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List of 2005 Earmarks

In fiscal year 2005, there were 31 earmarks totaling $230,738,000.

Agency:    Department of Defense--Military
Bureau:    Military Construction
Account:    Military construction, Air Force
Certifying Official:    Deputy Comptroller Program/Budget
Certifying Organization:    OSD

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2005 Earmarks Amount ($K)
1 AF Headquarters/Affor Center (Phase I) (Florida)$10,200
729th ACS Operations/Maintenance Facility (Utah)$4,900
AEDS Primary Mirror Coating Facility (Hawaii)$7,500
ATFP Litchfield Road Underpass and Entry Point Replacement (Arizona)$7,900
Add/Alter Dock 1 to Multi-Purpose Hangar (North Dakota)$8,900
Add/Alter Wingo Inn Visiting Center (Tennessee)$2,500
Addition to Integrated Support Facility (Oklahoma)$8,000
Base Civil Engineering Complex (Phase II) (Oklahoma)$7,000
Base Library (South Carolina)$3,700
Base Operations Center (South Dakota)$9,867
Child Development Center (Arkansas)$3,900
Child Development Center (Missouri)$7,600
Consolidated Base Support Center (Georgia)$9,600
Control Tower (Delaware)$9,500
Control Tower (Nebraska)$6,221
Corrosion Control Facility (Montana)$5,600
Corrosion Control Facility (New Mexico)$9,200
Dining Hall Airmen's Center (New Mexico)$0
EC-130 Squad Operations Facility (Arizona)$7,000
Electrical Upgrade (Hawaii)$5,000
Fire and Crash Rescue Station (Mississippi)$7,700
Fire and Crash Rescue Station (Texas)$11,000
Fire/Crash Rescue Station (Georgia)$6,900
ICBM Propellant Analysis Complex (Utah)$7,700
Large Airframe Maintenance Hanger (Alaska)$26,000
Refueling Vehicle Maintenance Shop (Texas)$3,300
Replace Steam Lines/Tunnels, Area B (Phase 1A) (Ohio)$9,200
Security Forces Armory/Combat Arms Campus (California)$3,650
Security Forces Operations Facility (Florida)$8,800
T-1 Squadron Operations Facility (Texas)$6,900
Upgrade Storm Water Drainage System (Phase I) (Wyoming)$5,500

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