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List of 2005 Earmarks

In fiscal year 2005, there were 508 earmarks totaling $1,431,787,000.

Agency:    Department of Defense--Military
Bureau:    Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation
Account:    Research, development, test, and evaluation, Navy
Certifying Official:    Deputy Comptroller Program/Budget
Certifying Organization:    OSD

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2005 Earmarks Amount ($K)
1 Megawatt Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Demonstrator$3,375
57mm gun qualification and test (moved from WPN, line 32)$11,300
AARGM Development$1,717
AC Synchronous high-temperature superconductor (HTS) electric motor (Note: to design, fabricate, and deliver one 3.5 MW HTS motor as a key component of an integrated HTS based propulsion system)$3,381
AEGIS Traveling Wave Tube Circuit (Note: only to pursue competitive suppliers of critical material for circuits)$1,800
AH-1/UH-1 Tailboom/turned exhaust$42,000
ALR-95 Electronic Support Measures (ESM) System Specific Emitter Identification (SEI) networking & performance enhancement upgrade$1,449
ALR-95 Radar Frequency Distribution (RFD) Upgrade$1,449
AN/SLQ-25 Torpedo Countermeasure Set Upgrades$3,303
AN/SPY-1 Radar System Readiness Improvement$3,400
AN/UYQ-70 based IT-21 C4ISR Upgrades$4,053
AN/UYQ-70(V) System Technology Improvements$4,000
APY-6 Real time Precision Targeting Radar$2,413
AQS-22 Airborne Low Frequency Sonar (ALFS)$1,700
ARCI/APB/MPP (Note: only to continue the MPP/APB SBIR phase 3 technology insertion)$3,958
Academy for Closing and Avoiding Achievement Gaps$963
Acceleration of Clinical Trial for Hemostatic Therapeutic$1,446
Acoustic Glider$4,148
Adapting Fleet Support and Readiness Training for a transforming fleet$2,100
Advanced Airship Flying Library$2,971
Advanced Composite Structure Program$1,400
Advanced Development and Demonstration of Electric Actuator Technology (Note: only for the development of shipboard-qualified prototype electric actuators and demonstrate their satisfactory performance in shipboard applications)$964
Advanced Electric Drives$1,453
Advanced Ferrite Antenna (AFA)$2,016
Advanced Fouling and Corrosion Control Coatings for Naval Vessels$5,403
Advanced High-Energy Thermobaric Warhead Development$963
Advanced Hybrid Stored Energy Devices for Affordable Air Weaponry$1,446
Advanced Integrated Digital Camera Rifle Scope (ADCRS)$976
Advanced Laser Diode Arrays (ALDA) (Note: only for the continued development of the ALDA in support of the Navy's High Energy Laser Program)$1,479
Advanced Lead Acid Battery Development for Military Vehicles$966
Advanced Lifting Body Research Program$4,824
Advanced Maritime Technology Center at Patuxent River NAS$1,835
Advanced Materials and Intelligent Processing Center$2,033
Advanced Microwave Ferrite Research for RF Systems$1,156
Advanced Mine Detector System$2,507
Advanced Missile Data Link$3,500
Advanced Reactive-Material Enhanced Nancomposite Warheads (ARMENW)$2,506
Advanced Reinforced Materials and New Materials Research for Aircraft Tires$963
Advanced Smart Optical Sensor Payload Technology for Surveillance$963
Advanced Technologies for Printed Wing Assembly fabrication (PWB-HVPC)$3,278
Advanced Thin Film Coatings$1,644
Advanced XLR Medium Caliber Gun Demonstrator$3,400
Advanced conventional strike capability demonstration$9,645
Affordable Weapon System (Note: only to complete AWS development and preparation for production)$19,189
Affordable, Intermediate Modulus Commercial off the Shelf Carbon Fiber Qualification Program for aircraft and missiles$969
Age Exploration Model validation & enhancement (Note: only provide full functionality & rigorous validation of AEM for Naval Aircraft platforms to ascertain relationship btwn aging characteristic & reliability, maintainability, & readiness issues)$2,887
Agile Port and High Speed Ship Technology$4,825
Agile Vaccinology Research$2,970
Airbag Attenuated Troop Seat$2,016
Airborne Communications Intercept Pod (ACIP)$1,641
Airborne Data Terminal Set (DTS) with Embedded Encryption$2,722
Aircraft Carrier Surveillance System$2,700
Aluminum Fabrication Utilizing three-dimensional printing$1,350
Amorphous Metal Permanent Magnet Generator Set$1,453
Anoxia Research in Puget Sound$1,353
Anti-Armor Weapon System-Heavy (AAWS-H)$1,922
Anti-Oxidant Micronutrients Program (Transfer from line 130)$960
Anti-Terrorism Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)$1,000
Anti-Torpedo Torpedo (ATT) ( Note: only for continued development of low cost ATT components)$3,857
Anti-oxidant Micronutrients Program$589
Anti-terrorism Technology Surveillance System (ATTSS)$1,064
Anti-torpedo Torpedo (6.75 inch diameter) Multimission Undersea Weapon$4,919
Application of Novel Laser Systems on Optical Seekers$971
Articulated Stable Ocean Platform$966
Asphalt Reconditioner (Note: only to facilitate GSB-88 pilot application programs)$1,646
At Sea Decontamination Platform Development and Conceptual Design$964
Atmospheric Water Harvesting$963
Automated Container and Cargo Handling System$1,928
Automated Maintenance Environment (AME)$2,521
Automated Wire Analysis (AWA)$4,149
Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vessel (AUSV)$1,500
Aviation Ground Navigation System (AGNAS)$967
Aviation Ship Integration Center$3,568
Battery Charging Technology (Note: only to continue and expand the existing program to develop advanced battery charging algorithms)$2,037
Battlefield Management System$955
Battlefield Pharmaceutical Test$964
Battleforce Interoperability (Note: only for assessment activities of the Joint Warfare Assessment Laboratory of the Naval Surface Warfare Center)$1,300
Battlespace Preparation Autonomous Undersea Vehicle for Mine Countermeasures$1,000
Bioluminescence Truth Data Measurement and Signature Detection-expansion of the database of bioluminescence measurements$963
Biomedical Research Imaging Core related to bone marrow transplantation, breast and prostate cancer$2,414
Biosensors for Defense Applications - autonomous sensor platforms for biosensing$1,928
Blast Resistant Anechoic Sprayable Elastomeric Coatings for Navy Ships$966
Blood and Fluid Infusion/Transfusion Technology$1,446
Braided Reduced Recoil Rope for Hand and Mooring Lines$964
Brain-based intelligent system (Note: only for the development of an embedded low-power self-instructive computer system)$1,929
C-Band Active Array Radar$6,173
CENTURION surveillance prototype demonstration$3,873
COMNAVMAR Invasive Species Demonstration Program$243
Caffing Protection System$1,357
Carbon Foam$4,050
Carbon Nanotube-based Radiation Hard Non-volatile RAM$4,341
Center for Coastline Security Technology (Note: only to continue a coastline security technology program, including an advanced acoustics sensor and mobile acoustic platform technology system initiative)$2,413
Center for Commercialization of Advanced Technology$6,563
Center for Critical Infrastructure Protection$6,558
Center for Defense Sustainment Technology$990
Center for Microwave Ferrites and Multi-Functional Integrated Circuits$963
Center for Southeastern Tropical Advanced Remote Sensing (CTARS)$2,412
Chemical Warfare Agent Chip Detector Badge$2,027
Claymore Marine$4,160
Clearing Facilities with Novel Technology$2,200
Coastal Cancer Prevention$3,379
Coastal Envir Effects (N: only dev pgrm for explore basic research marine biosciences, molecular sciences & proteomics to evolve & field new generation of hypersensitive detectors for deploy as part of wide area envir signatures collection strategy)$4,051
Coating and Polymeric Films for Naval Applications$965
Cobra Judy Replacement$13,000
Collaborative Information Warfare Network$3,500
Collaborative Logistics Productivity$4,200
Combustion Light Gas Gun$4,051
Common Affordable Radar Processor$7,426
Common Sensor Module (COSM)$1,737
Common Submarine Radio Room$7,817
Common Surface and Air Undersea Warfare-standardize essential undersea warfare functionality and performance capabilities$1,400
Community Hospital Telehealth Consortium$965
Compact Ultra-Fast Laser System Development$1,978
Complimentary Medal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) Machine Vision Readout$1,000
Composite Repair of Metal Structures$972
Composite Twisted Rudder$969
Composites Development for Navy Low Rise Construction$1,452
Consolidated Undersea Situational Awareness$3,278
Context-adaptable Autonomous and Remote Unmanned System Operation$2,500
Continuation of Software Development for Military and Civilian Applications$2,100
Corrosion Inhibiting Coatings$1,361
Corrosion Modeling Software Project - NAVAIR$4,088
Countermine UDAR UAV-Based System (CLUBS)$964
Covert Sigint for Urban Warfare (XR-2000 Receiving System)$1,445
Craft Integrated Electronic Suite (CIES)$964
Critical Infrastructure Protection Center$1,440
Cutting Tools for Aerospace Materials$3,278
DD(X) Alternative Engine for completion of engine construction and delivery for testing$9,500
DDX Ship System Power Electronics Technologies$1,359
DP-2 Vector Thrust Aircraft Program$7,256
Dedicated Ocean Exploration Research Vessel$18,000
Defense Communications Research Initiative (Note: only for the continued development of the Technology Research, Education and Commercialization Center)$3,859
Defense Integrated Technical Data Center (DITCDC)$1,000
Defense Modernization and Sustainment Initiative$3,861
Deployable Fiber Optic Force Protection System$1,737
Development of Sulfur Tolerant Copper-based Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) auxiliary power unit prototype that operates with current military logistics fuel$967
Development of Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Materials$4,341
Development of next Generation Technology for Inspection of Aircraft Engines, diagnostics and repair$3,300
Device Integration of WBG Semiconductors and Crystalline Oxides$1,640
Digital Access of NCIS Records$1,445
Digital Integrated Cockpit Display System for the TH-57$1,000
Digital Modular Radio (DMR) (Note: only for the JTRS-M/F Block I DMR Transition)$2,000
Directed Energy User Scrutiny Equipment (DEUSE)$2,500
Discovery, Early Detect, Eval, Treat & Prevent in Cancer Research (Note: only continue coordinated efforts among NNMC & a med academic/research institute to conduct basic & clinical research to detect, eval, treat & prevent multiple types of cancer)$6,782
Display Technology Program (Note: only to continue ongoing Display Technology Program)$1,640
DoD Agile Manufacturing Center for Casting Technology at NUWC Keyport$964
Dock Shock - a ship shock test system (Note: only to mature the Dock Shock concept to conduct near shore ship shocking testing)$4,149
Durability of Composite Materials and Structures$1,254
Dynamic Brokering in the Expeditionary Warfare Testbed$964
E-2C Hawkeye aircraft propeller safety and reliability$980
E-2C Program Support Activity (Note: only for expanding planned Product Support Activity in order to facilitate the development of Open Architecture software techniques)$1,077
Early Operational Assessment$4,900
Electromagnetic (EM) rail Gun test munition (Note: only for the development of an instrumented test munition that will characterize the test projectile designs being developed for the EM rail gun)$1,060
Electromagnetic Launcher Railgun program (Note: to build and demonstrate the EML)$1,453
Electromagnetic Propulsion Cost Reduction$1,358
Embedded National Tactical Receiver Integration with Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missiles (AARGM)$1,067
Engineering Activities$26,000
Enhanced Submarine Open Architecture Model$1,444
Enterprise Targeting and Strike System (eTSS)$2,775
Equipment Life Extension Program$1,458
Excalibur Unmanned Tactical Combat Vehicle$967
Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) MK48 Stabilized Weapon System, FLIR Upgrade$1,000
Expeditionary Force Infrastructure Initiative (EFI)$963
Expeditionary Logistics for the 21st Century (EXLOG21)$2,893
Expeditionary Warfare Logistics Testbed (EWLT)$2,600
Expeditionary Warfare Water Purification$11,089
Extended Capability Underwater Optic Imaging (Note: only to provide an innovative capability that will support underwater intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Homeland Defense, and environmental assessment)$963
Extreme Terrain Medical Evacuation Vehicle Pilot (Note: only for the development and testing of the Zeus-MEV)$1,640
FLIR Thermal Imager$4,200
Facial Recognition Technology Research and Development$1,543
Fiber Optic Components for Military Applications$2,027
Fiber Optic Fixed Surveillance System$3,260
Fiber Optic Interconnect Technology$1,642
Fiber Optic TB-16 Towed Array$1,000
Field Rapid Assay Biological System$2,409
Fire Scout RQ-8B (2 air vehicles with associated payloads, a common ground station, and non-recurring engineering as necessary)$16,265
FireLider- a non-thermal means of seeing through fire and smoke$1,640
Floating Area Network$964
For Additional Assets and Spares to Accomplish Testing in a Flight Scenario$2,300
Formable Aligned Carbon Thermosets (FACTS)$1,447
Free Electron Laser$2,121
Future Naval Capabilities-Crew Modeling and Simulation (FNC-CMS)$2,507
Galfenol Alloys$1,156
Galley Food Waste Disposal System$969
Gallium Nitride RF Power Technology$1,928
Global Engineering Methodology Initiative for Naval Integration and Interoperability$2,698
HM&E Automation and Manning Reduction Technology Insertion (SBIR N03-49)$960
Hawaii Undersea Vehicle Test and Training Environment$2,507
Health Query and Analysis System$3,291
Hemostatic Research$964
High Brightness Electronics$1,446
High Efficiency Quiet Electric Drive$966
High Energy Laser Application Effects$1,645
High Operating Temperature Midwave Infrared Sensors$1,640
High Performance Long Lasting LO Materials for Navy Stealth Applications$2,893
High Powered Ultrasonics/Ship Waste Treatment$977
High Speed Anti-Radiation Demonstration (HSAD)$4,822
High Speed Permanent Magnet Generator$6,269
High Speed Power Node Switching Center$1,351
Highly Mobile Tactical Communications (HMTC)$2,893
Horizon Extension Surveillance System (HESS) (Note: only for use in accelerating the HESS program to provide for increased fleet protection)$2,026
Human Systems Integration (SEAPRINT)$1,446
Human Systems Integration/SEAPRINT$1,446
Human Systems Technology$963
Hydrate Desalination Technology$2,027
Hydrogen for Fuel Cells$966
Hypersonic Weapons Enabling Capability$963
Hyperspectral Data Fusion$3,278
IR Signature Reduction to Mitigate Terrorist Missile Threat$1,254
ITAS (Tow Missile Rods)$2,400
Ice protection technologies for UAVs (transferred from RDT&E,AF)$1,035
Illinois Technology Transition Center$1,252
Implantable Middle-ear Hearing System$1,446
Improve Manufacturability Demonstration of Exhaust Components for Military Aircraft$955
Improved Ground Based Transportable Radar$2,016
Improved Navy Lighterage System Causeway Ferry, extended capability (INLS CF-X)$1,035
Improved Surface Vessel Torpedo Launcher$2,032
Improved Tactical Control in Submarine Systems (Note: only for incorporation of Submarine Combat System improvements into the APB(T) build process)$1,000
Individual Water Purification (IWP) Program$2,893
Information Technology-Distance Learning IT Center$6,528
Insensitive Munitions Improvements, leveraging government and industry investments$5,000
Integrated Advanced Communications Terminal (iACT)$964
Integrated Biological Warfare Technology Platform$3,375
Integrated Condition Assessment System (ICAS)$2,500
Integrated Display and Enhanced Architecture for Carrier and LH Class Based Combat Systems$3,400
Integrated Display and Enhanced Architecture for Integrated Tactical Command and Control Cell (ITC3)$2,500
Integrated Display and Enhanced Architecture for a Family of Displays$4,300
Integrated Fuel Processor--Fuel Cell System$1,933
Integrated Littoral Sensor Network$963
Integrated Manifold and Tube Ceramic Oxygen Generator$4,055
Integrated Manufacturing Enterprise$3,763
Integrated Marine Mammal Monitoring and Protection System$2,028
Integrated Modernization$1,916
Integrated Personnel Protection System$1,156
Integrated Radar Optical Surveillance and Sighting System (ROSS)$10,200
Integrated Vehicle Health Management System$2,514
Integrated WMD Detection and Collection System (Note: only to perform applied RDT&E to integrate a nuclear, chemical and bio-detection system for multiple mobile applications associated with the Dragon Eye-Advanced Tactical Reconnaissance Program)$968
Intelligence Work Management (Note: that these funds shall support the transition of this technology to Navy and joint forces operational use)$1,640
Intelligent Autonomous Networks & Systems (AINS) (Note: only for Phase II STTR (N02-T015) demonstration and validation of the ad-hoc data communications system for the AINS program)$969
Intelligent Autonomy Tech Transition Program$2,417
Intelligent Control System for SWARM$3,669
Intelligent Systems Consortium Initiative$1,461
Interrogator for High-Speed Retro-Reflector Convert Communications$1,928
Joint Analytical Modeling Improvement Program (JAMIP) JWARS$3,762
Joint Engineering Data Management Information and Control System (JEDMICS)$1,928
Joint Helment Mounted Cueing System (JHCMS)$4,993
Joint Integrated Systems Technology for Digital Networking (JIST-NET)$4,900
Joint Mission Planning System (JMPS)$4,200
Joint Operational Test bed (JOTBS)$4,379
Joint Stand-off Weapon (JSOW), AGM-154$1,700
Kill Assist Adverse-Weather Targeting System (KAATS)$1,640
LADAR-Laser Radar$2,026
LASH ASW, EPAS and IR$4,259
Large Aperture Bow Array$2,417
Large Unmanned Undersea Vehicle (LUUV) Test Bed$1,643
Laser Augmented Ship Self-Defense$1,652
Life Cycle Savings through Machinery Health Monitoring (Note: only to continue the development of technologies needed to implement condition-based maintenance practices)$2,000
Light Weight Armored Troop Seat (SWATS) for H-60$1,000
Lightweight Ship Structures (LSS) (Note: only for an initiative to focus on optimizing and qualifying a family of high strength scandium containing marine grade aluminum alloys)$963
Litening Pod Downlink Development Program (LPDD) to design, build, test and field video downlink upgrades$1,000
Littoral AWS Mission for Rigid Hull-Inflatable Boat (RHIB) (Note: only for adaptation and testing of a Variable Depth Sonar system ASW mission package payload for the RHIB)$964
Littoral Acoustic Anti-Submarine Warfare Acoustics (Note: only for P-3 controller software upgrades to exploit ASW enhancements)$1,293
Littoral Array$2,277
Littoral Support Craft-Experimental (Note: only to complete X-craft fabrication, at-sea 50-knot demonstration, and at-sea LCS mission module demonstration)$9,682
Littoral TB-23 towed array$3,457
Littoral Tactical Array System (Note: only to leverage investment made in towed sensor technology, COTS electronics and APB process to complete the Littoral Tactical Array System development)$999
Location Specific Digital Fingerprinting (LSDF)$1,446
Low Cost Terminal Imaging Seeker (Note: only to develop and test guidance and control strategies and seeker signal processing algorithms in a simulation environment)$4,341
Low Power Mega-Performance UAV Processing Engines$1,928
Low Volume Productivity$1,446
Low-Cost Rapid Prototype/Production Technology for Polymeric Aircraft Components Initiative (Note: only for completion of this initiative)$2,225
MK 48 ADCAP Torpedo Improvement program$2,000
MK-54 Torpedo$1,500
MK41 VLS Open Architecture Upgrades$3,000
MRC-105 Emergency Radio (Note: for engineering and development of a complete portable emergency communications system)$964
MSS Mission Planning, Automation and Adaptive Bandwidth Management$4,867
MTTC/IPI and NSTC Shipboard System Component Development$5,792
Magneto Inductive Signaling Device (MISC)$3,400
Magneto Rheological Shock Engine Mount$989
Magnetorestrictive Transduction Research$3,859
Marine Advanced Combat Suit (MACS)$2,100
Marine Airborne Re-Transmission System (MARTS)$3,368
Marine Corps Communications Systems-AN/TPS-59$2,577
Marine Corps Corrosion Center of Excellence$1,400
Marine Corps Wideband Communications$4,102
Marine Mammal Detection and Mitigation$1,500
Marine Mammal Research program$1,063
Marine Mammal Tracking and Migration (Note: only to develop and deploy technologies to mitigate marine mammal presence and allow the Navy to safely operate active sonar systems in regions of interest to national security)$959
Maritime Synthetic Range$4,148
Mark V Patrol Boat Replacement Craft Prototype$1,448
Medical Procedures Reference Tool (MPRT)$3,293
Metallic Materials Advanced Development and Certification$3,305
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems-Inertial Measurement Units (MEMS-IMU)$2,701
Micro-Detonics for Miniature Weapons$2,701
Micro-System Fuze/Safe and Arm Devices$964
Military Dental Research$3,367
Military Flight Operations Quality Assurance/flight data analysis$1,000
Military Rapid Response Command Information System$1,700
Millimeter/Terahertz Imaging Arrays$2,026
Mine Warfare Technology Solutions (MWTS)$2,507
Miniature Automatic Fusion Splicer$964
Miniature Autonomous Vehicles (MAVs)$1,737
Miniaturized Combat Identification System$960
Minimally Invasive Surgical Technology Institute (MISTI) (Note: only to continue the ongoing CSMC Program)$2,897
Missile Warning Sensor$2,413
Mobile Fire Support System 120mm Mortar "Dragon Fire"$987
Mobile On-Scene Senor Aircraft C4I Center$963
Modeling and Simulation Research to Support C4ISR Development$5,787
Modeling the Warrior as a Cognitive System-Phase II$1,640
Modular Advanced Vision System (Note: to decrease logistics costs by pilots retaining the same basic helmet inner module for use with various outer modules)$3,082
Modular Advanced Vision System-smart vision system visor$1,000
Modular Upgrades to Airborne Recon Sensors$3,361
Motion Coupled Visual Environment (MOCOVE) for Motion Sickness Relief (Transferred from Title IV-DHP)$963
Multi-Mission Helicopter Legacy Subsystems Improvement Program$1,700
Multi-Mission Modules for additional VA Class payload capacity and flexibility$19,233
Multi-Sensor Analyzer Detector (MSAD) III$1,641
Multi-functional, High-Performance Dual Band Imaging$1,640
Multi-mission Warhead for Ultra-Light Torpedo$2,220
Multifunctional Materials for Naval Structures$1,545
Multivalent Dengue Vaccine Program$1,941
NADEP Cherry Point Center for Vertical Lift Aircraft Repair and maintenance technology program$1,933
NAVAIR Maintenance Data Warehouse$2,126
Nano-Imprint at Manufacturing Scale$2,675
Nano-composite hard-coat for aircraft canopies (Note: only to support the development of nano-composite hard-coat materials for use on aircraft windscreens and canopies)$2,227
Nanoparticle Materials Research$1,065
Nanoscience Research$1,446
National Center for Advanced Secure System Research$4,822
National Center for Excellence for Non-Lethal Technology Research, Development, Testing and Training$2,550
National Security training$963
National Unmanned Undersea Vehicle (UUV) Test and Evaluation Center$5,766
Naval Training, Performance, and Expertise$963
Naval smartships that anticipate and manage (Note: for research activity at the Crane Surface Warfare Center for Joint Distance Support and Response and Integrated Fleet Support)$1,000
Navy Intelligent Agent Security Module-for research and development of offensive capabilities$955
Navy Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LiNX) (Note; only for the Navy Law Enforcement Exchange System for force protection at Pearl Harbor, Hampton Roads, and Puget Sound)$4,059
Navy Logistics Research Readiness Center (NLRRC) (Note: only to establish a NLRRC to focus government, academic and industry expertise toward developing and instituting Readiness Based Sparing (RBS) tools and processes)$1,000
Navy Medical System Configuration and Test Bed (NMSCTB)$5,048
Navy Readiness Response Center (RRC)$2,513
Navy S&T Outreach$1,832
Navy/Marine Corps Advanced measurement standards R&D (Note: only for the development of advanced measurement standards and metrology systems to support the Navy and Marine Corps testing needs)$4,200
Network Centric Warfare Enabled Off Board Sensor$993
Network Centric Warfare Testbed$4,934
Neural Engineering Research$963
Next Generation Mobile Electronic Warfare Support$3,348
Night Vision Tube Technology Development$1,645
Non-Cooperative Combat Identification Capability$1,645
Non-Line of Sight (NLOS) for Unmanned Systems$4,149
Non-Tact Data Processing System (Note: only for maintenance, administrative training, education and supply processing system-MATES-project)$1,925
Noninvasive Vectored Vaccine Research$1,209
Nonlinear Systems Research Center$1,260
Novel Materials Synthesis and Characterization$3,376
Novel Silicon Carbide Technology Development$963
Nursing Telehealth Research$2,507
Oceanographic Sensors for Mine Countermeasures/Autonomous Marine Sensors (Note: only for the continuation of applied research in autonomous marine sensors)$2,412
Odor Signature Reduction Baselayer Garment Evaluation$384
Online Web-based Learning Development Program$2,500
Optimizing Adaptive Warrior Performance$2,026
Organ Transplant Technology$1,954
PMRF Force Protection Lab$7,714
Pacific Theater Data Fusion Testbed$2,412
Pacific-Based Joint Information Technology Center$8,199
Partnership Simulation Lab for Health Professions Education$2,412
Passive Collision Avoidance and Reconnaissance (PCAR) for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles$988
Personal Digital Assistant Maintenance Application Project$965
Photonics Prototyping Facility$4,052
Playas Instrumentation Network Design and Development$2,904
Porous Materials (Note: only to continue research into porous material characterization)$1,447
Portable Methanol Fuel Cell$964
Precision Fabrication of Large Curved Steel Navy Ship Structures$1,939
Precision Terrain Aided Navigation (PTAN) Titanium Matrix Composites (TMC) for warhead applications$4,000
Programmable Integrated Communications Terminals (PICTS)$1,349
Project Albert$3,400
Project Endeavor$1,641
Project M$1,832
Protective Purnice Technology (Note: only to accelerate further development and testing of purnice walls)$2,100
Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Trial$2,701
Quiet High Speed Propulsion$3,473
RF Vacuum Electronics Power Amplifiers$963
Radar/Video Fusion Vessel and Port Security Demonstration$963
Radiant Sunrise Development, integration, deployment$963
Rapid Deployment Fortification Wall (RDFW)$966
Rapid Detection and Response Systems for Biodefense$2,026
Rapid and Highly Sensitive Detector of Biowarfare Agents$2,026
Rare Blood Program$965
Real Time Image Processing-Silicon Brain-for developing a High Performance, Vision-based Processor for missile interceptors$1,500
Realign JFN/JSIP-N (see R-1 line 74)$3,000
Realignment of Advance Processor Builds to continue MPP/ARCI SBIR Phase III technology insertion (See R-1 line 54)$9,906
Regenerative Filtration Tech for EFV$3,500
Remote Ocean Surveillance System (ROSS)$1,446
Remote Sensing Research$963
Research of Frequency Selective Surfaces and Thermal Signatures-INEEL$1,775
Room Elevated Temperature Stable Hemoglobin-based Oxygen Carrier$5,132
Rotorcraft External Airbag Protection Sys (REAPS)$3,690
SE Atlantic Coastal Ocean Observing Sys (SEA-COOS) (Note: only continue dev of integrated sustained ocean observing sys to spt safe navigation, maritime ops, & characterization of envir conditions for training exercises & homeland security)$4,822
SEALION Cascading Vehicles (Note: only to initiate a demonstration of advanced capabilities for convert insertion of manned and unmanned assets from a medium-range maritime platform.)$8,149
SEE-Rescue distress streamer$2,968
SH-60B Hellfire Sea Target Laser Aim Scoring System (STLASS)$903
SPAWAR Covert Com and Info Transfer (CCIT)$959
SPAWAR Information Technology Center$6,438
SURA Coastal Ocean Observation Program (SCOOP)$2,506
Sandwich Panel Construction$3,860
Screen Display System (Note: only to support continued development, integration and qualification testing of a screen display system)$1,000
Sea Test for Towed Acoustic Arrays$1,928
Sensornet-Common Data Highway for Comprehensive Incident Management for CBRNE threats$11,574
Sentinel Net for Anti-terrorism and Force Protection Forces$1,100
Service Life Extension of Avionics Legacy Equipment with Guaranteed System (SEALEGS) Software (Note: only for technology based on a successful Navy Dual Use Science and Technology Program for SEALEGS compatible mission computer)$1,936
Shallow Water Sensor Buoy Tech (Note: only for dev efforts to assess the shallow water envir by measuring the sound velocity profile, ambient noise, acoustic transmission loss & reverberation, with a buoy signal processing & satellite com)$1,288
Shared Reconnaissance Pod (SHARP) (Note: only for SHARP sensor P3I including CMOS, imaging modules hyperspectral insertion and Advanced Airborne Image Processor modules)$6,725
Shipboard Information Warfare Exploit$4,151
Shipboard Leveraged Electronic Warfare System (SLEWS)$3,500
Shipboard Personal Locator Beacon$2,218
Shipboard Use of Alternative Composition Pipes$1,639
Shipboard Wireless Maintenance Assistant (SWMA)$970
Shipboard Wireless Mobile Computing Environment (Note: only for the continued development of shipboard wireless mobile computing environment initiated under SBIR N99-106)$1,637
Ships Signal Exploitation Equipment (SSEE)$962
Silicon Carbide MMIC Producability Program$3,000
Silver Fox UAV (NAVAIR)$4,836
Silver Fox Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)$2,413
Small Watercraft Propulsion Demonstrator$1,447
Smart Integrated Data Environment (SIDE) (Note: only for development of a prototype$962
Smart Sensor Web Advanced Technology (Note: only for Phase II of the Smart Sensor Web Advanced Technology Program)$1,737
Smart Signal Parser and Actionable Intelligence Extractor (SSP AIE)$3,105
Sociable Signal Processing Architecture$1,929
Somatic Cell Processing Program (Diabetes Research)$1,349
Space Surveillance Technology$3,375
Specially Optical Fiber with embedded sensors$2,000
Spectral beam Combining Fiber Lasers$987
Strategic Mobility-21 Deployment Technology (Note: only for the Agile Port and High Speed Ship technology)$4,149
Structural Reliability of FRP Composites in Ship Assemblies$968
Study to Identify & Evaluate Alternative Fixed-Wing Lift Platforms$967
Submarine COTS Web Enabled Service Toolkit$3,370
Submarine Common Electronics Equipment replacement$3,840
Submarine Information Assurance$1,444
Submarine Littoral Warfare Weapon$2,909
Submarine Maintenance Free Operating Periods (MFOP) (Note: only for the application of MFOP concepts as the supportability strategy for the Tactical Control System)$934
Submarine Warfare System (SWS) Weapon Status Control, remote maintenance and FORCEnet integration$1,534
Submarine Warfare System Strike Weapon Status Control$2,877
Submarine payloads and sensors program$5,000
Superconducting DC Homopolar Motor$3,574
Supply Chain Practices for affordable Navy systems (SPANS)$964
Surface Navy Integrated Undersea Tactical Technology-Mine Warfare$1,500
Surface Ship ASW R&D Improvements (SQQ-89) (Note: only for Surface Ship MPP SBIR Phase II Improvements)$7,500
Surface Ship Combat System Warfighting Enhancements$1,600
Surface Ship Composite Moisture Separators (Note: only for the design, development, testing and manufacture of composite radar absorbing moisture separators)$2,315
Surface Ship Electronic Warfare (EW) Improvements (Note: only for surface ship EW SBIR Phase III improvements)$10,200
Synthetic Material Arresting Cable$960
TADIRCM-Antimissile Technology$6,559
TES-N/DCGS-N Node at Patuxent River Naval Air Station$3,765
Tactical 3D Common Operational Picture (T3DCOP)$2,499
Tactical E Field Buoy Development Program (Note: only for Air ASW Technology Development program to support the design, fabrication and testing of a tactical E-field buoy for littoral anti-submarine warfare)$3,666
Technologies for Future Naval Capabilities$1,254
Telepresent Rapid Aiming Platform (TRAP)$978
Testing Evaluation and Demonstration of Webster$1,446
Theater Support Vessel Hull Material Development$1,928
Theater Undersea Warfare Initiative$7,330
Thermal Management Systems for High Density Electronics$5,787
Thin Plate Pure Lead Technology in Submarine Batteries$4,704
Tissue and Limb Transplantation Medical Technology Development$2,413
Titanium Based Liquid metal Alloy for Advanced Aerospace Applications$1,350
Titanium Matrix Composites$1,543
Total Fleet Support (TFS)$1,600
Total Ship Training System (TSTS)-Training Exercise and Management System (TEAMS)$1,000
Transportable Laser Induced Plasma Channel (UPC) Demonstration System$12,203
Transportable Transponder Landing System$3,500
Transportable Transponder Landing System (TTLS)$1,943
Trouble Reporting Information Data Warehouse$1,000
U.S. Marine Corps Electronic Battlefield fusion$963
UNLOS Research Vessel$1,737
USMC Cost of Readiness (COR) Initiatives$960
USMC Hitchhiker$1,648
USMC LAV Integrated Digital and Collaboration Environment service net$2,000
Ultra Short Pulse Laser micromachiningg$1,640
Ultrasonic Consolidation of Matrix Composites$964
Unattended Imaging Sensor Network (UISN)$963
Underwater Intrusion Detection Sonar$1,000
Unexploded Ordnance Detection Airborne Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)$4,000
Unmanned Force Augmentation System$974
Unmanned Sea Surface Vehicles for Maritime Missions$3,408
Unmanned Systems Technologies for Explosive Ordnance Disposal$4,158
Upgrade and Enhance Instrumentation and Integrated Range Support at Patuxent River Naval Air Station and Webster Field in support of UAV and UCAV testing$1,100
Urban Operations Environmental Laboratory$4,200
Urban Operations Nonlethal and Scalable Weaponization$1,824
V-22 Environmental Control System Upgrade$3,793
Vigilant Network Centric Security Data System$483
Virginia Class SSN Combat System Technology Insertion (Note: only for VA Class SSN MPP SIBR phase 3)$2,411
Virginia Class SSN Combat System Technology Insertion SBIR (S) N96-278 and N03-049$1,629
Virtual At Sea Training Initiative$964
Virtual Clinical Learning Lab (VCLL) for Nursing and Other Health Professions$1,928
Virtual Perimeter Monitoring Systems$3,377
Volume Point Sensors (moved from Drug Interdiction and Counter-Drug Activities, Defense)$1,927
Wave Power Demonstration Project$3,286
WeCan: Web centric ASW net$4,147
Web-based Technology Insertion (Note: only for the Expeditionary Warfare Testbed NSWC, Panama City)$963
Widebandgap Materials for Power Electronics$1,640

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