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List of 2005 Earmarks

In fiscal year 2005, there were 656 earmarks totaling $1,762,714,000.

Agency:    Department of Defense--Military
Bureau:    Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation
Account:    Research, development, test, and evaluation, Army
Certifying Official:    Deputy Comptroller Program/Budget
Certifying Organization:    OSD

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2005 Earmarks Amount ($K)
(MVMNT) Program for Simulation Based Operation$4,900
(Micro Laminate Ceramic Armor)$1,725
(NGPS)-Next Generation Passive Sensors$2,875
1 Megawatt Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Demonstrator$1,438
21st Century Truck and Future Tactical Truck System$7,500
ALS Therapy Development for Gulf War Research$1,916
ASAS Light$1,400
ASAS Light RDTE Development (Note: only to provide coalition interoperability, genetic sensor interface and IBS broadcast integration)$958
ASMD Architecture Analysis (A3) Program$1,000
Aberdeen Proving Ground Asbestos Conversion Facility$1,200
Accelerated Diagnosis Digital Imaging Pattern Recognition$2,684
Acoustic Counter Battery Sys (ACBS)$2,516
Acoustic Technology for Landmine Detection$2,685
Active Coating Technology$1,965
Active Coatings Technology$1,965
Adv Thermal Mgt Sys (Note: only for oil & air technologies to improve thermal mgt systems on additional platforms including heave duty, medium duty, light, light armored, fuel cell, commercial auto, light truck, transit & hybrid diesel engines)$2,600
Advance Cannon Artillery Ammunition Program ACA2P$13,000
Advanced Antimicrobial Technology$1,393
Advanced Army Modular Composite Bridge$5,600
Advanced Ballistic Protection$1,000
Advanced Battery Technology$2,491
Advanced Carbon Nanotechnology Program$1,918
Advanced Clinical Education Institute/Surgery Interactive System$957
Advanced Cluster Energetics (ACE) Manufacturing Technology$2,500
Advanced Composite Radome (Note: transferred from general provision Sec. 8154)$2,000
Advanced Demining Technology$3,942
Advanced Deployable Nano-Sensors$959
Advanced Digital Radar System (ADRS)$1,441
Advanced Electric Drive$1,500
Advanced Energy and Manufacturing Technology$2,200
Advanced High Power Rechargeable Stored Energy Technology$7,500
Advanced High-Energy Rechargeable Lithium Air Battery$1,917
Advanced Image Processing Techniques for Biomedical Informatics$1,000
Advanced Integrated Digital Camera Rifle Scope (ADCRS)$958
Advanced Laser Electric Power (ALEP) Program (Note: only to carry out a collaborative advanced laser electric power (ALEP) program initiative with the private sector and the US>Army Space and Missile Defense Command)$1,437
Advanced Laser Electric Program$959
Advanced Material for Future Combat Systems$6,712
Advanced Materials for Mine Detection and Blast Mitigation$2,397
Advanced Mobile Micro Grid Program$5,000
Advanced Mobile Microgrid Program$3,100
Advanced Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring$957
Advanced Passive Millimeter Wave Imager$4,027
Advanced Power Component Technologies$958
Advanced Power Trains and Intelligent Control Systems for M-Gators$1,500
Advanced Proteomics$1,437
Advanced Research and Technology Initiative$2,685
Advanced Simplified Hybrid Fuel Cell/LION Battery Program for the Objective Force Warrior$958
Advanced Strapdown Seeker (ASDS)$3,353
Advanced Technology Center$1,050
Advanced Technology Lightweight Armament System-Rarefaction Wave Gun$958
Advanced Tungsten Penetrators and Ballistic Materials$2,110
Advanced Vehicle Life Consumption and Maintenance Prognostics System$1,000
Advances in Breast Cancer Therapy$1,245
Aerial Canopy Sensor Delivery System (ACSDS)$1,390
Afford, L Temp, H-Perf Adv Recharg Store Energy Device Tech Future A Combat Hybrid Elec Veh$1,000
Agile MEMS/Nano-Technology for Wireless Security & Defense Applications$958
Air and Missile Defense Architecture Analysis (A3) Program$4,200
All Composite Military Vehicle$2,500
All Digital Transceiver (ADT) Development$1,447
All Source Analysis System (ASAS) Analysis Control Element (ACE) Light (ASAS ACE Light)$1,300
Alliance for Nanohealth (Note: transferred from DHP Title VI)$2,684
Alloy Tungsten Armor Piercing Ammunition$2,021
Aluminum Light-Weight Structures Initiative (ALSI)$5,100
Aluminum Matrix Composite Technology Partnership-Munitions$2,500
Amorphous Metal Manufacturing Technology for Military Applications$958
Amy Knowledge Management Fusion Center$1,438
Angiogenesis and Tissue Engineering Research$957
Anti-Microbial Coatings for Medical Devices (Note: transferred from general provision)$1,342
Anti-Stealth Research--Passive Surveillance System$1,341
Anti-microbial/Medical Base Layer Garment Technology$959
Applied Communications and Information Networking (ACIN) Program$10,643
Applied Research Integration$1,727
Applied Research Program for Advanced Materials and Processes for Armament Structures Program$3,833
Armament Systems Engineering and Integration Initiative$4,025
Armaments Systems Info Assurance$1,936
Armored Composite Cab Development Program$2,500
Army Airborne Avionics Improvement Data Modem$2,000
Army Distributed Mission Training System$1,629
Army Excellence in Acoustics Research$3,387
Army Flight Test$1,437
Army Force Protection$1,437
Army High Performance Computing Research$1,434
Army I-GNAT ER Unmanned Aircraft$925
Army Lightweight Structures Initiative (ALSI)$2,800
Army Missile and Space Technology Initiative$3,115
Army Threat Signals Intelligence Program$1,800
Army Trailer Technology Insertion (TTI)$2,550
Army Welding Development Initiative$958
Automated Communications Support System for Warfighters, Intelligence Community and Analysis$958
Automated Medical Emergency Intravascular Access (AuthCath)$957
Automatic Target Cueing System$2,500
Aviation Inflatable Maintenance Shelter (AIMS) Test and Evaluation$1,629
BONUS Compliance Program (BCP) (Note: only for development and implementation of the US> Army (PM CAS) BONUS compliance program)$2,500
BUSTER Backpack UAV$11,987
Ballistic Shields Program$959
Ballute Technology Development (Note: only to address technical issues with ballute inflation loads and kill vehicle dynamics, selection of ballute materials, flight dynamics, stability and control, weight and stowed volume of the ballute system)$958
Basic Research for Infrastructure Protection from Terrorists Attacks$958
Battery Charging Technology (Note: only to continue development of advanced battery charging algorithms for Hybrid-Electric Vehicle applications)$1,000
Battery Returns in Error Advanced Vehicle Battery Management Program (Phase II))$958
Battle Command Team Training (BCTT) Program$1,000
Battlefield Production of Hydrogen for Fuel Cell Vehicles$958
Battlefield Respirator and Ventilator (BRAV)$1,820
Behavioral Genomics Sleep Apnea Research (Note: transferred from line 29 RDTE,A)$957
Big Crow Program Office (BCPO)$6,707
Bioactive Products Program for Breast Cancer$957
Bioinformatics Research (Note: transferred from RDTE,D-W Line 15)$959
Biological/Chemical Materials Environmental Modeling$1,055
Biology, Education, Screening, Chemoprevention and Treatment (BESCT) Lung Cancer Research Program (MDACC)$9,103
Biomedical Engineering Initiative$1,437
Biomedical Strategies for the Prevention, Treatment, Assessment and Predications of the Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation$957
Biometric Signatures Research$1,150
Biometrics-testing and technology$5,100
Biotechnology Education Initiative$958
Bioterrorism Education (Note: transferred from RDTE,A line 154)$838
Bioterrorists Agents in Military Drinking Water Systems$959
Blast and Drainage Assessment Risk Analysis and Mitigation Application (BADARAMA)$1,629
Blood Safety & Decontamination Technology$4,600
Bone Health and Military Medical Readiness$957
Brain Biology and Machine$2,875
Brain Imaging Research$3,736
Broadband Language Training System$2,880
C4ISR Visualization$958
CALSTART Defense Advanced Transportation Technology Program$1,000
CAV Technology Transition$3,500
CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment$5,750
CFX Electrochemical Systems for Safe Solider Power$958
CZT Detectors for Automated Munitions Inspection and Surveillance$1,050
Camera Assisted Monitoring System (CAMS) (Note: only to continue development and transition of CAMS to a type classified standard system)$1,438
Cancer Vaccine (Note: only for continued development of molecular switching vaccines using genetically modified Listera for cancer, infectious diseases and bio-defense)$3,257
Carbon Foam, Missile Defense Agency$2,875
Cartledge Infuser$869
Casting Emission Reduction Program (CERP)$3,354
Center for Advanced Research and Technology (CART) (Note: Only to continue Nanometrology Laboratory development to maximize the effectiveness of high resolution analytical transmission electron microscope)$1,918
Center for Advanced Sensors$1,438
Center for Advanced Surgical and Interventional Technology$957
Center for Ferroelectric Electronic-Photonic Nanodevices$1,918
Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology$11,500
Center for Nano-Materials Research$959
Center for Prostate Disease Research (WRAMC)$4,120
Center for Proteomics and Nanotechnologies$4,120
Center for Rotorcraft Innovation$2,396
Center of Excellence-HBCU/MI$2,158
Cerberus Sensor Suite Program-K70$1,918
Chemical Biological Defense Material Test and Evaluation Initiative$961
Chemical-Biological Casualty Treatment (Note: transferred from RDTE,A line 154)$2,396
Chitosan Bandage Component$1,865
Chitosan Hemorrhage Control Dressing$3,190
Chronic Wounds (Non-Healing) Research; (Note: transferred from DHP title VI)$957
Clinical Trials Using a Piezoelectric Dry Powder Inhalation Device$4,000
Close-in Active Protection (CIAPS)$5,078
Cognitive Wireless Networks (Note: transferred from RDTE,D-W Line 3)$1,916
Cold Regions Test Center--Hybrid Electric Infrastructure$8,759
Collaborative Program in Rehabilitation and Engineering Research$957
Collaborative in Advanced Emergency Medical Response with the Army Guard (Note: transferred from RDTE,DW line 15)$2,396
Combat Casualty Care for Battlefield Wounds$2,684
Combat Medical Material--Advanced Development$3,063
Combat Trauma Patient Simulator System$1,437
Combat Vehicle Electronics for Future and Current Programs (Note: only to develop next generation electronics for current and future combat vehicles, and to accelerate standardization of their vetronic architecture)$1,760
Combat Vehicle Research$4,250
Commercialization of Technologies to Lower Defense Costs$1,006
Common Navigation Interface Unit (CNIU) for Joint Precision Aerial Delivery System (JPADS)$2,491
Common Remotely-Operated Weapon Station (CROWS)$3,354
Compact Kinetic Energy Missile (CKEM) Stabilized Mobile Launcher (Note: only to demonstrate CKEM launch capabilities of a Light Combat Vehicle)$959
Compact Lightweight Full Featured Patient Monitor with Defibulator$1,437
Compact Pulsed Power for Defense Applications$1,000
Comparative Functional Genomics Computational Sequencing Novel Genetic Targets$2,491
Composite Chassis$958
Composite Material Technology for FCS$1,918
Composite Materials Research$792
Composite Small Main Rotor Blades$479
Comprehensive Bioactive Products Program for Breast Cancer$1,000
Comprehensive Medical Imaging Research$6,612
Comprehensive Reprod Sys Care Pgrm (N: only for cont coord btwn WRAMC, rural non-prof med res inst, & non-prof med found, provide pgrm for reprod sys risk assessment, diagnosis, treatment, & cutting-edge research. Transfer from DHP title VI.)$11,402
Compressor Blades Wear Resistant Ceramic Coating$2,017
Computation Proteomics$2,491
Conformal Lithium Ion Polymer Belt Battery$958
Cost Effective Targeting Sys- (CETS)$2,302
Credible Threat Prediction Capability Development$2,299
Cylindrical Zinc Air Battery for Future Soldier Communications Systems$958
DESS-Dielectric Enhanced Sensor System$1,341
Decision Related Structures$4,075
Deep Digger$958
Defense Acquisition of Stationary Carbonate Fuel Cels$1,916
Defense Applications for Thermo-Electric Power Generation Devices$958
Demonstration of Technologies to Reduce Costs associated with Base Redevelopment$2,200
Dermal Phase Meter (Note: transferred from RDTE,A line 27.)$957
Desert Env Research (Note: only for the Univ-based GAS pgrm using sensor tech, long distance sampling, special analysis techniques to monitor desert tortoise populations related to the expansion for NTC FT Irwin & coursework dev for envir security)$959
Desert Terrain Analysis for Enhancing Military Operations$2,877
Design and Manufacturing Process Technology for High Performance Polymer Nano-Composites$1,247
Development Mission Integration$1,345
Development of Logistical Fuel Processors to Meet Army TARDEC & TACOM Needs$3,000
Development of Manufacturing Science for Lightweight Ceramic Armor$959
Diabetes Research Project (Note: only for Type I diabetes Research)$5,749
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Cancer Care Equipment$7,187
Diagnostics in Traumatic Brain Injury-Blood Based$2,875
Digital Army Radar Technology Development$958
Digital Humans and Virtual Reality$1,000
Digital Radio Frequency Tags (DRaFT)$4,024
Digitalization support to Fort Hood (University XXI) (Note: transferred from RDTE,A line 156)$2,000
Direct Diode Electro-Optical Source$5,272
Disposable Sensors for Battlefield and Urban Warfare$1,438
Distribute Transportable Synthetic Fuel Manufacturing Modules$1,000
Distributed Aperture Semi Active Laser Seeker (DASALS)$3,500
Distributed Scalable C2 Communication System$958
Distributed Transportable Synthetic Fuel Manufacturing Modules$1,500
Documentation Exploitation$3,000
Dominant Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUNT) Viewer (DMV)$1,246
Dry Polymer Electrolyte Development for Safe Soldier$3,093
Dynamic Pulse Detonation$958
Dynamic Re-addressing and Management for Army (DRAMA)$1,300
E-Beam Reticle & Lithography Inspection$6,132
E-STRIKE Technology Enhancement for the Maneuver Air Defense Capability$4,808
EDIT Advanced Landmine Detection$1,342
Eagle Eyes Nuclear Detection System$958
Electrochromatic Material Windows$2,000
Electroconversion of Energetic Materials$2,395
Electromagnetic Gun Initiative$959
Electronic Engineering Technology Program$959
Electronic Textiles for Combat Casualty Care$1,437
Eletrosomotic Pain Therapy System for Adjustable Rate Implantable Drug Delivery$957
Elgen Gene Delivery Technology$957
Emergency Eye Care Program$957
Engineered Surfaces for Weapons System Life Extension$2,685
Enhanced Micro-Image Display Technology$959
Enhanced Research in Trauma Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation$1,916
Enhanced Wireless Digital Communications for Urban First Responders$5,792
Environmental Management System Pilot in the Defense Department$1,500
Environmental Management Systems Demonstration$1,000
Environmental Security Technical Certification Program (Note: only for a demonstration project of remediation technologies in the eastern portion of the Bunker Hill Basin served by the East Valley Water District)$1,000
Excalibur Tact UCAV$5,749
Excalibur XM982 Life Cycle Improvements$3,400
Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation at Tripler$5,749
Extramural Gulf War Illness Research on Chronic Physiological Brain Effects (Low Level Chemical Exposure)$4,791
Eye and Sensor Protection against Laser Source$959
FADEC for Kiowa Warrior & Mission Enhanced Little Bird$4,791
FMTV Weight/Cost Reduction Initiative$2,100
FREEDOM Software Environment$1,000
Fastening and Joining Research$1,500
Fibrinogen Bandages for Battlefield Wounds$3,050
Field Examination and Manufacturing Improvements on Flexible Monolithically Integrated Solar Panels$958
Flexible Display Initiative: High performance displays for Military applications$5,366
Flexible JP-8 (Single Battlefield Fuel) Pilot Plant Program Phase III (Note: transferred from RDTE,DW, line 41)$4,500
Flexible Monolithically Integrated Solar Panels on a Polymer Substrate$2,146
Flexible Polymer Multilaminate Packaging$1,917
Fly-by-Wire Upgrades (Note: transfer from RDTE,DW)$11,970
Fort Detrick Technology Transfer Initiative$957
Forward Looking Synthetic Aperture Stepped Frequency Ground Penetrating RADAR (FLGPSAR)$2,877
Free Form Low-Cost Fabrication Using Titanium$1,342
Ft Ord Lead Based Paint and Wood Recycling Initiative$2,875
Fuel Cell Ground Support Equipment Demonstration$4,600
Fuel Cells for Munitions$1,000
Functionally Integrated Reactive Surface Technology Program (FIRST) Program$1,726
Future Affordable Multi-Utility (FAMU) Materials for the Army FCS$1,726
Future Affordable Multi-Utility Materials$959
Future Army Attack and Missile Defense System (FAAMDS)$1,672
Future Hybrid Vehicle Systems$1,500
Future Laser Neutralization System (LNS)$958
Future Medical Shelter System$5,078
GMLRS Unitary$12,195
GPS Interference Suppression Unit$2,252
Generation 2 Warhead$1,059
Geosciences/Atmospheric Research$1,727
Geospatial Information Decision Support for Single Integrated Air Picture$5,300
Global Ant-Terrorist Activity Analysis Capability at the INSCOM Information Dominance Center$2,100
Global Infrasound Monitoring of Atmosphere$1,341
Green Armaments Technology Initiative (GAT)$3,354
Ground Combat Vehicle Laser Warning$958
Ground Medicine Project and Gene Therapy (Note: only to continue the pilot clinical program targeted at cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative disorders that gravely affect veterans)$3,400
Guardian Angel$959
Gulf War Illness and Chemical Agent Exposure Program$957
Gynecologic Disease Pgrm( N: only establish public/private effort, in coordination w approp Non-Profit med found to provide pgrms in gynecologic diseases that facilitate early detection, prevention, & treatment strategies)$4,120
Gynecological Cancer (Note: transferred from DHP title VI)$2,012
HEMTT A3 SDD$7,000
Hands Free Electronic Health Record$957
Handwritten Optical Character Recognition Software$987
Hawthorne Army Depot$4,791
Hazardous Materials Management and Technology Development$955
Heavy Equipment Transport System (HETS) Recap Program$1,827
Helicopter Autonomous Landing System (HALS) Prototype Sensor$1,979
High Power Solid State Lasers$958
High Speed MEMS Electromagnetic Cell Sorter$1,437
High Strength, Powder Metal Gears for Vehicle Transmissions$1,000
High Temperature Structural Ceramic Materials$1,725
Human Polymerized Pyridoxilated Hemoglobin-Based Oxygen Carriers$1,342
Hybrid Propellant for Medium and large caliber ammunition$2,700
Hybrid-Electric Technology Demonstrator$2,684
Hypersonic Army Missile Technology$14,374
Hyperspectral Longwave Imager for the Tactical Environment (HYLITE)$3,100
IED Locating Low-cost Long-Endurance UAVs$3,165
IMD-HUMS, UH-60L Army Demonstration$20,359
IMPACT-Concept Modeling Tool Suite Development/Sensitivity Analysis for Military Trucks (CMTSD/SAMT)$1,000
Improved Lung Cancer Management-Advanced Imaging Technology (Note: transferred from RDTE,A line 32)$2,012
Improved Shelf-Life in fresh fruits and vegetables$3,114
Improving Soldier Performance$1,727
In-Theater Systems Development$2,450
Info Assurance Research$1,151
Info Dominance Center-Mobile Agent Technology$4,200
Innovative Materials for Infrastructure Security$2,200
Institute for Creative Technologies-joint fire effects raining system$2,396
Institute for Research and Education$3,593
Institute of Bioengineering and Nanoscience in Advanced Medicine$957
Integrated Battlefield Combat Situational Awareness Sys (IB-CSAS)$5,245
Integrated Composite Airframe Structure Program$2,395
Integrated Emergency Operations Capabilities (EOC) (Note: transferred from RDTE,A line 24)$1,629
Integrated Family of Test Equipment (IFTE)$2,600
Integrated Family of Test Equipment-Base Shop Test$1,800
Integrated Headgear$958
Integrated Methanol Fuel Cell/Reformer$959
Integrated, Unbreakable, Flexible Visible and Infrared Lighting Surfaces$2,395
Integration of Comm GIS Cap in Army C4ISR (TEC) (N: only investigate & improve integrate & exploite comm GIS capability of comm Jt Mapping Toolkit in C4ISR compon tactical sys, to be conducted by A Topographic Eng Cntr of Eng Research & Dev Cntr)$2,875
Intelligence Data Exchange for Execution and Planning (I-DEEP) DCGS$2,550
Intelligence Data Exchange for Execution and Planning Distributed Common Ground Systems$3,500
Interactive Training Tools to Promote Emergency Procedures in Hi-Rise Buildings and mitigate disasters from attacks, fires, or other threats$959
International Commercially Based Logistical Support Trucks$2,100
International Rehabilitation Network$4,791
Ion/Nickel Metal Hydride Ring Extruder$2,395
JP-8 Soldier Fuel Cell$958
Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS)-Rapid Refueling of 2k lb Resupply Requirements$1,437
Joint US-Norwegian Telemedicine Program$1,727
Joint Unmanned Systems Test and Research (JOUSTER)$4,887
Joint Visualization System (JVS)$1,700
Joslin Diabetes$4,791
Knowledge Management System$2,440
Kodiak Range Upgrades-KLC safety upgrades$5,557
LCMR-Capabilities Enhancement (LCMR-CE) (Note: only to support further development of LCMR-CE to enhance the capabilities of this manportable radar system)$2,395
LSAT Medical Technology$1,255
Laboratory for Engineered Human Protection$959
Landmine Detection System Using Terahertz Radiation$1,439
Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) Manufacturing Qualification$1,725
Laser Peening$958
Laser System Development for Turbine Engine Applications$1,437
Lean Munitions Program$1,437
Leishmanaisis Prevention, Treatment & Diagnosis$7,187
Lens X Hypervelocity Ground Testing$2,395
Less than Lethal and Layered Protection Systems$1,916
Light Based Self Treatment for Pseudofoliculitis Barbae (PFB)$1,329
Light Utility Vehicle (Note: only to apply previous research in Light Utility Vehicle technology done for the National Automotive Center to designing a new Light Utility Vehicle (LUV))$2,250
Light-Weight Rapidly Deployable Modular Hardened Shelters$2,396
Liquid Silicon Lithium Rechargeable Battery$1,439
Lithium Metal Air Battery$718
Locust USA Heavy Fuel Burning Engines for UAVs$2,874
Logistics Waveform Feasibility Study$1,000
Long Range Aviation Missile (LRAM)$1,149
Low Cost Avionics$958
Low Cost Interceptor (LCI)$9,882
Low Cost Power Generation Platforms and Electric Power Control Hybrid Vehicles$1,629
Low Temperature Research Center$2,000
MATTRACKS-Track Conversion Systems for Lightweight Wheeled Vehicles$1,000
MCAD for TUAV$1,342
MEMS Demonstration Radar System (MEMS DRS)$1,380
MEMS IMU Technology Capability$1,500
MEMS Nano Consortium$1,400
MEMS Sensors for Rolling Elements Bearings (Note: only for development of a one chip solution for the determination of temperature, vibration, strain and angular rotation in a rolling element)$1,247
MEMS sensor for Rolling Element Bearing (Note: transferred from RDTE,D-W Line 3)$959
MVMNT Program for Simulation Based Operation$5,658
Magneto Inductive Remote Activation Munition System (MI-RAMS) (Note: only to accelerate MI-RAMS engineering and development and for LRIP)$8,500
Main Rotor and Anti-Torque Blade Erosion Resistant Ceramic Coating$2,353
Maintenance Analysis Safety and Training (MAST) Program$2,272
Malaria Prevention Treatment & Diagnosis$7,187
Maneuver Air Defense System (MADS)$1,342
Manufacturing Metrology for Weapon System Production and Sustainment$959
Manufacturing Research and Development for Nanotechnologies and Energetic Materials$1,100
Manufacturing Systems Demonstration$1,900
Mapping the Human Brain for Combat Trauma Research$1,727
Mariah II Hypersonic Wind Tunnel Development Program$10,061
Materials Joining for Army Weapons Systems$2,493
Maternal Fetal Health Informatics and Outreach Program$1,000
Medical Area Network for Virtual Technology (MANVT)$4,887
Medical Enterprise Management for the US Army$957
Medical Modeling and Simulation Through Synthetic Digital Genes$1,437
Medical Training Technology Enhancement Initiative$957
Medium Tactical Vehicle Development$9,700
Metal Oxide Cathode-1.5v Alkaline$1,202
Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Technology Applications$1,000
Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems Reliability Assessment Program$959
Micro Factories for Precision Parts Program$959
Micro Laminate Ceramic Armor$2,493
Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) and Nanotechnology$2,637
Mid-Range Munition$1,000
Mid-Range Munition (MRM) Life Cycle Improvements$3,500
Midsize Secure Telemedicine Program$957
Military Biomaterials Research (CEMBR)$2,396
Military Environmental Information Exchange Program$2,500
Military Low Vision Research$1,916
Military Surgeon Training Initiative$1,000
Military Vehicle Technologies$2,800
Military Wheeled Vehicle Electronic Architecture Integration$2,600
Miniaturized Sensors for Small and Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles$959
Minimally Invasive Approaches to Surgery$2,012
Minimally Invasive Surgery Modeling and Simulation$1,437
Missile Recycling$1,400
Missile Simulation Technology$7,378
Mobile Hydrogen Infrastructure (MHI) (Note: transferred to RDTE,A Line 28)$2,000
Mobile IV System$2,491
Mobile Parts Hospital$4,315
Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser (MTHEL)$8,000
Mobile Thermal Perimeter Surveillance System$1,000
Mobile Transformers and Mobile Substations Demonstration Project (Note: transferred from OP,A line 165)$1,000
Modeling and Analysis of the Response of Structures$957
Modeling and Simulation Activities$2,011
Modular Logistics Transport Technology$1,000
Molecular & Clinical-Based Comprehensive Cardiac Care (Integrative Cardiac Health Program) (N: only for continued coordination btwn WRAMC, a Non-Profit biomedical research institute, Non-Profit med foundation, & rural primary healthcare center)$4,887
Molecular Design of Polymer Nanocomposites$1,151
Molecular Genetics & Musculoskeletal Research Program$11,398
Mono Titrotor/Army Rotorcraft$1,006
Mortar Anti-Personnel/Material (MAPAMS)$4,000
Mounted Warrior Nomad Command and Control Head Up Display (C2HUD)$2,800
Multi-Color, Multi-Function Focal Plane Array for Targeting and Fire Control$959
Multi-Controlled UAV Plug-n-Play Sensor$862
Multi-platform Replacement Sight (MRS)$2,550
Multifunctional Intelligence and Remote Sensor System Advanced Technology$957
Multifunctional Protective Packaging Technology$2,444
Multiple Component Army Flight Test$2,491
Multipurpose Utility Vehicle-Reconfigurable$1,400
Munition Life Cycle Pilot Process$1,400
Munitions Demilitarization$1,500
Munitions Public Private Partnerships (Energetics, Sensors, Seekers)$2,500
N-STEP Enabled Manufacturing Cell for FCS$3,250
NBC Integrated Protection Membrane-Shelters (NBCIPM-S)$3,736
NDCEE joint Service Initiative$6,800
NOLES Composite Materials$1,438
Nano-Engineered Materials for High-Performance Armor$4,000
Nanofabricated Bioartificial Kidney$1,869
Nanofluidic Electronic Sensor Technologies for Defense Applications$1,437
Nanometric Arsenic Removal (Note: only to continue the ongoing program)$1,916
Nanoparticle Development for Energetic Materials$1,700
Nanoscience Initiative$2,875
Nanotechnology Technologies for Defense Applications$1,500
National Bioterrorism Civilian Medical Response (CIMERC)$1,342
National Center for Defense Manufacturing & Machining$3,258
National Functional Genomics Center$8,144
National Infotonics Research$2,398
National Security Network Testbed$959
National Tissue Engineering Center$2,396
Network Centric Warfare Digital Battlefield Instrumentation (NCW-DBI)$1,000
Networking Environment for C3 Mobile Services (NECMS) facility$5,365
Neurofibromatosis Research (NF)$23,955
Neurology Gallo Center--Alcoholism Research$3,593
Neurotoxin Exposure Treatment Research Program (NETRP) Parkinsons & neurological disorders$24,743
Neutron Therapy$862
New Metal Coat Tech for Greaseless Wpns Anti-Mtrl Sniper Rifle (AMSR)$3,117
New Metal Coating Technology for Greaseless Weapons$2,635
Next Generation Chemical/Biological Agent Proactive$1,198
Next Generation Hardware-in-the-Loop (HWIL) Tool (NGHT)$10,061
Next Generation Joining Technology Research Initiative$1,437
Next Generation Non-Tactical Vehicle Propulsion$2,600
Night Vision Advanced Technology (NAS Project)$4,795
Night Vision Fusion Research and Development$5,754
Night Vision Systems Advanced Development (FIRRE)$3,750
Non-Invasive Medical Sensors$957
Novel Zionc Air Power Sources for Military Applications$958
OMEGA 60 Battle Effect Simulators$500
ONAMI Miniature Tactical Energy Systems Development$2,395
On-Demand Micro-Electronics Manufacturing and Qualification$1,918
Operating Room of the Future$3,833
Opposed Piston, Opposed Cylinder (OPOC) Engine for use in Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)$1,000
Optical Combat Identification System Prototype Development and Testing$4,791
Optical Technologies Research$2,014
Orphan Disease Drug Discovery Program$1,916
P3 Power System$1,884
PEM Fuel Cell Quiet Tactical Generators$958
PING Wideband FR Target ID System (Note: only to accelerate the development of a PING field unit for urban warfare operations)$2,108
PM Program for Bloc Improvement Program (HMMWV)$10,000
PROPHET for Combat Casualty Care$480
Pacific Rim Corrosion Research Project$1,700
Packaging and Interconnection Technology$2,394
Pain Mgt Initiative (N: only pub/priv eft amg DoD MTFs, not-for-prof med found, & rural prim health care cntr to provide comprehensive pgrm in pain mgt incl treatment for acute pain use region amesthesia tech & holistic approach to chronic pain)$5,749
Paladin/Excalibur Integration$3,000
Palletized Load System (PLS) recap program$1,400
Partnership for a Next Generation of Vehicles/TACOM$1,000
Pediatric Brain Tumor and Neurological Disease Program$1,437
Pennington Biomedical$2,491
Perimeter Defense Technologies$2,108
Perpetually Assailable and Secure Information Systems Research, Training and Education (PASIS)$9,589
Persistent Protective Surveillance for Survivability of Rotary Wing Aircraft$1,725
Personal Miniature Thermal Vision System$1,438
Phoenix AN/TPQ-47$4,200
Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS)$1,342
Plasma Sterilizer$1,342
Polymer Cased Ammunition-5.56mm (Note: only to support PEO Soldier requirements related to XM8 Light Weight Assault Weapon program)$958
Polymer-based Landmine Detection$3,836
Portable Battery Operated Solid-State Electrochemical Oxygen Generator$957
Portable Chemical-Biological Agent Detection System$1,678
Portable Iris Enrollment and Recognition (PIER) Device (Note: only for continued development of the PIER and the associated multi-modal platform)$1,973
Portable Level I Fusion Tool Set$2,875
Portable Reforming on the Battlefield$958
Portable and Mobile Emergency Broadband System$1,917
Portable, Flexible Communication Display Device$1,917
Precision Polishing of Large Optics (Note: Only for the continued development of MRF and RAP finishing of large optics)$3,261
Precision-Guided Mortar Munition (PGMM)$8,500
Prediction of Land-Atmosphere Interactions$1,342
Predictive Tools for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)$957
Preventive Medicine Research Institute$1,437
Process Technologies for Replacement Part Production (Note: only for Process Technologies for Replacement Parts Production)$5,749
Project Collaboration$957
Prometheus Spectrometer$3,357
Prostate Cancer Research-Gallo Center$957
Protein Hydrogel$957
Proton Beam Therapy (N: only continue civilian-military collaborative proto bean therapy initiative on East Coast of US in conjunction with WRAMC to provide state-of-the-art radiation treatment as well as clinical & non-clinical research)$9,773
RF/SAM Threat Simulator Program$6,800
Radar Power Technology research Program$941
Radar Tags (Note: only for the Communications and Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center's radar tags program for combat identification)$3,257
Ramgen/Fuel Cell Hybrid System$4,121
Rand Arroyo Center$2,800
Range Safe Technology Demonstration Initiative$2,876
Rapid Identification of Biological Agents$957
Rapid Optimization of Commercial Knowledge (ROCK) Program$3,500
Rapid Prototyping$1,500
Rapid Prototyping TACOM-UMD$1,500
Rapid Prototyping for Special Projects$5,379
Rapid Recharge Lithium-ion battery pack$2,495
Rapid Response Chem-Bio Decon Liquid and Dry (Decon Green)$1,000
Rapid Response Deployable Vaporous Hydrogen Peroxide Bio-Chem (Note: transferred from RDTE,DW line 15)$3,448
Rapid Target Acquisition and Tracking System (RATS)$6,228
Rapidly Deployable Visualization for Training and Simulation in Urban Terrains$959
Rapidly Installed Fuel Transfer System (RIFTS)$5,294
Rare Blood Program$957
Ration Packaging Material and Systems for Meals-Ready-to-Eat$4,887
Reactive Armor Plasma (RAP) Processing$2,443
Rechargeable Cylindrical Cell Systems-Lithium$1,435
Reconfigurable Tooling Systems$1,246
Remote Sensor Monitoring Technology Research Program to Characterize NCB Species$2,395
Replacement Dome Housing for US Army Kwajalein Atoll$1,800
Research Authority Active Coatings Technology (ACT) Program$958
Reserve Component Medical Skills Readiness Training$1,437
Rock Drill-Commander's Battlefield Planning Tool$1,700
Rock Island Arsenal Info Tech Dev (N: only for pilot field location Redstone Arsenal's Integrated FP simulation design work to be located at the Midwest Logistics Operations Cntr of Army Field Logistics Command & Joint Munitions Command)$1,907
Rotary Multi-Fuel Auxiliary Power Unit (RMF-FPU)$2,100
Rural Health Center for Remote and Medically Under-Served Areas$4,072
SCANJACK Mine Clearing System$959
SEArmed Oral Health Project$1,820
Satellite Communications for Learning (SCOLA)$1,920
Scramjet Powered Munitions for Future Combat System$958
Seamless Data to Display$3,353
Secure Pervasive Computing (PVC) for Advanced Combat Vehicles$3,500
Security Command-Information and Dominance Center (Note: transferred from general provision)$2,300
Self-Decontaminating Selectively Permeable Membranes$2,395
Sensor Technology for Force Protection$8,967
Shock Trauma Research$2,012
Shortstop Electronic Protection System$2,396
Sierra Army Depot Cryofracture/Plasma Arc Demilitarization Program$4,520
Silver Fox UAV$2,395
SituSpace Single Integrated Space Picture (SISP)$4,500
Six Sigma Lean Enterprise$959
Sleep Deprivation Research at WRMC (Note: only to continue existing program)$3,354
Small Airship Surveillance System-Lite Remotely Piloted System$1,438
Small Business Development and Transition (Note: transferred from general provision)$2,395
Small Platform Modern Signal Communications Intelligence (COMINT)$5,491
Small trailer Corrosion Prevention Program$719
Smart Apparel for Warriors$958
Smart Energetics Architecture for Missile Systems$958
Smart Responsive Nanocomposites Systems (Note: transferred from RDTE,D-W Line 3)$1,918
Smart Truck$1,500
Software Defined Radio Communications Interoperability Initiative$1,447
Soldier Fuel Cell System$1,006
Soldier Mobility and Rifle Targeting System (SMaRTS)$959
Soldier Mounted Eye-Tracking and Control Systems$1,437
Soldier Portable Fuel Cell Power$2,348
Soldier Systems Center$958
Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Development for Defense Applications$3,354
Special Operations Precision Airdrop Technology$958
Spectral Operations Resources Center (SORC)$2,491
Spinal Muscular Atrophy Research Program$2,155
Stand-off Hazardous Agent Detection and Evaluation System Research$1,437
Standoff Sensor for Radionuclide ID (SSRID)$7,664
State of Charge Battery Life Indicator$1,533
Stoichemetric Explosive Detection System$4,300
Strategic Materials Strategic Manufacturing Initiative (SM2i)$2,156
Structural Reliability of Electronic Components for Munitions and Lt Wt Structures$2,013
Study of Human Operator Performance (C-Shop)$2,396
Subterrain Target Identification Program (Note: transferred from general provision Sec. 8148)$958
SuperQR Powder Development$957
Supplemental body armor research$5,080
Surgical Wound Disinfection and Biological Agents Decontamination Project$1,342
Sustainable Installations$1,700
Synchrotron-Based Scanning Research (N: $6.5 million only continue SB tech enhancement for scanning of breast & lung cancer patients & diagnostic dev to maximize SB proton therapy & $2 million for continued mass-causality accident center demo)$8,144
Sys of Systems Security Integration Initiative (Note: only to spt Integration of adv communications & process technologies of the Southeastern US into the Army ARDEC System of Systems Security (SOCCEC) Integration Initiative Program)$3,833
Tactical Armor Manufacturing Technology (Note: only for a materials processing technology program for a unique polycrystalline ceramic with superior armor and optics qualities compared to present state-of-the-art materials)$2,685
Tactical Vehicle Design Tools$1,500
Targeted Nano-Therapeutic for Advanced Breast and Prostate Cancers$957
Technologies for Metabolic Monitoring$2,491
Technology Commercialization and Management Network (Note: only for the development of an integrated technology transfer network and service management center at CSUSB)$11,630
Technology Demonstration for the Prevention of Material Degradation$2,113
Technology Management and Collaboration Initiative$1,438
Technology for Human Systems Integration Program$958
Telecommunication Upgrades at Kodiak Launch Complex$8,911
Texas Training and Technology for Trauma and Terrorism (T5)$10,542
The Center for Tribology and Coatings$1,000
Thermo-Acoustic Plazo Energy Conversion$959
Thin Layer Chromatography$2,100
Third Generation Dual Band Infrared Imagers$958
Third Generation Focal Plane Array (FPA) for Army Target Acquisition$2,397
Tissue Development on Elastin Biomatrixes$4,600
Tissue Replacement and Repair for Battlefield Injuries$3,833
Transcritical CO2, Environmental Control Unit$3,449
Transportable Detonation Chamber$4,200
Transportable Pathogen Reduction & Blood Safety System$1,916
Tripler Army Medical Center eICU Remote Critical Care$3,833
Tungsten Penetrator$2,689
U.S. Army Advanced Structures and Composites in Construction Research$2,396
U.S. Army Hybrid Vehicle Test and Maintenance Infrastructure$4,250
U.S. Army Tactical ELINT for Ground Maneuver Forces$3,689
U.S. Army research on advanced structures and composites in construction$4,312
UAV Weaponization$958
UAV and Micro Air Vehicle Dynamometer$4,696
US Army/Army Reserve Performance Support System Phase II$1,700
USAMRIID Anthrax Research$2,155
Ultra Light UAV Sensor Platform$2,875
Ultrasonic Consolidation Matrix of Metal Composites$959
Universal Medical and Surgical Product Catalog$2,396
Universal Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Monitoring Device$1,000
Universal Vaccine Development for Bioterrorism$957
University Based Automotive Research$3,750
University Partnership for Operational Support$2,491
University Photonics Research$3,357
Unmanned Air Vehicle Improved Altitude Control$2,800
Unmanned Systems Initiative at AMRDEC$6,707
Unmanned Vehicle Control Technologies$1,500
Unmanned Vehicles Surveillance and Sensor System$1,000
Unteathered Healthcare Program$3,833
VTDP Compound Helicopter Technology Flight Demonstration$3,736
Vanadium Technology Program$2,875
Vascular Graft Research for Combat Settings$1,727
Vehicle Durability Simulator$2,500
Vertical Integration for Missile Defense Data$1,437
Veterinary Manpower Development$288
Viper Strike Munitions note: moved from BAT program line)$1,800
Virtual Cockpit Optimization Program (VCOP)$3,600
Virtual Event Perimeter (VEP) Digital Video Surveillance Program$959
Virtual Parts$2,204
Virtual Systems Integration Lab$1,000
Volumetrically Controlled Manufacturing (Note: only to continue existing University-based research on VCM to expand the preexisting basic science from mechanical applications to thermal, electro-magnetic, acoustic, and optic applications)$958
Warfighter Protection and Homeland Security Lab$4,599
Warfighter Technology$2,108
Warfighter/Firefighter Position, Location, and Tracking (PLT) Sensor$2,685
Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention$1,000
Waterside Wide Area Tactical Coverage & Homing (WaterWATCH)$1,725
Weapons of Mass Destruction Marking Set$1,629
Weather Intelligence Sensor System$958
Weight Measurements and Standards for Military Personnel$1,820
Wellhead Treatment of Perchlorate Contaminated Wells$2,500
White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) Test Modernization$4,083
White Sands Missile Range Film Elimination$3,362
Wideband Network Enhancement for Joint Ground Force Interoperability$4,120
Wire Detection and Obstacle Avoidance for helicopters$1,343
Wireless Sensors for Vehicle Maintenance$1,000
Wiring Traceout for Joint Aviation Technical Data Integration$1,246
XM25 Air Burst Weapon System (Note: transferred from RDTE,A line 14)$6,300
XM312.5 Caliber Advanced Crew Served Weapon$7,000
Xenon Light Source for Non Lethal Deterrence from Small UAVs$958

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