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List of 2005 Earmarks

In fiscal year 2005, there were 271 earmarks totaling $779,514,000.

Agency:    Department of Defense--Military
Bureau:    Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation
Account:    Research, development, test, and evaluation, Air Force
Certifying Official:    Deputy Comptroller Program/Budget
Certifying Organization:    OSD

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2005 Earmarks Amount ($K)
21st Century Information Operations Workforce$1,059
3D Bias Weaving/Braiding Technology$1,929
3D Data Track Assembly (3-Data) Imaging System$2,100
A-10 Propulsion Modernization$5,000
AC Coupled Interconnect$971
ACC Support Systems Development$1,929
ACES II Ejection Seat Improvement (Note: only for continuing safety improvements to USAF ACES II ejection seat a)$1,000
AERO Medical Readiness-water Sterilization$2,800
AFSOC Battlefield Air Operations Kit$1,074
AN/ALQ-172 Airborne Electronic Attack Upgrade$5,400
AN/APG-68(V) 1D Radar development$8,000
Academic Center for Aging Aircraft$4,200
Adaptive Information Protective Technologies$2,600
Adaptive Optics Lasercom$2,431
Advanced Aerospace Vehicle Cooling Technologies (Note: only to conduct evaluations and aerospace vehicle cooling technologies at the JRETS rocket test stand at the San Bernadino International Airport)$974
Advanced Aircraft Avionics & Electronics Insertion$1,000
Advanced Casualty Care for ARSOC$1,000
Advanced Composite Processes$1,355
Advanced Cooling Technology for High Flux Military Diode Laser Arrays$1,267
Advanced Life Cycle Cost/Risk Model for Space Concepts Development$971
Advanced Magnetic Random Access Memory Modules (Note: only to develop memory modules to integrate magnetic RAM with conventional electronics for military platforms)$2,046
Advanced Manufacturing Technologies for Metals, Composites (UMR)$3,410
Advanced Nanomaterials Research, NanoPhotonic Components$1,900
Advanced Polymer Technology for Agile Combat Support$1,065
Advanced Remote Ground Unattended Sensor Program$2,000
Advanced Rocket Components (Note: only for water-cooled rocket engine prototype project)$1,000
Advanced Satellite Thermal Control Program$965
Advanced Silicon Carbide Device Technology$1,656
Advanced Technology for IRCM Component Improvement$2,034
Advanced Vehicle and Propulsion Center$3,899
Advanced Wide Bandgap Materials for RF Technology$2,533
Aerial Multi-Axis Platform$1,000
Aerospace Lab Equipment Upgrade$974
Affordable Multi-Function Solar Cells$1,500
Affordable Visible Missile Warning Systems$3,199
Agile Response Chameleon Coatings$1,443
Aging Landing Gear Life Extension$4,600
Air Armament Center/ILIAD$1,982
Air Force Center of Acquisition Reengineering and Enabling Telescopes$2,000
Air Force Electronic Systems Command/National Product Line Asset Center (NPLACE) (Transfer from Line 86)$2,600
Air Force Knowledge Service$2,697
Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center$2,000
Applications of LIDAR to Vehicles with Analysis (ALVA)$7,753
Applied Research in Computing Enterprise Services$1,800
Asset Source for Software Engineering Technology eWing Program$4,700
BLU-109H Bunker Buster- Heavy$2,915
Ballistic Missile Range Safety Technology$15,000
Ballistic Missile Technology Common Advanced Guidance Technology$9,648
Battle Damage Assessment Process Analysis$1,000
BiPolar Water-Cell NiMH Aircraft Battery$1,300
Big Bend Range$2,500
Bio-Nanotechnology Infrastructure and Technology Research$2,889
Bio-medical DNA Program$976
Biostatic Protective Clothing for AFSOC$1,000
Blast Resistant Barriers for Homeland Defense$2,339
Blue MAJIC$2,000
Boron Energy Cell System Development$971
C-27 Test Flight Data Archive$2,000
C-5/C-17 IDE (Aging Aircraft)$4,825
C2 Manager for AFSOC$1,000
Capabilities Planning Support$3,184
Cell-Level Battery Controller$1,461
Center for Advanced Sensor and Communication Antennas$2,949
Center for Aircraft & System/Support Infrastructure$965
Center for Flow Physics and Control$1,852
Center for Information Assurance Security$1,936
Center for Security of Large-Scale Systems$1,851
Chabot Space & Science Center$1,960
Civil Reserve Space Service Initiative$2,213
Cobra Ball Hi-Res E/O Signature Capability$1,100
Cobra Ball Long Wave Infrared Mid-Course Data Collection Capability$2,100
Collaborative Archive Server (Note: only for the continued development of the Collaboration Archive Server initiated under SBIR AF01-106)$967
Collaborative Informations Operations$2,300
Combat Sent Tactical ELINT System Modernization$1,000
Command and Control Enterprise Services (C2ES)$2,400
Command and Control Services Level Management$3,800
Common Aero Veh$5,000
Common Core Power Production Program$1,929
Compact Optical Receiver for Smart and Loitering Standoff Weapons$983
Computational Tools for Materials Development$974
Consolidated Fighter Combined Test Force$1,000
Continuous Integrated Vehicle Health Monitoring System (CIVHMS)$483
Converted Silicon Carbide for High Performance Optic Structures$1,463
Corrosion Protection of Aluminum Alloys Used in Aircraft$1,765
Cost Effective Composite Materials for Manned and Unmanned Flight Structures$974
Cyber Security-Advanced Course in Engineering$967
Demonstrating Space Research and Applications (Note: only to support educational programming and exhibits that demonstrate the application of defense technology and research at Griffith Observatory Planetarium)$979
Detect and Avoid for UAVs$1,358
Develop Rapid Retargeting Capability at Warner Robins Air Logistics Center Depot$1,000
Distributed Mission Interoperability Toolkit (DMIT)$5,600
Domestic Titanium Powder Manufacturing Initiative$1,949
Durable Hybrid Coatings for Aircraft Systems$974
Dynamic Targeting Capability$1,451
EHF SatCOM$14,400
EM Gradiometer for Detection & Confirmation of Underground Hiding Places & Passageways$2,733
ESC/SAF Deployment Planning$96
ETIP-Engineering Tool Improvement Program$4,866
Elastic Memory Composites$1,953
Engineering Activity$26,000
Engineering Research Lab Equipment Upgrade$974
Enhanced Tactical Data Link and Data Display$3,000
Enterprise Availability and Cost Optimization System$1,000
F-15 ALR-56C Radar Warning Receiver Upgrade Program$2,600
F-15C APG-63(V)3 Radar Upgrade$14,600
F-16 Block 30 MTC for Air National Guard$4,900
FLIR and Datalink Upgrades$25,000
Fast Field Repair of Coated Aircraft and Equipment$2,710
Fleet Readiness$1,300
Foldable Articulated Structures for Next Generation Spacecraft$1,464
Fuze Air-to-Surface Technology$1,069
GBU-28 Integration$7,200
GPS-Jammer Detection and Location System$3,177
Gallium Nitrate RF Power Technology$2,436
General Purpose Reconfigurable Signal Processor System$1,966
Geosynchronous Laser Imaging Testbed$4,748
Global Awareness Presentation System-IC2A$2,500
Griffith Observatory Programming$962
Haleakala Laser Communications Testbed$964
Hard and Deeply Buried Targets$1,100
Hardening Technologies for Satellite Protection$3,401
Heavy Duty Hybrid Electric$1,929
High Accuracy Network Determination System$8,203
High Laser Energy Research$964
High Powered Electrical Aircraft Capabilities$6,335
High Regression Rate Hybrid Rocket Fuels$732
High Speed Strike Weapon$971
Hybrid Bearing$1,365
IHPTET Phase III Tech Demonstrator (Project 4921)$3,379
IMPRINT for UAVs$1,464
Information Assurance Initiative$974
Information Assurance for Reengineering Enabling Technologies$2,000
Information Security Solutions$1,542
Instrumentation, Loading, Integration, Analysis and Documentation - Edwards AFB$1,368
Integrated Cooling and Power System with MBTG$2,730
Integrated Mission Helmet$1,800
Integrated Spacecraft Engineering Tool (ISET)$971
Integration of Global Expeditionary Medical System with Global Combat Support System$2,500
Intelligent Flight Control Simulation Research Laboratory$1,269
Intelligent Free Space Optical Communications$1,458
Intelligent Free Space Optical Satellite Communications Node$1,458
Intense Ultrafast Laser Microfabrication and Diagnostics$975
Internet Protocol Commanding of Satellites$973
Isolation Units with Reactive Nanoparticle Materials$4,200
J-P 900 Coal Based Jet Fuel$979
JSF Second Source Tire Research, Aircraft Bias, Radial Tire Materials$1,250
JSTARS Net-Centric Enhancements using Web Services$1,000
Jet & Rocket Engine Test Site (JRETS) (Note: only for Jet and Rocket Propulsion testing at San Bernadino International Airport)$6,627
Jnt High Power Solid State Laser Program$1,300
Joint Battlespace Infosphere$983
Joint High Power Solid State Laser Program$2,315
LEAN Depot Engine Repair$1,300
LO Coatings Production Scale-Up$3,500
Large Panel Sapphire Producability$1,451
Laser Applications to Improve Air Force Operations and Readiness$1,700
Laser Bioeffects$1,368
Laser Peening for F-119 Engine$1,000
Light-weight Modular Support Jammer$5,430
Lighthouse Cyber Security Program$2,400
Lightweight SIGINT System$2,000
Lightweight and Novel Structures for Space Program$3,320
Low Speed Air Speed System$3,295
Lower Anti-G Garment$2,000
MASINT Visualization Tools Program$2,458
MRAM Innovative Communications Materials$1,165
MSSS Operations and Research$32,717
Manufacturing Technology Development Solid State of Advanced Components for High Solid State Laser$1,930
Massively Parallel Optical Interconnects for Microsatellite Datacom$1,935
Material Science Laboratory$1,072
Materials Integrity Management Research$1,065
Metals Affordability Initiative$7,256
Microwave Vacuum Electronics Power Research Initiative (Note: Only to re-establish a program for research into Microwave Vacuum Engineering (MVE) and High Power Microwave (HPM) technology through the Air Force Office of Scientific Research)$2,058
Military Base Protection Using X-Ray System (Shaped Energy Detection System)$2,000
Minority LEADERS$4,801
Nanomaterials Research, Nanomanufacturing for Military Applications$2,254
Nanostructured Materials for Advanced Air Systems$3,507
National Aerospace Leadership Initiative$20,577
National Hypersonic Research Center$1,959
National Operational Signature Production and Research Capability$11,171
Near Earth Space Initiative$2,714
Net-Centric Information Visualization Services$2,000
Network, Information and Space Security$2,450
Networked Warfighter Decision Support$1,074
Non-lethal Stunning/Immobilizing Weapons$490
Non-linear Optical Materials$974
O2 Diesel Particulate Emissions Reduction$1,100
ONAMI Safer Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing$2,436
Optical Signature Recognition System for Authenticity Verification$983
Optimal Design of Materials Processes$974
Pacific Ballistic Missile Technology Program$1,640
Pacific Islands Ocean Typhoon Experiment (PILOT)$970
PanSTARRS (Transferred from Line 27)$9,651
Phase Diversity-Imaging through Volume Turbulence$1,069
Phased Array Antenna and Control Computer$1,277
Photonics Technology (Note: only for single-mode SOI highly integrated photonics prototyping and SOI JSF weight reduction efforts)$1,655
Photovoltaic Hydrogen & Flexible PV for Portable Power$974
Plasma Arc/Waste to Energy Production$3,290
Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Disposition for Advanced Laser Program'$1,645
Pocket Link-16$3,400
Predator B LYNX SAR$2,600
Protector UAV for AC-130 Aircraft (Note: only to develop a Protector UAV capability to include a Tactical Common Data Link (TCDL) communications suite to real-time video capability)$8,500
Quantitative Inspection Techniques for Assessing Aging of Military Aircraft$1,161
Quantum Gate$979
Radar Modernization Program$8,400
Radiation Hardening Microelectronics$1,360
Rapid Manufacturing using Computers and Lasers$1,000
Rapid Replacement of Mission Critical Logistics Electronic Components at Warner Robins AFB$2,300
Real-time Measurement Weight and Balance System$2,000
Receiver and Processing Concepts Evaluation Program$969
Remote Based Power Demonstration$1,461
Reservoir Assessment, Detection and Response Project$1,500
Rivet Joint Advanced Wideband Processor$2,033
Robust Aerospace Composite Materials and Structures$4,373
S Band Upgrade$5,400
SMART Pilot Scholarship Program$2,500
Seismic Monitoring Program$2,733
Self Destruct Fuzing for BLU-97 Submunitions in AF CBU-87 Area Attack Munition$1,000
Smart Camera System with Target Motion Cueing$200
Software Communications Architecture Compliance$6,100
Solid Electrolyte Oxygen Separator$6,738
Space Control Test Capabilities System$3,382
Special Operations Forces Program Directorate (WR-ALC/LU) Integrated Data Environment (IDE)$1,000
Special Operations Target Acquisition and Control Suite (Note: only to design a mission planning, rehearsal, and execution toolkit prototype system for Air Force Special Tactics)$1,367
Stable Articulating Backbone for Ultralight Radar Project$1,474
Stealth RAM Coatings$3,386
Strategic Partnership for Research in Nanotechnology (Transfer from Line 2)$10,230
Streaker Small Launch Vehicle$2,901
Super-resolution Sensor System$1,965
Supply Chain Optimization Universal Tool Kit$1,000
Synthetic Theater Operations Research Model$962
Systematic Hierarchical Approach to Radiation Hardened Electronics$1,458
TER-O MIL-STD-1760 ("Smart") Modification$1,700
Teleoperated Semi-autonomous Robot for Aging Aircraft Maintenance$1,000
Testbed For Accelerated Transition-Advanced Multidiscriminating Sensing$971
The Logistics Institute (Transferred from Line 21)$962
Thermal Sprays for Structural Protection$2,047
Thin Film Amorphous Solar Arrays$7,286
Three Dimensional Modeling, Design and Engineering Assessment$3,500
Three-Dimensional Packaging Technology for High Speed RF Communication$1,966
Tide Program$5,000
Titanium Matrix Comp$2,904
Titanium Matrix Composites$2,904
Toughened Silicone Substrates for Flexible Solar Cells$976
Transparent Conductive Polymer Technology Development$1,451
Transportable Transponder Landing System$2,409
USAF Center for National Security Research-Signature Exploitation$1,075
Ultra Short Pulse Laser Technology Development (Note: only for USP laser Platform Development Vehicle, Lethality and Atmospheric Propagation Analysis, and Optimization of the USP Laser Platform)$4,861
Ultra-light Composites for Ballistic and Bomb Protection$967
Unique Stealth UAV Houck Aircraft Design Program (Note; Only to continue and expand the existing program)$1,075
Upper Stage Engine Technology (USET)$3,894
Vehicle Risk Reduction (RSLV)$3,886
Versatile Affordable Advanced Turbine Eng-Titanium Matrix Composite$974
Versatile Affordable Advanced Turbine Engine$2,317
Virtual Teleoperation for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (ISU)$2,800
Virtual Warriors$1,065
Vortex Cold Wall Low Cost Rocket Engines$3,300
WBI-Capabilities Planning Support$3,375
WBI-Nanostructured Materials for Advanced Air Force Systems$2,729
WR-ALC Maintenance Operations Support (MOS) Simulation Model$1,000
Watchkeeper UWB Demonstration Program$1,573
Water Integrated Semiconductor Laser$2,908
Wavelength Agile Spectral Harmonic Oxygen Sensor$974
Worldwide Infrastructure Security Environment (Note: only for WISE to provide protection and response to physical and cyber attacks)$1,935

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