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List of 2005 Earmarks

In fiscal year 2005, there were 98 earmarks totaling $22,916,000.

Agency:    Department of Health and Human Services
Bureau:    Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Account:    Substance abuse and mental health services
Certifying Official:    Director, Division of Financial Management
Certifying Organization:    Office of Policy, Planning and Budget (OPPB)

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2005 Earmarks Amount ($K)
A community initiative promoting resistance education$25
Adolescent mental health$74
Adolescent mental health programs$99
Adult Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment$20
Adult mental health services$298
Akeela Substance Abuse Treatment Retention & Transition Enhancement$198
Antiviolence program entitled the National Project Managing Anger, Promoting Safety$99
Attracting clients into a program of habilitation/rehabilitation$198
Center for Prevention Workforce Development$397
Centre County, to implement in conjunction with Clinton County$198
Co-occurring Disorders Treatment of Mental Illness and Addiction$20
Consortium on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome$347
Continue and enhance the Yellow Ribbon youth suicide prevention efforts in the rural community$99
Detox Restoration Project$496
Development and implementation of a Clinical Excellence Institute to provide training for children's services staff$149
Disease Management in Substance Use Disorders$198
Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Specialized Meth Treatment Program$694
Drug Education/Risk Management Program$25
EHS Safe Start for Fragile Families$99
Elementary/Middle School Based Inhalant Abuse Prevention$99
Enhance City of Jackson Drug Treatment Court$238
Enhance StepUP Program Services for Ausburg College Students$198
Enhancement of Co-occurring Mental Health Services$298
Enhancing Integration of Substance Abuse/Mental Health Services$149
Family Recovery Center$50
Felony Diversion Initiative$248
Gender-specific substance abuse treatment recovery campus$1,091
Grandparents Raising Resilient Youth$25
Implementation of a cross-training initiative for mental health, substance abuse and domestic violence professionals$198
Implementation of efforts to close the knowledge/practice gap in mental health and substance abuse programs$496
Implementation of the "Building Bridges for Girls' Residential Program"$149
Implementation of the 211 Project to develop an integrated system of resources for people with substance abuse, mental illness and homelessness$595
Implementation of the Emotionally Challenged Juvenile Offender Intervention Program$298
Implementation of the Oregon Youth Suicide Prevention Program$99
Implementation of the SOS High School Suicide Prevention Program$99
Implementation of the Sowing the Seeds of Hope rural mental health project$50
Implementation of the Targeted Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training and Public Education Program$248
Increase access to mental health services for young people involved in the juvenile justice system$1,190
Mental and emotional counseling for young men in several Pennsylvania counties$149
Mental health and related services for immigrant and refugee families$99
Mental health and related services in their supportive housing program$99
Mental health and substance abuse services for homeless persons in supportive housing$1,488
Mental health and substance abuse treatment services in Philadelphia$74
Mental health and suicide prevention programs for Latina youth$496
Mental health service provider$99
Mental health service provision$74
Mental health services$198
Mental health services BGL$79
Mental health services at the Community Health Center in Martin, South Dakota$149
Mental health services delivery$99
Mental health services for youth$223
Mental health services to homeless and at-risk youth$248
Mental health support services and long-term case management for adults with developmental disabilities$422
Mental health, family counseling and related services$248
Mental health/primary care collaborative care project directed by the Geisinger Health System$25
Mobile mental health outreach, assessment and intervention services$149
New Haven Project$198
Ohio Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors$99
Ohio Mental Health Network for School Success$248
Options for Power$337
Parent Empowerment Program$99
Phases II and III of a prisoner re-entry program$99
Preventative tobacco education outreach programs$228
Project HYPE: Prevention Education in Philadelphia Schools$248
Project Hope$99
Project Re-entry$99
Project SAFE$99
Project for Managing Anger, Promoting Safety (MAPS) with a focus on childcare settings in underserved communities in Mississippi$99
Provide media literacy education for student and parents in Pennsylvania$50
Provision of Multisystemic Therapy in a school/home-based environmental for high-risk youth$198
Provision of mental health services for children who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence$69
Provision of sexual assault counseling$25
Ralph Purdue Center: Treatment Program Enhancement$496
Ready, Willing, and Able Residential Work and Training Program$99
Research-based, sustained, early intervention for high-risk$662
Residential & Psychosocial Support Services to Addicted Persons$198
Rural mental health project$50
SAMHSA Grant for Programmatic Directives$99
SMART Moves$50
Saint Barnabus on the Lake Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center$25
School Mental Health Education Program$198
Services for adults and children who have experienced emotional trauma$298
South Boston Community Health Center Youth Develop. Project$337
Substance Abuse Prevention and Education for Youth and Families$99
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Youth$248
Substance abuse outpatient treatment to women and their children$198
The Avenues Program to Improve Substance Abuse Treatment$99
The Golden Heart Project in Fairbanks, Alaska$496
The Nonviolence Streetworker Project$99
To expand residential services to include female adolescents$298
To provide substance abuse prevention/reduction programming$50
Training, technical assistance, consultation and other services related to the effects of violence on children$496
Treatment of behavioral health problems in children throughout Interior Alaska$744
Underage drinking prevention through policy change$25
Vallejo Intervention, Treatment and Aftercare Project for High-risk Children$248
Violence Prevention Program$99
WestCare Kentucky: Pike County Treatment Center$744
Youth violence prevention program$198

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