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List of 2005 Earmarks

In fiscal year 2005, there were 490 earmarks totaling $979,827,000.

Agency:    Department of Transportation
Bureau:    Federal Transit Administration
Account:    Capital investment grants
Certifying Official:    Director, Office of Budget
Certifying Organization:    Federal Transit Administration

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2005 Earmarks Amount ($K)
Abilene bus and bus facilities, Texas$729
Acadia National Park intermodal facility, Maine$243
Addicks Park & Ride Ramp, Texas$4,373
Alabama State Docks intermodal facility, Alabama$9,718
Alaska Mental Health Trust bus program, Alaska$972
Alaska Native Medical Center intermodal bus/parking facility, Alaska$1,944
Allegan County Transportation, Michigan$1,458
Alma Transit facility and replacement buses, Michigan$486
Alternative fuel replacement buses, Tucson, Arizona$972
Altoona Bus Testing (TEA-21)$2,946
Ames transit/bus facility, Iowa$972
Amesbury bus facility, Massachusetts$972
Amtran Bus Replacement, Altoona, Pennsylvania$292
Anaheim Resort Transit, California$292
Anchorage Museum/Transit intermodal depot, Alaska$1,458
Anchorage Ship Creek intermodal facility, Alaska$2,429
Anchorage paratransit and disability improvements, Alaska$1,458
Ann Arbor Transit Authority (AATA) transit center, Michigan$972
Ardmore transit center, Pennsylvania$5,831
Area Transit Authority, Pennsylvania$1,385
Area Transportation Authority of North Central Pennsylvania passenger terminal, Pennsylvania$1,215
Arkansas Statewide buses and bus facilities$7,774
Asheville City bus fleet replacement, North Carolina$292
Atlanta bus acquisition, Georgia$3,401
Atlanta clean fuel shuttle buses, Georgia$972
Atlantic Station, Georgia$1,069
Attleboro Intermodal Transportation Center, Massachusetts$1,944
BNMC replacement buses, New York$737
BRTA Bus Replacement Program, Massachusetts$1,050
BRTA Bus Shelters, Massachusetts$146
BRTA Storage Facility Upgrade, Massachusetts$237
Barry County buses and bus facilities, Michigan$39
Bay Area Transportation Authority, Traverse City, Michigan$3,887
Belding buses and bus facilities, Michigan$49
Bellflower Dial-a-Ride, California$117
Bellows Falls Transit Improvements, Vermont$1,944
Ben Franklin Transit Facility Improvements, Washington$1,020
Bergen Intermodal Stations and Park NÆRides, New Jersey$1,944
Berks Area Reading Transportation Authority (BARTA) facility, Pennsylvania$1,944
Berrien County transit, Michigan$97
Billings downtown bus facility, Montana$1,944
Billings public bus and medical transfer facility, Montana$2,429
Birmingham Intermodal Facility- Phase II, Alabama$3,401
Birmingham, Alabama, Transit Corridor$992
Bloomington Public Transit Corporation, Indiana$729
Blue Water Area Transportation Commission Maintenance and Storage Facility, Michigan$2,915
Boro Park JCC bus purchase, New York$194
Boston, Massachusetts, Silver Line III$2,976
Brazos Transit District passenger shelter program, Texas$486
Bridgeport Intermodal Transportation Center, Connecticut$6,802
Brockton Area Transit Bus Replacement, Brockton, Massachusetts$1,944
Brookhaven Town Senior Citizen Jitney Bus, New York$121
Broome County hybrid buses, New York$1,555
Broward/Palm Beach County buses, Florida$729
Bryan Intermodal Transit Terminal with Parking, Texas$389
Bryan/College Station Bus Replacement Program, Texas$1,259
Bucks County Intermodal Facility Improvements, Pennsylvania$2,057
Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, New York$1,944
Burke Centre VRE Station Parking Expansion$972
Bus Facility, 65th Street Intermodal Station, New York$7,288
Bus Rapid Transit, Virginia Street Phase 1, Nevada$972
Bus facilities for Bloomington, Macomb, Peoria, and Rock Island$1,458
Bus stop, bus pullout and transit improvements consistent with the City of Ft. Lauderdale Community Redevelopment Agency Plan$972
CATA bus replacement, Arkansas$389
CATRAIL RTC Rail Project, Nevada$992
CNG bus replacement, Texas$389
Cadillac/Wexford Transit, Michigan$97
Calabasas Transit, California$486
Cambria County Transit Facility rehabilitation, Pennsylvania$1,263
Cambria County Transit accessible buses, Pennsylvania$1,050
Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority Center/Bus Facility, Massachusetts$2,915
Capital Area Transit (CAT), Pennsylvania$972
Capital Area Transportation Authority, Lansing, Michigan$4,130
Capital Metro North Operating Facility, Texas$1,166
Capital Metro-Bus Rapid Transit Texas$992
Capitol Metro buses and bus facilities, Texas$1,944
Carolina Mini-Buses, Puerto Rico$1,846
Cass County transit, Michigan$39
Catalina Transit Terminal, Redondo Beach, California$972
Central New York Regional Transportation Authority, New York$3,158
Central Ohio Transit Authority ITS Phase III$194
Central Ohio Transit Authority Paratransit Facility$534
Centre Area Transit Authority, Pennsylvania$826
Cerritos Clean Air Buses, California$826
Champaign Day Care Center/Park-n-Ride$729
Chapel Hill replacement buses, North Carolina$1,944
Charlotte Multi-modal Transportation Center, North Carolina$2,429
Cherry Street Multi-Modal Facility, Indiana$972
Chicago, Illinois, Metra Commuter Rail Expansions and Extensions$51,584
Cincinnati Local Community bus enhancements, Ohio$777
Citibus vans and alternative fuel buses, Texas$1,749
Citilink, Indiana$583
City Bus, Williamsport Bureau of Transportation, Pennsylvania$1,458
City of Chicago's Free Trolley System$729
City of Jackson, Mississippi$2,915
City of Orange Beach senior activity bus, Alabama$97
City of Santa Fe, Bus and Bus Facility Grant, New Mexico$1,458
Clallam Transit$389
Clare County Transit Corporation, Michigan$97
Claremont Intermodal Transit Village Project, California$194
Cleveland Avenue YMCA bus, Alabama$194
Cleveland Clinic Pedestrian Access Tunnel, Ohio$972
Clinton Area transit system, Michigan$1,215
Coconino County - Flagstaff bus system, Arizona$1,360
Coconino County - Sedona bus system, Arizona$2,527
Collegian Avenue Busway, California$389
Colorado Statewide buses and bus facilities$6,924
Columbia County Public Transportation (CCPT)$49
Columbia Transit, Missouri$826
Community Transit Bus and Van Replacement, Washington$972
Commuter maintenance facility, New Hampshire$680
Como Rider program, Minnesota$1,458
Construction of an Intermodal Facility at University Circle in the City of Cleveland$68
Copper River Transit program, Alaska$1,458
Corpus Christi buses and bus facilities, Texas$777
County of Lebanon Transit Authority (COLT), Pennsylvania$350
Cruise Terminal Intermodal Facility, Pennsylvania$486
Cuyahoga County Plan for Senior Transportation, Ohio$972
Dallas bus shelters, Texas$729
Dallas, Texas, NW/SE Extension$8,432
Danville buses and bus facilities, Virginia$437
DeBary Intermodal Transportation Facility, Florida$243
Delaware Statewide buses and bus facilities$1,944
Denton Downtown multimodal transit facility, Texas$3,110
Des Moines MTA bus replacement, Iowa$1,944
Detroit DOT bus replacement and facilities, Michigan$2,915
Dial-a-Ride facility, Phoenix, Arizona$340
Downstate Illinois replacement buses$2,915
Downtown Centralized Intermodal Transfer Center, Nashville, Tennessee$972
Downtown Normal Multimodal facility$486
Downtown Tempe Transit Center, Arizona$777
Downtown transit center ITS, California$97
Dulles Corridor Rapid Transit Project, Virginia$24,800
Duluth Transfer Facility, Minnesota$972
East Side Transit Center, Ohio$486
East Valley bus maintenance facility, Arizona$6,754
Ed Roberts Campus/City of Berkeley, California$486
Edmonds Crossing Multimodal Transportation Project, Washington$972
El Garces Intermodal Station, Needles, California$972
El Paso buses, Texas$2,915
Elk Grove Park and Ride Facilities, California$972
Elmwood Facility Expansion, Rhode Island$1,944
Endless Mountain Transportation Authority, Pennsylvania$97
Englewood bus purchase, New Jersey$364
Essex County buses, Massachusetts$146
Fairfield/Vacaville Intermodal Transit Station, California$486
Farmville buses and bus facilities, Virginia$194
Fayette Area Coordinated Transportation (FACT) buses and bus facilities, Pennsylvania$875
Fixed Route Transportation System, Madison County, Kentucky$292
Flagler County buses and bus facilities, Florida$146
Flint MTA Intelligent Transportation System, Michigan$972
Fort Edward Intermodal Station, New York$292
Franklin County Transportation Council, Missouri$146
Fresno Area Express bus program, California$972
Ft. Worth Transportation Authority Fleet Modernization, Texas$2,332
Ft. Worth Transportation Authority Passenger Shelter Replacement, Texas$680
Fulton County Transit Authority, Kentucky$194
GRTC Bus Facility, Richmond, Virginia$5,831
Gainesville RTS buses and bus facilities, Florida$972
Gainesville Regional Airport multi-modal facility, Florida$292
Garfield County$49
Georgetown University Fuel Cell Transit Bus Program (TEA-21)$4,763
Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA)$4,373
Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA)$3,401
Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA)$972
Glenmont Metrorail parking garage expansion, Maryland$486
Golden Empire Transit traffic signal priority, California$292
Grant Transit$389
Grant Transit Authority vehicle replacement, Washington$777
Grays Harbor Transportation Authority$583
Greater Minnesota Transit$3,877
Greater Ouachita Port and Intermodal Facility, Louisiana$2,915
Greenville Transit System, Michigan$49
Hamilton clean fuels bus facility, Georgia$1,458
Hampton Roads Transit New Maintenance Facilities , Virginia$2,187
Harbor Transit, Michigan$194
Harrisburg Transportation Center, Pennsylvania$972
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Corridor One$1,984
Harrison County HOV/Bus rapid transit Canal Road intermodal connector, Mississippi$1,944
Hartford bus facility rehabilitation, Connecticut$486
Hartford/New Britain Busway, Connecticut$3,887
Hawaii and Alaska Ferry Boats$5,107
Hazleton intermodal facility, Pennsylvania$2,915
Hemet Transit Center bus facility, California$340
Henderson Area Rapid Transit Authority, Kentucky$78
High Point Project Terminals, North Carolina$1,944
Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART), Florida$486
Homestead East-West bus connector, Florida$243
Honolulu Middle Street Intermodal Center, Hawaii$3,887
Honolulu bus and paratransit replacement program, Hawaii$4,859
Houston Advanced Metro Transit Plan, Texas$8,432
Houston METRO, Park and Rides, Texas$9,718
Howard Boulevard Intermodal Station, New Jersey$3,401
Howard County Transit repair facility, Maryland$486
Hunt County Committee on Aging Transit Terminal, Texas$1,166
Hunt County Committee on Aging Transit Vehicles, Texas$972
I-15 Managed Lanes/Bus Rapid Transit, San Diego, California$1,652
I-35 Fixed Guideway Project, Johnson County, Kansas$292
I-5/I-205/SR250, Transit Loop, Washington and Oregon$1,488
I-66/Vienna Metrorail Accessibility Improvements, Virginia$583
ITP/The Rapid replacement and expansion buses, Michigan$1,215
Idaho Transit Coalition Statewide buses and bus facilities$3,401
Incline Plane Cable Replacement, Johnstown, Pennsylvania$117
IndyGo buses and bus facilities, Indiana$2,915
Intelligent Transportation System for The Rapid, Michigan$583
Intercity Transit Buses, Thurston County, Washington$972
Intermodal terminals in Downtown Reno and Sparks, Nevada$1,458
Ionia County Dial-A-Ride, Michigan$121
Iowa Statewide buses and bus facilities$4,859
Irvington Intermodal Upgrades, New York$243
Isabella County Transportation Commission, Michigan$292
Isanti Transit garage and operational facility, Minnesota$486
Island Transit$389
Ivy Tech State College multimodal facility, Indiana$486
JATRAN fixed route vehicles, Mississippi$2,915
JCC of Coney Island Bus Purchase, New York$97
Jackson State University busing project, Mississippi$292
Jacksonville JTA transit rolling stock, Florida$486
Jacksonville State University buses, Alabama$1,944
Jacobi Transportation Facility, New York$972
Jamaica Intermodal Facilities, New York$1,944
James City County natural gas buses, Virginia$2,915
Jefferson County Transit Facility Improvements, Texas$680
Jefferson Transit$729
Jefferson Transit operations/maintenance facility, Washington$583
Johnson County Transit System Buses, Kansas$486
Juneau bus replacement, Alaska$972
KCATA bus rapid transit, Missouri$4,373
Kalamazoo County Care A Van, Michigan$78
Kalamazoo Metro Transit, Michigan$2,915
Kalkaska Public Transit Authority, Michigan$49
Kansas City/Unified Govt. of Wyandotte Co. buses, Kansas$972
Kansas statewide bus and bus facilities$2,915
Kearney RYDE Transit, Nebraska$1,020
Kenai Central Area Rural Transit System bus replacement, Alaska$1,360
Key West bus and bus facilities, Florida$1,944
King County Metro Clean Air Buses, Washington$4,859
King County Metro Park and Ride on First Hill, Seattle, Washington$1,944
King County Metro, King County Airfield Transfer Area, Washington$1,944
King County Swedish Hospital parking garage and intermodal facility$1,944
Kitsap Transit Bus Replacement, Washington$972
Knik Arm intermodal facility terminal, Alaska$1,458
Knoxville Electric Transit Intermodal Center, Tennessee$1,944
LAVTA buses and bus facilities, California$486
LAVTA satellite maintenance, operations and administrative facility, California$292
Lafayette City/Bus, Indiana$486
Lake Erie Transit maintenance garage expansion, Michigan$486
Lakeland Area Citrus Connection transit system, Florida$729
Lane County bus rapid transit vehicles, Oregon$3,887
Laredo Bus Hub and Maintenance Facility, Texas$1,944
Las Vegas buses, Nevada$972
Lawrence Transit System maintenance facility, Kansas$389
Lawton buses and bus facilities, Oklahoma$201
Lechmere Station intermodal, Massachusetts$972
Lewis and Clark explorer shuttle parking, Oregon$486
Link Transit Low Floor Coach Purchases, Washington$777
Little Rock, Arkansas, River Rail Streetcar Project$3,472
Livingston Essential Transportation, Michigan$97
Long Beach Transit bus purchase, California$486
Los Angeles County MTA bus program, California$1,944
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority for bus and bus facility improvements$729
Los Angeles Gold Line Foothill Extension$496
Los Angeles Trade Tech intermodal links with bus and Metro, California$486
Los Angeles Valley College bus station extension, California$486
Louisiana Statewide buses and bus facilities$4,859
Lowell Regional Transit Authority, Massachusetts$875
MART maintenance facility, Massachusetts$2,332
MARTA Bus Acquisition Program, Georgia$1,458
MARTA clean fuel technology buses, Georgia$3,887
Macatawa Area Express Facility, Michigan$972
Macon Terminal Station, Georgia$729
Maine statewide bus program$2,429
Maintenance facility modernization project, Oregon$2,429
Mammoth Lakes Regional Transit operations facility, California$972
Manchester, Clay County Intermodal Facility, Kentucky$1,944
Maryland Statewide buses and bus facilities$3,887
Mason County Transportation Authority$389
Mass Transportation Authority, Flint, Michigan$2,915
Medical University of South Carolina$3,887
Memphis Airport Intermodal Facility, Tennessee$2,915
Metro St. Louis, Missouri$1,215
Metro Transit buses and bus facilities, Minnesota$3,887
Miami Beach Intermodal Greenway Transit Facility, Florida$680
Miami Beach Intermodal Transit Facility, Florida$680
Miami Intermodal Center, Florida$5,831
Miami-Dade County bus procurement, Florida$486
Michigan Statewide buses and bus facilities$2,915
Mid Mon Valley Transit Authority, Charleroi, Pennsylvania$1,360
Mid-County Transit Authority Kittanning, Pennsylvania$214
Midland Dial-A-Ride, Michigan$121
Millinocket Airport transfer bus project, Maine$34
Minneapolis, Minnesota, Northstar Commuter Rail Project$4,960
Miramar Parkway transit shelter enhancements, Florida$97
Mississippi Valley State University mass transit program expansion, Mississippi$194
Missouri statewide bus and bus facilities$7,774
Modesto bus facility, California$972
Monterey Salinas Transit buses, California$972
Montgomery buses, Alabama$680
Moultrie Intermodal Facility, Georgia$486
Multi County Intermodal Park & Ride, New Jersey$2,915
Muncie Indiana transit system, Indiana$972
Municipal Transit Operators Coalition, California$972
Murray/Calloway County Transit Authority, Kentucky$1,749
Muskegon Area Transit System, Michigan$486
NW 7th Avenue Transit Hub, Florida$972
Napa Transit Center construction, California$486
Nashville, Tennessee, East Corridor Commuter Rail$1,984
Nassau County Long Island Bus, New York$972
National Center for Transportation Needs, Florida$583
Nebraska Statewide bus and bus facilities$972
New Castle Area Transit, Pennsylvania$972
New Jersey Trans-Hudson Midtown Corridor$1,190
New Mexico Statewide bus and bus facilities$972
New York Central Train Station, Elyria, Ohio$972
Newark Penn Station Intermodal Improvements, New Jersey$4,859
Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority Replacement Buses$737
Norfolk, Virginia, Light Rail Transit Project$1,984
Norman buses and bus facilities, Oklahoma$2,915
North Carolina Statewide buses and bus facilities$4,859
North Dakota Statewide buses and bus facilities$2,915
North Florida and West Coast Transit Coalition Bus Acquisition$3,887
North Oakland Transit Authority, Michigan$78
Northern Michigan bus and bus facilities$486
Northern Oklahoma regional multimodal facilities and transit system, Oklahoma$4,859
Northern Winnebago County, Illinois$243
Northumberland County Transportation, Pennsylvania$97
Northwest Busway and facilities, Hennepin County, Minnesota$2,915
Oakwood College shuttle bus project, Alabama$146
Oakwood Intermodal Facility, Somerset, Kentucky$1,944
Ohio statewide buses and bus facilities$5,831
Oklahoma DOT Transit Program, Oklahoma$5,345
Oklahoma Transportation Center, Oklahoma$1,944
Omaha Metro Area Transit Center Developments, Nebraska$3,887
PRTC Bus Acquisitions, Virginia$777
PVTA bus replacement program, Massachusetts$3,887
Pacific Station Multimodal-Multiuse facility, California$1,458
Pacific Transit$49
Paducah Area Transit Authority, Kentucky$1,263
Pahoa/Hilo Bus routes, Hawaii$486
Palm Springs bus station relocation, California$29
Palo Alto Intermodal Transit Center, California$729
Paratransit District/Senior Call Center Brooklyn, Ohio$1,944
Park & Ride/Bus Facility Exit 2, Salem, New Hampshire$583
Park and Ride Bus Facility Exit 5, New Hampshire$194
Park and Ride for the Edison Train Station, New Jersey$972
Pelham Intermodal Improvements, New York$486
Petersburg Multi-Modal Transportation Center, Virginia$486
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Schuylkill Valley MetroRail$9,920
Phoenix, Glendale, and Avondale bus replacement, Arizona$1,458
Phoenix/Glendale West Valley operating facility, Arizona$3,401
Pierce Transit Base expansion, Washington$972
Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority, Florida$9,038
Port Angeles International Gateway Center, Washington$972
Port of Anchorage intermodal facility, Alaska$2,429
Potomac Yard Transit Way, Virginia$777
Pulse Point Joint Development safety improvements, Connecticut$486
Putnam County RideSolutions buses and bus facilities, Florida$1,458
Regional Commuter Rail (Weber County to Salt Lake City), Utah$7,936
Regional maintenance/paratransit scheduling facility, Kansas$777
Renaissance Square, New York$6,317
Rhode Island Public Transit Authority Statewide buses and bus facilities$3,887
Rhode Island, Integrated Intermodal Project$5,952
Richmond Highway Transit Improvements, Virginia$972
Richton Park Metra Intermodal Transit Park and Ride Facility$486
Rio Rancho Senior Transit Program, New Mexico$243
Riverbank vehicle garage renovation, California$121
Riverside Transit Authority, California$121
Rochester Central Bus Terminal, New York$5,442
Rockville Town Center transit project, Maryland$972
Roscommon County Transit System, Michigan$49
Roseville Multitransit Center, California$632
Rural Bus Program, Hawaii$4,859
SCAT CNG Fueling Station, California$486
SEPTA, Trackless Trolley Acquisition, Pennsylvania$972
SMART buses and bus facilities, Michigan$29
Sacramento bus replacement/facility expansion, California$486
Salem Intermodal Center improvement project, Massachusetts$972
Salem-Keizer Transit, buses and bus facilities, Oregon$340
SamTrans Zero Emission bus project, California$729
San Antonio VIA Metropolitan Transit Bus Fleet Modernization, Texas$2,915
San Diego, California, Mid-Coast Light Rail Extension$992
San Francisco Muni buses and bus facilities, California$3,887
San Francisco, California, Muni Third Street Light Rail Project$9,920
San Luis Rey Transit Center, California$389
Santa Clara County, California, Silicon Valley Rapid Transit Corridor$2,480
Santa Clara VTA bus signal priority project, California$729
Senior Bus Service Bus Replacement, North Hempstead, New York$292
Shiawassee Area Transportation Authority, Michigan$44
Sierra Madre Villa Gold Line Light Rail Station, California$972
Sitting Bull College facilities, South Dakota$1,215
Skagway bus terminal development, Alaska$1,944
Solana Beach Intermodal Facility, Solana Beach, California$632
Sonoma County CNG buses, California$292
Sound Transit Sounder Commuter Rail, Lakewood to Nisqually, Washington$3,968
South Amboy Intermodal Station, New Jersey$1,215
South Carolina Statewide buses and bus facilities$3,887
South Dakota Statewide buses and bus facilities$972
South Gate Clean Air buses, California$243
South Metro Area Rapid Transit park-and-ride facility and transit center, Oregon$486
South Shore Commuter Rail Service, Indiana$2,480
Southeast Tennessee Human Resource Agency$729
Southern Maryland commuter bus initiative, Maryland$4,859
Southern Missouri buses and bus facilities$2,235
Southern and Eastern Kentucky buses and bus facilities$2,915
Southside bus facility PE, Virginia$3,887
Southwest Broward bus facility, Florida$1,166
Spring Valley Multi-Modal Center, California$777
Springfield Union Station, Springfield, Massachusetts$6,505
St Johns County Council on Aging buses and bus facilities, Florida$729
St. George's Ferry Intermodal Terminal, New York$2,235
St. Lucie County bus purchase, Florida$389
St. Petersburg intermodal facility, Florida$486
Stamford Urban Transitway Phase II, Connecticut$5,831
Stamford, Connecticut, Urban Transitway, Phase 2$2,976
Suffolk County Transit buses and bus facilities, New York$972
Sullivan County buses and bus facilities, New York$486
Sun Tran CNG replacement buses, Tucson, Arizona$2,672
Sunline Transit Agency CNG buses, California$486
TARTA/TARPS Intermodal Facility, Ohio$1,458
TRANSPO Bus Operations Center South Bend, Indiana$1,944
TalTran Bus replacement project, Florida$777
Temecula Park and Ride Facility, California$49
Temecula Transit Center, California$389
Tennessee Statewide buses and bus facilities$9,232
The Woodlands Capital Cost of Contracting Program, Texas$437
Tombigbee Regional Commission vehicle facility, Alabama$243
Tompkins County Hybrid Buses, New York$243
Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK) bus and bus facilities, Kentucky$486
Transit Authority of River City, Louisville, Kentucky$585
Transit First Implementation, California$729
Transit ITS, Utah$243
Transit Oriented Neighborhood Program, California$194
Trenton Intermodal Center, New Jersey$1,944
TriMet buses, Portland, Oregon$972
Triangle Transit Authority replacement buses, North Carolina$972
Trolley System, Boynton Beach, Florida$243
Tuckahoe Intermodal Improvements, New York$39
Tulsa Transit Multi-use facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma$1,944
Tulsa transit buses and equipment$1,944
Twin Cities Area Transportation Authority, Benton Harbor, Michigan$29
Twin Transit$389
ULM Intermodal Facility, Louisiana$729
UMass Transit RTIC and training facility, Massachusetts$3,887
UNI multimodal project, Iowa$2,915
UTA Statewide buses and bus facilities$5,636
UTA intermodal facilities, Utah$1,944
Ulster County Hybrid Buses, New York$243
Union City Intermodal Station, Phase 1, California$486
Union Depot Transportation Hub, Minnesota$972
Union Station Intermodal Trade and Transit Center, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania$1,944
Union Station Intermodal Transportation Center, Washington, DC$729
Union/Snyder Transportation Alliance, Union County, Pennsylvania$1,458
University of Alabama at Huntsville Intermodal Facility, Alabama$3,887
University of Louisville bus shuttle program, Kentucky$2,429
Vallejo Baylink Ferry Intermodal Center, California$1,215
Valley Transit$486
Van Buren Public Transit, Michigan$29
Vans, CASA of Marshall County, Alabama$97
Vehicles for Senior Citizen Transportation in Alabama$972
Vermont Statewide buses and bus facilities$1,944
Vicksburg public transportation, Mississippi$486
Visalia bus operations facility, California$243
Visalia bus replacement, California$243
WMATA bus purchase, Virginia$6,802
WMATA clean fleet buses, Maryland$1,458
Waco Transit Alternative Fueled Bus Purchase, Texas$3,887
Wahiawa Transit Center and Parking Facility, Hawaii$2,429
Washington County, Oregon, Wilsonville to Beaverton Commuter Rail Project$8,928
Washington, DC/Metropolitan Area, Largo Extension$76,156
Waterbury bus maintenance facility, Connecticut$486
West Haven/Orange Intermodal Facility, Connecticut$972
West Side transit facility, New Mexico$972
West Valley City Intermodal Terminal, Utah$389
West Virginia Statewide$4,859
Westchester County Bee Line Bus Replacement, New York$3,887
Westmoreland County Transit Authority, Pennsylvania$486
Whatcom Transportation Authority, Lincoln Creek Transportation Center, Washington$1,944
White Earth Tribal Nation Transit Center, Minnesota$972
White Earth Tribal Nation bus and bus related activities, MN$972
White Plains Downtown Circulator, New York$243
Whitehall Intermodal Ferry Terminal, New York$972
Whittier intermodal facility, Alaska$1,458
Wichita Transit Authority buses and bus facilities, Kansas$243
Winter Haven Transit Terminal, Florida$486
Wisconsin Statewide buses and bus facilities$14,577
Wonderland Station improvements, Revere, Massachusetts$1,944
Yamhill County Transit bus and bus facilities, Oregon$146
Yates Township Dial-A-Ride Transportation System, Michigan$194
York County Transportation Authority buses, Pennsylvania$1,458
Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System, California$389

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