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List of 2005 Earmarks

In fiscal year 2005, there were 127 earmarks totaling $97,279,000.

Agency:    Environmental Protection Agency
Bureau:    Environmental Protection Agency
Account:    Environmental programs and management
Certifying Official:    Director
Certifying Organization:    Office of Budget

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2005 Earmarks Amount ($K)
Agency's Smartway Transport Program$4,960
Air Polution Control District, CA$198
America's Clean Water Foundation AFOs$4,960
American Cities Foundation for the Neighborhood Environmental Action Team program of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (N.E.A.T Philadelphia)?$1,488
Anacostia Watershed in Montgomery & Prince Georges Counties, MD.$1,091
Auburn University, Alabama$298
Baylor University$397
Boise State Univ., Univ of Idaho, and Univ of Utah (Idaho Study of Contaminants) (FY02 in EPM; FY03 in S&T; FY04 in EPM)$1,686
Boulder, Colorado - Sustainability Center$496
Brazos River Authority of College Station, TX$74
Cabrini College, Center for Science Education and Technology$99
California State University - Fullerton$99
Canaan Valley Institute$1,984
Caribbean American Mission for Education Research and Action (CAMERA)$694
Cedarburg, WI, City of$198
Central California Ozone Study (FY04 in EPM)$174
Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board$248
Chautauqua County, New York$248
Chicago, IL, City of, Beach Contamination$149
Columbia Basin Groundwater Area, Washington State$496
Compliance Activities in Alaska$1,984
Cortland County, NY aquifer protection plan$744
Covington, Kentucky - Riverfront Planning Project$248
Deschutes, Oregon, County of$397
EPA's National Computing Center$2,917
Environment and Sports Inc, (non-profit)$694
Environmental Monitoring and Assesment - Alaska$992
Environmental Resources Coalition$1,488
Fresno County Council of Governments, California$248
Friends of Old Maui School$248
Green River Biological Diversity Monitoring Project at Western KY Univ$397
Hawaii Nature Center$248
Hawaii, County of$347
Highland, CA, City of - Environmental Learning Ctr.$298
Highlands Action Program$1,488
Houston Advanced Research Center - Univ of Texas$347
Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory;$595
Iowa Stormwater Runoff Council$248
Kenai River Center$744
King County, WA, Fuel Cell Demonstration$397
Lake Erie Coastal Ohio$248
Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation (see AFY- not the same)$744
Lake Tahoe Environmental Improvement program$496
Las Vegas, New Mexico, City of$397
Louisville Waterfront Development Corporation, non-profit in Kentucky$843
Lubbock, Texas, City of$198
Luther College - Center for Environmental Citizenship$248
Madison County, New York$198
Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia$149
Maryland Bureau of Mines$248
Maryville, Tennessee, City of$992
Michigan Biotechnology Institute$198
Missouri Department of Natural Resources$992
Monmouth University, New Jersey$248
NADO (National Assn of Development Organizations) Research Foundation$298
NE Waste Mgmt Officials Assn (NEWMOA)$198
National Biosolids Partnership Program$972
Nevada, State of - School Bus Retrofits$496
New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services$99
New York University, Bronx, NY$248
New York Watershed Water Quality Management Plans$1,488
North Carolina Central University$843
North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center$198
Northwest Straits/Citizen's Advisory Commission$248
Norwalk, Connecticut, City of$397
Ohio River Watershed - ORSANCO$198
Oklahoma State University, University of Oklahoma, University of Tulsa & Un. of AR$198
Olmstead Parks Conservancy, Louisville, Kentucky$496
Olmsted Parks Conservance, Louisville, KY for Chicksaw Park$992
Olmsted Parks Conservancy, Louisville, KY$546
Orem, Utah$248
Osceola County, Florida$893
Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute at SW MO State Univ$496
PRIDE, 2nd District of Kentucky$99
Plimoth Plantation, Plymouth, Massachusetts$694
Rathdrum Prairie/Spokane Valley Aquifer Study$1,488
Red River Watershed Management Institute - Louisiana State University-Shreveport$198
Regional Haze Grants$372
Rexburg, Idaho, City of$99
Right Place, Grand Rapids, Michigan$397
Rural Water Technical Assistance: NRWA (Natl Rural Water Association)$12,385
Rural Water Technical Assistance: RCAP$4,851
Rural Water Technical Assistance: WSC Wellcare Program$992
STRONGER (State Review of Oil and Natural Gas Regs)$298
Salton Sea Authority, California$99
Small Partner Environmental Information Exchange Network$347
Small Public Water Systems Technology Centers$496
Small Public Water Systems Technology Centers$496
Small Public Water Systems Technology Centers$496
Small Public Water Systems Technology Centers$496
Small Public Water Systems Technology Centers$496
Source water protection programs$1,984
Southern California, Metropolitan Water District$496
Southwest Center for Environmental Research Policy (SCERP)$2,480
Spokane Regional Chamber of Commerce, Idaho$248
Spring Lake, New Jersey$198
Storm Lake, Iowa$496
Ten Towns Great Swamp Watershed Management Committee, NJ$248
Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, Tarrant County, Texas$248
Univ of Oklahoma/Oklahoma DEQ$4,960
University of Alaska, Sitka, Small Water Systems Technology Assistance Centers$496
University of Arizona$496
University of Connecticut Health Center$99
University of Memphis, Environmental Hazard Management$99
University of Missouri - Columbia, Small Water Public System Technology Center$496
University of North Florida$248
University of North Texas, Denton$248
University of Redlands$99
University of Southern Mississippi$595
University of Texas at Austin$744
University of Vermont$397
University of West Florida$744
Upper Kanawha Valley Enterprise, Shewsbury, WV$198
Utah Watershed Coordinator's Council$198
Ventura County, California$645
Vermont Department of Agriculture$298
Vineland, New Jersey, City of$198
Walker Lake Working Group in Nevada$298
Warwick, Rhode Island, City of$248
Washington Puget Sound Action Team$198
Waukesha, Wisconsin, City of$744
Wayne County, Michigan$198
Wayne County, NY$248
Western Kentucky Univ Small Public Water System Technology Center$496
Western Kentucky University Center for Wastewater Research$595
Wilsonville, Oregon, City of$744

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