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List of 2005 Earmarks

In fiscal year 2005, there were 113 earmarks totaling $216,844,000.

Agency:    Department of Energy
Bureau:    Energy Programs
Account:    Energy supply and conservation
Certifying Official:    Director
Certifying Organization:    DOE Office of Budget

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2005 Earmarks Amount ($K)
Advanced Test Reactor Gas Loop$7,936
Alaska Wind Energy Project$1,488
Alaska Wood Biomass$198
Alternative Energy Enterprise$2,976
Alternative Fuel Source Study$496
Anaerobic Digester Project$198
Anaerobic Digester Project$992
Animal Biowaste Project$992
Avanced Thermal Energy Storage Technology$1,984
Biobased Energy Technologies Projects$744
Biobased Energy Technologies Projects$744
Biodiesel Production$1,488
Biomass Energy Resource Center$496
Biorefinery & Hydrogen Fuel Cell$1,488
Biotech-to-Ethanol Project$1,488
Biotechnology Research$2,976
California Hydrogen Infrastructure Project$2,480
California Hydrogen Infrastructure Project$2,480
Camp Dawson Energy Training & Improvements$8,928
Center for Grid Modernization$1,488
Clean Energy Research & Education$1,984
Conductive Coatings for Solar Cells Project$1,488
Consortium for Sustainable Biofuels$496
Council of Renewable Energy Resource Tribes$992
Development of Bi-Polar NiNh Wafer Cell$1,984
Development of High Power Silicon-carbide Power Electronics Systems$992
Dine Power Transmission Project$397
EERC Biomass Utilization$992
Eastern Nevada Landscape Coalition$248
Edison Materials Technology Center$2,976
Electric Transmission Line Engineering Project$744
Electricity Infrastructure & Security Research$4,960
Energy Assurance Technology & Electric Grid Modeling Activities$10,416
Florida Fuel Cell Research$2,976
Florida Hydrogen Initiative$1,984
Fuel Cell Mine Loader & Prototype Locomotive$992
Fuel Cell Mine Loader & Prototype Locomotive$992
Full Circle Project$496
Geothermal Mill Revelopment Project$744
Geothermal Research$194
Geothermal Research$992
Geothermal-Agricultural Industrial Park$298
Graduate Nuclear Engineering Program$1,309
Green Fuel Cell Research Project$992
Hawaii Hydrogen Center$992
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Project$992
Hydrogen Regional Infrastructure Program$1,984
Hydrogen Storage & Fuel Cells$2,976
Idaho Accelerator-Driven Experiments$2,976
Indiana Electric Infrastructure Project$1,488
International Utility Electricity Partnership$1,984
Iowa Switchgrass Project$496
Iowas Stored Energy Plant$1,488
Large Scale Energy Center$992
Lead Carbon Acide Asymmetric Supercapacitors$2,976
Livingston Parish Plant$496
Louisiana Biorefinery$496
Materials Fuels Complex Upgrades$4,861
Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage$818
Metals Processing Lab$992
NREL Virtual Office Site$2,976
National Biofuel Energy Laboratory$1,984
National Center for Energy Mgmt. & Building Tech.$4,960
National Center for Manufacturing Science$1,984
National Lubricants Center$496
National SCADA Testbed$4,960
Next Generation Nuclear Plant$24,800
North Dakota Hydrogen Wind Pilot Project$496
Northwest Regional Demonstration Project$1,488
Nuclear Energy Materials Test Station$6,944
Nuclear-Powered Production of Hydrogen from Water$3,968
Ohio Distribute Hydrogen Project$1,091
Oxydiesel Demonstration Program$496
Pacific Northwest Energy Planning Initiative$322
Photonics R&D$1,488
Photovoltaic Panels$198
Porvair Carboncomposite Bipolar Plates$833
Reactor Technology Center Upgrades$1,984
Recycling for Energy Conservation Project$248
Regional Biomass Energy Program$992
Regional Biomass Energy Program$992
Regional Biomass Energy Program$992
Regional Biomass Energy Program$992
Renewable Energy for Rural Economic Development$496
Renewable Hydrogen Fueling Station$4,960
Research Triangle Biomass Project$992
Research on Aadvanced Ceramic Engines & Materials$744
Research on Ionic Fluids for Power Distribution$1,488
Robotics in Manufacturing$1,984
Rolla Electric Transmission Office$1,984
Rural Energy Supply$1,984
Small-Scale Biomass System$2,976
Smart Energy Management Control Systems$992
Solar Energy Project$248
Solar Power and Hydrogen R&D$4,464
Solar Technology Center$744
Solid Oxide Electrochemical Technology$2,480
Solid Oxide Electrochemical Technology$2,480
Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage$1,488
Startech Plasma Conversion Technology$496
Studies of Deep Burn Fuel Cycles in Advanced Nuclear Reactors$684
Sugar-Based Ethanol Biorefinery$1,984
Sustainable Buildings Project$397
ThermoEnergy Research Project$496
Tribe Renewable Energy Park$992
Tungsten Cathode Fuel Cell$322
Tuscarora Geothermal Project$496
Vermont BioFuels Initiative$496
Western Carolinas Technology Transfer$2,976
Wind Energy Transmission Development Project$496
Wind Farm Project$521
Wind Turbine Project$496
Zero Emission Bus Program$99

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