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List of 2005 Earmarks

In fiscal year 2005, there were 413 earmarks totaling $205,293,000.

Agency:    Department of Justice
Bureau:    Office of Justice Programs
Account:    Community oriented policing services
Certifying Official:    Deputy Director for Management
Certifying Organization:    Community Oriented Policing Services

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2005 Earmarks Amount ($K)
13th Judicial District/ Surrounding Counties Methamphetamine Task Force$493
Accomack County Sheriff's Office$49
Alachua County/City of Gainesville$247
Alaska Court System$987
Alexander County Sheriff's Office$99
Alexandria Police Department$395
Alger County$49
Ames Laboratory$1,480
Amherst County Sheriff's Office$187
Anson County Sheriff''s Department$99
Arkansas State Police$296
Arkansas State Police$493
Arkansas State Police$740
Arlington County Sheriff's Office$99
Asheville Police Department$1,973
Ashtabula Police Department$99
Baker County$99
Bamberg County Sheriff's Department$395
Bastrop Police Department$247
Batavia Police Department$148
Beardstown Police Department$345
Bellows Falls Police Technology Grant$99
Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department$247
Berryville Police Department$15
Billings Police Department$98
Billings Police Department$98
Bismarck Memorial Police and Training Complex$493
Bismarck Memorial Training Complex$395
Blount County Sheriff's Department$247
Boaz Police Department$20
Borough of Chambersburg Police Department$247
Borough of Waynesboro, Franklin County$99
Boulder City$197
Bradford County Sheriff's Department$99
Bristol Township Police Department$242
Burlington Police Technology Grant$395
California Department of Justice, Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement$1,480
Camden County$987
Cape Girardeau County$987
Central Falls Police Department$345
Charlotte Sheriff's Office$99
Chesapeake Police Department$99
Chesterfield County Police Department$99
Chippewa County Sheriff's Office$79
Churchill County Sheriff's Office$153
Cincinnati Police Department$247
City and County of Honolulu$987
City of Bayamon$123
City of Canby$99
City of Casper$296
City of Covina$123
City of Dallas$99
City of Elizabeth$99
City of Guaynabo$123
City of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County consolidated law enforcement network$79
City of Kodiak$99
City of Largo$493
City of Martin$99
City of Memphis and Shelby County$1,480
City of Muncie$111
City of New Castle$247
City of Pascagoula$247
City of Radcliff$592
City of Reading$296
City of Rockville$691
City of Rosemead$296
City of St. Joseph and Heartland Health Law Enforcement Communication System$148
City of St. Paul/Ramsey County co-location of public safety equipment in MN$197
City of Stamford$493
City of Tucson Police Department and the Pima County Police Department for law enforcement technologies$740
City of Woodburn$296
Clackamas County$296
Clarion County$148
Clatsop County$197
Clearwater Police Department$247
Cobb County Sheriff's Department$148
Colbert County Sheriff's Office$49
Colton Police Department$99
Combined Ozarks Multi-Jurisdictional Enforcement Team (COMET)$99
Commerce City Police Department$247
Communities in School Inc$740
Connecticut Department of Safety/ Connecticut State Police$493
Connecticut Department of Safety/ Connecticut State Police$493
Coos County Sheriff's Office$148
Coos and Curry Co. METH Reduction$59
Corona Police Department$247
Corpus Christi Radio Communications and Security Equipment$395
Counties of Mid-Carolina Council of Government for law enforcement activities$247
County of Hamilton$1,973
Criminal Information Sharing Alliance, Inc.$740
Dallas Police Department$247
Daviess County Sheriff's Department$247
Deaconess Billings Clinic$247
Delaware Courts Organized to Serve Program$247
Delaware State Police$296
Derry Township Police Department$148
Detroit Wayne State University$493
Dinwiddie County Sheriff's Office$25
Dona Ana County$148
Douglas County Sheriff's Department$197
Downriver Community Conference$197
DuPage County Sheriff's Office$247
ECU Center for Excellence--Criminal Justice$296
East Valley Community Justice Center$740
El Paso$247
El Paso$296
El Paso Police Department$247
Essex County$99
Fairfax City Police Department$49
Fairfax County$49
Fairfax County Police Department$937
Five County Northern UT Methamphetamine Project$740
Florida Department of Corrections$493
Fox Valley Technical College$493
Franklin County$247
Franklin County Sheriff's Department$247
Fresno County District Attorney$306
Fullerton Police Department$49
Garden Grove Police Department$185
Gary Police Department$493
Genesee/Finger Lakes region$987
Goochland County Sheriff's Office$59
Governor's Office of Drug Control Policy$296
Governor's Office of Drug Control Policy$1,480
Granite School District Anti-Violence Project$296
Greater Harris County$987
Greenville communications system$99
Guam Methamphetamine Initiative$99
Guin Police Department$39
HOPE for Henderson Juvenile Justice$123
Hampton Police Department$99
Harrison County Public Safety Automated Systems in MS$1,973
Hawaii Community Foundation$5,920
Hennepin County Sheriff's Department$987
Houston Police Department$765
Howard County$148
Hudson County$1,086
Hudson County$493
Huntsville Police Department$296
Huntsville Police Department$493
I-safe America Inc.$493
ICIS Joint Powers Authority$493
Illinois State Police$197
Illinois State Police Academy$49
Indiana State Police$247
Integrated Criminal Justice Information System for the State of Virginia$2,072
Interagency Communications$99
Iowa Office of Drug Control Policy$247
Iowa State Patrol$395
Iowa State University$197
Iowa State University$493
Isle Wight County Sheriff's Office$25
Jackson County Sheriff's Department$123
Jackson County Sheriff's Department$247
Jasper County Sheriff's Department$572
Jasper County Sheriff's Office$143
Jefferson County$99
Jefferson County Commission$395
Jefferson County Methamphetamine Interdiction and Response$99
Jersey City$987
Johnson County Sheriff's Office$987
Kalamazoo County$247
Kansas Attorney General$123
Kansas Bureau of Investigation$123
Kansas Methamphetamine Prevention Project$296
Keene State College/UNH$592
Kendall County Sheriff's Office$987
Kern County Sheriff's Department$296
Key West Police Department$493
Kitsap County Sheriff's Department$493
La Verne Police Department$1,233
Lakewood Sheriff's Department$197
Land Mobile Radio migration for a multi-agency communications network in AK$2,467
Land Mobile Radio site infrastructure equipment and portable radios for the Kenai Peninsula Borough$987
Land Mobile Radio/Public Safety Communications for Anchorage Infrastructure$1,480
Las Cruces$237
Las Vegas Metro Police Department$197
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department$1,480
Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office$49
Lee County Sheriff's Department$247
Leesburg Police Department$69
Lincoln County$296
Livingston County Sheriff's Department$237
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department$740
Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement$296
Louisville Metro Police Department$740
Lubbock Police Department$740
Lucas County$493
Lynchburg Police Department$79
Lynnview Police Department$69
Macomb County Sheriff's Office$99
Madison County$247
Madison County Sheriff's Department$493
Maine Bureau of Warden Service$493
Manassas Police Department$74
Manatee County$247
Manchester Township Police Department$197
Manning Police Department$197
Marathon County Sheriff's Department$197
Maricopa County Sherrif's Office$395
Marion County$592
Marion County Sheriff's Office$148
Marshall University Research Corporation$518
Marshall University Research Corporation$3,947
Massachusettes Law Enforcement Technology and Training Support Center$740
Matanuska Susitna Borough$1,480
Mayfield Police Department$158
Mecklenburg County CJIS$493
Merced County$99
Methamphetamine Montana Initiative$493
Miami Tribe of Oklahoma$99
Miami-Dade County$493
Michigan State Police$197
Middle Rio Grande Development Council$1,973
Middlebury Polie Technology Grant$99
Middlesex County Sheriff's Office$163
Milwaukee Police Department$493
Mineral Area Drug Task Force$247
Minot State University$987
Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics$987
Missouri Criminal Justice Integration Project$987
Mitretek Systems Inc.$2,960
Mobile Police Department$247
Montana Supreme Court$345
Montana Supreme Court$592
Montebello Police Department$247
Montgomery County Police Department$1,381
Morgan County Police Department$493
Morgan County Sheriff's Department$79
Morgan County Sheriff's Department$99
Morris County Police Department$987
Morrisville Police Department$148
Moultrie Police Department$345
NEMESIS--Sharable Law Enforcement CAD and OMS/JMS$493
National Sheriffs' Association$987
Navajo Nation$987
Nebraska State Patrol$247
Nebraska State Patrol$247
Nebraska State Patrol$247
New Castle County Police Department$197
New Hampshire State Police$987
New Mexico Department of Public Safety (Town of Taos)$123
New Mexico State Police$1,110
New Orleans Metropolitan Crime Commission$99
New York City Habor Houses$222
Newark Police Department$99
Newport Beach Police Department$247
Niagara Police Department$74
North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts$321
North Carolina Attorney General's Office$123
North Carolina U.S. District Attorney's Office$247
North Dakota State University$987
North East Minnesota Enforcement and Safety Information System (NEMESIS)$444
North Worcester County (Fitchburg Police Department)$370
Northampton County Sheriff's Office$49
Oakland County Sheriff's Department$1,243
Ocean County Prosecutor's Office$99
Oglala Sioux Tribe$321
Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drug Control Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Program$247
Onondaga County Sheriff's Office$987
Orange County$148
Orange County Sheriff's Department$247
Orange County Sheriff's Office$59
Oregon Partnership meth prevention program$247
Ozark Police Department$20
Page County Sheriff's Office$109
Partnership for a Drug Free America$1,973
Pasco County Sheriff's Office$247
Pegasus Research Foundation$197
Pennyrile Narcotics Task Force$197
Pennyrile Narcotics Task Force$345
Peoria Police Department$148
Philadelphia Community Development Corporation (PCDC)$493
Philadelphia Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolence Inc.$197
Phoenix Police Department$493
Phoenix Police Department$493
Pierce County$987
Pierce County Alliance$1,973
Pinellas County Sheriff's Department$493
Placer County Sheriff's Department$493
Polk County Sheriff's Department$247
Portage Police Department$197
Porter Police Department$25
Prince George's County$395
Prince George's County Police Department$395
Prince William County Police Department$49
Providence Police Department$148
Providence Police Department$197
Pulaski County Sheriff's Department$247
Putnam County Sheriff's Office$247
Rappahannock County Sheriff's Office$59
Rappahannock Regional Jail$247
Redlands Police Department$493
Riverside County Sheriff's Department$247
Roseville Police Department$493
Rural Utah Law Enforcement Tech Program$296
Sacramento County Sheriff's Department$247
Salt Lake City Department of Public Safety$493
San Bernardino County$247
San Bernardino Police Department$493
San Diego Sheriff's Department$493
San Francisco Police Department$987
San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Department$69
San Mateo County Sheriff's Department$493
Sandy City Police Department$247
Santa Ana Police Department$197
Santa Monica$493
Sarasota County$247
School-Based Violence Prevention and Mentoring in IL$493
Schools and Communities Coming Together$1,184
Shelby County Sheriff's Department$247
Shelby Township Police Department$49
Sheriff's Offices in Cochise County$247
Simpson County$99
Simulated Prison Environment Crisis Aversion Tools for programs in Alabama, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania$986
Sioux City$247
Smithfield Police Department$148
Snohomish County Sheriff$345
Snohomish County Sheriff's Office$493
Solano County$99
Solano County$493
Somerset County Police Department$296
South Carolina Judicial Department$10,902
South Carolina Judicial Department Case Docket System$2,960
South Central Missouri Drug Task Force$99
South Suburban Mayors and Managers Associaion$444
Southampton Sheriff's Office$25
Southcom Law Enforcement Technologies$296
Southeast Missouri Drug Task Force$197
Southeast National Law Enforcement Technology Center$3,947
Southhaven Police Department$987
Southside Police Department$20
Southside Virginia law enforcement agencies$398
St. Clair County Sheriff's Department$296
St. Matthews Police Department$197
State of Alaska$261
State of Alaska$1,973
State of Illinois$99
State of Minnesota's Methamphetamine Hotspots Initiative$197
State of Pennsylvania for law enforcement technologies$987
State of Pennsylvania for prison technology upgrades$493
State of Vermont$987
Statewide records management system for Virginia law enforcement$1,480
Suffolk County Police Department$99
Suffolk Police Department$74
Sun Prairie Police Department$296
Sussex County Police Department$296
Syracuse Police Department$395
Tacoma Park$99
Technology enhancements for law enforcement agencies in Northern Illinois (1 of 3)$921
Technology enhancements for law enforcement agencies in Northern Illinois (2 of 3)$269
Technology enhancements for law enforcement agencies in Northern Illinois (3 of 3)$100
Thompkins County$493
Tiverton Police Department$247
Town of Brookfield Police Department$89
Town of North Hempstead Police Department$493
Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Department$247
Ulster County Sheriff's Department$247
University of New Hampshire$740
University of New Hampshire$1,973
Vermont Department of Public Safety$395
Vermont Drug Task Force$1,727
Village of East Dundee Police Department$296
Village of Niles$148
Virginia Beach Police Department$148
Virginia State Police, of which $175,000 shall be for the Northwest Virginia Regional Drug Task Force, and $175,000 shall be for the Harrisonburg Drug Task Force to assist their efforts in combating methamphetamine$593
Voice Viewer Technologies and Law Enforcement$247
Waco Police Department$493
Waco Police Department$493
Warren Police Department$20
West Buechel Police Department$15
West Covina Fire Department$99
West Essex Port of Essex County Police Department$296
West Virginia High Technology Consortium Foundation$987
West Virginia University Research Corporation$3,947
Westchester County Police Department$59
Westchester County school security technology or improvements$139
Westchester and Rockland County$493
Western Forensic Law Enforcement Training Center$99
White Plains$197
Williamson County Sheriff's Department$99
Winston and Fayette Counties$158
Wisconsin Department of Justice$987
Woodland Methamphetamine Enforcement$99
Worcester Polytechnic Institute$987
Wright County Drug Mobile Command$26
Yazoo City Police Department$493
York City Police Department$247
Youth Advocates Program$1,233

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