, doppler radar and launch modeling laboratory$5,360
Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas for the National Center for Advanced Materials Performance for composite materials research$1,980

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