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List of 2005 Earmarks

In fiscal year 2005, there were 341 earmarks totaling $1,176,070,000.

Agency:    Department of Defense--Military
Bureau:    Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation
Account:    Research, development, test, and evaluation, Defense-wide
Certifying Official:    Deputy Comptroller Program/Budget
Certifying Organization:    OSD

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2005 Earmarks Amount ($K)
360 Degree Portable Surveillance and Reconnaissance Unit (Transferred from Line 44)$2,400
3D Facial Recognition Technology$1,000
ACT-Army Counter Space Technology$14,000
ANGEL FIRE Active Protection Integrated Sensor/Countermeasure Package$7,000
Adaptation Gaseous and Liquid Technology Decontamination$1,000
Advanced Engineered Enzyme Decontamination Systems$2,000
Advanced Lithography Thin Film Excellence$3,850
Advanced Manufacturing Institute$1,500
Advanced Materials for Electromagnetic Devices$2,000
Advanced Metalized Gelled Propellants$2,450
Advanced Microelectronics Feature Size Migration$980
Advanced Microelectronics Yield Enhancement$980
Advanced Multi-purpose Microdisplay System$1,437
Advanced Photonic Composites Research$3,500
Advanced Processing Architecture (APA)$1,000
Advanced Processing and Prototyping Center at SEMATECH (Transferred from Line 17)$5,000
Advanced RF Technical Development$4,250
Advanced Robotic Vehicle Development$1,950
Advanced Shipboard Acoustical Communications$1,000
Advanced Solid State Dye Laser$2,100
Advanced materials Research for Nuclear Detection Counter-Proliferation (Note: only for continuation of mercuric iodide research)$1,700
Agent Detection & Neutralization System (AFSOC)$1,000
Agent Fate Program$1,000
Agile Systems Sustainment and Enabling Technologies (ASSET)$1,500
Air Containment Monitoring System$1,000
Airborne Infrared Surveillance (AIRS) System$9,000
Allen Army Airfield Upgrades$22,000
Alternative Delivery Methods for Recombinant Proteinvaccines$3,900
Antimicrobial Research Program$2,100
Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Development$3,500
Army High Performance Computing Research Center$15,000
Array Biosensor Biological Agent Detection System$2,550
Asymmetric Warfare Initiative$3,250
Asymmetrical Protocols for Biological Defense$2,000
Autonomous Navigation Sensor Suites$1,247
B-Band Covert Night Vision System$4,695
Battery Free Remote Sensing$1,437
Bio-Chemvaporous Hydrogen Peroxide Decon for Military Aircraft and Equipment$1,500
BioTerNet Networking and Strain Tracking$1,000
Bioadhesion Research to Combat Biological Warfare$3,850
Biodefense Research$1,000
Biological Detection of Unexploded Ordnance and Land mines$1,900
Bioscience Center for Informatics$1,000
Bioterrorism Preparedness$2,000
Blast Mitigation$7,000
Bug to Drug$6,000
CBRN Countermeasures$2,500
CBRNE Force Response Element-Education, Development, Operations, and Mitigation (FREEDOM)$2,550
CSWAN (Note: only for the Convert Self-Organizing Wireless Adhoc Network initiated under SBIR A02-105)$5,028
California Center for Nanoscience Innovation for Defense (CalCNID)$8,500
California Manufacturing Technology Center$6,800
Center for BioDefense$1,000
Center for Blast and Mitigation Protection$1,000
Center for Computer Security$500
Center for Nonproliferation Studies$1,000
Center for Optical Logic Devices$1,000
Center for Optoelectronics and Optical Communications (includes House project transferred from Line 17)$5,000
Center for Secure Telecommunications$1,000
Center for Tropical Disease Research and Training$2,800
Center for Water Security-Aquatic Technology and Environmental Research$1,000
Ceramics for Next Generation Tactical Laser System$1,500
Chameleon Miniaturized Wireless System$7,546
Characterization, Reliability, and Applications of Microstructures$1,800
Chem Bio Defense Initiative$20,000
Chem-Bio Protective Suit Membrane Research$3,750
Chemical Agent Persistence Model$2,175
Chemical Imaging for Food and Water Supply$3,500
Chemically Programmable Immunity$1,000
Classified Adjustment$8,000
Classified Adjustment -1$90,000
Collaborative First Responder Training$1,000
Collaborative and Virtual Reality Training Pilot$1,500
Combined Environment Radiation Effects Simulator$1,500
Command Information Superiority Architectures Program$1,100
Compact Three-Dimensional Imaging$959
Comparative Genomics for National Security Goals$3,000
Connectory for Rapid Identification of Technology Sources for DoD$1,500
Copper Based Casting Technology Program (C-BCT)$1,175
Counter ManPads Airspace Protection System$2,100
Countermeasures to Chemical and Biological Defense/Rapid Response$8,500
Counterterrorism-Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance System (CT-ISR)$2,800
Covert Waveform Program$2,205
Cryo-Power Electronics Development for the Air-Electric Ship Program ( Transferred from Line 17)$1,300
Crystal Materials for Electro-Optic Imaging and Communication$1,000
CyberTA (Note: only for the development of CyberTA program to develop real-time detection of emerging internet threats and develop solutions to actively guard against cyber-attacks)$1,000
DACP (Note: transferred from Line 52)$4,250
DMS Center of Excellence Program$1,000
Data Intensive High Performance Computing$1,918
Defective (HPGe) Radio-Isotope Identifier$1,000
Defense Joint Counterintelligence Center, Research and Technology Protection Program$16,000
Defense Procurement Technical Assistance Initiative for Small Business$1,275
Defense Supply Chain Technology$6,800
Delta Mine Training Center$4,300
Demonstration and Evaluation of Environmental Management System for Defense Facilities$1,000
Detecting Contaminants in Drinking Water$2,600
Digital Communicator$1,000
Diminishing Manufacturing Source (DMS)$1,000
Distributed Intrinsic Chemical Agent Sensing and Transmission$4,250
Distributed Inventory Management System$1,000
Dual Use Detection Technology for Sick Building Syndrome$1,000
E Smart Threat Agent Network$3,000
Early Responder Distance Learning Center$1,555
Early Warning and Detection Program$1,000
Electro Optic Components for Missile Defense$1,300
Electro-magnetic flak Impulse Systems Technology$1,500
Embedded Intelligence; Migrating PreAct Symbolic Constructs into Hardware$2,850
Emerging/Critical Interconnection Technology Program$1,500
Environmental Bioterrorism Detection$1,000
Ex-Rad Radiation Protection Program$1,500
Explosive Loading Laboratory Testing$7,600
Facility Security$6,800
Family of Integrated Rapid Response Equipment$7,800
Ferrite Technology$1,470
Fluorescence Activated Sensing Technology (FAST)$4,000
Foilage Penetrating Solid State Synthetic Aperture Radar$5,100
Force Protection Applied Technology$1,000
Force Protection Electronic Attack Systems$5,100
Force Protection-Advanced Tactical Geolocation$1,950
Foreign Language Translator$1,342
Foreign Supplier Assessment Center$3,000
Fort Greely Power Plant Feasibility Study$2,200
Friction Stir Welding of High Temperature Materials$1,300
Future Force Warrior Prog-Nanowire Mesh Fabrics for Chem-Bio Agent Defense$1,300
Genetic Reassortment by Mismatched Repair-Enhanced Acute Biowarfare Therapy Program$1,000
Global Pathogen Portal$1,400
Government Industry Data Exchange$2,500
Ground-Based Studies of Rocket Plume Signatures$1,000
Guardian Portable Radiation Search Tool$15,000
Hand Held Biological Agent Detection (HBAD)$2,000
Hand Held Biosensor and Continuous Monitor for Biodetection$3,400
Heat Shock Protein Rapidvaccine$1,800
Heteropolymer Monoclonal Antibody$1,000
Hi-Int Pulsed Radiation for Chem & BioAgent Defeat$1,000
Hibernation Genomics$3,400
High Altitude Long Endurance$1,500
High Performance Computer Prototype - Naval Research Lab$4,250
High Performance Computing Visualization Initiative (HPCVI)$2,800
High Rate Packet Inspection "Packet Storm"$950
High Temperature Superconducting Transceiver Program$980
Hispanic Serving Institutions RDT&E Project Grants$4,250
IEE-Technology Transfer Project$1,500
IMS Sample Concentration and Bioagent Detection$1,000
INEEL Unmanned Systems Research$2,700
Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) Advanced Target Identification for AC-130U$1,247
Immunochemical Biological/Chemical Threat Agent Detector$2,300
Improved Materials for Optical Memories$3,820
Improved Suborbital Operations (includes House project transferred from Line 32)$4,800
Independent Component Analysis Technology for Army GCS (ASRV2P-Fleet Voice Command and Control)$18,000
Industry Based Research to Miniaturize Chemical and Biological Detectors (Continuation only)$1,700
Institute of Environmental and Human Health Toxic Chemical Cleanup$1,000
Integrated Biodefense Research$1,000
Integrated Medical Information Technology System$1,200
Integrated Test Support$4,250
Integrated Threat Management System Research to Discover Neutralizing Antibodies to Mycotoxins$250
Integrated WMD Detection Network$1,000
International Cooperation$4,250
Internet Protocol Version 6$1,000
JITC Information Assurance Trend/Metric Analysis Support$1,900
Joint Biological Point Detection$3,500
Joint Information Technology Project-Alaska$10,200
Joint NASA/DoD Development$8,500
Joint National Integration Center$2,500
Joint Navigational Warfare$1,000
Joint Robotics$3,400
Joint Robotics Initiative$6,000
Joint Threat Warning System$4,688
Joint Warning and Reporting Network (JWARNS)$2,100
LSH-SAW Hand-held Biosensor$4,200
Land and Sea Special Operations Mobility Systems (LASSO)$1,631
Laser Additive Manufacturing$2,000
Laser Interrogation of Surface Agents (LISA) Inspector (includes transfer from Line 82)$4,200
Lithium Ion Battery for Joint Unmanned Combat Air System$2,000
Long Term Support of Microelectronic Technology Research$5,831
Long-Range Biometric Target Identification System$1,918
Low Cost Automated Gas Chromatograph/flame Photometric Detector System$1,500
Low Cost Autonomous Attack System$1,000
Low-cost Chem-Bio Proactive Shelter Development$3,750
MANPADS Defense$2,500
MBITR Blue Force Tracking Capability$1,921
MHPCC Technology Upgrade$15,500
MIL Tech Extension$1,000
MMI/MBI Nanotechnology Solutions (Transferred from Line 17)$2,000
Manufacturing Engineering of Spray Cooling$12,750
Manufacturing Extension Partnership-Midwest Consortium$1,957
Maria Tactical Mapping System$1,050
Maritime Tagging, Tracking and Locating Program (Maritime TTL)$959
Mark V Patrol Boat Replacement Craft Prototype$2,500
Massively Parallel Optical Interconnects for Microsatellites$3,400
Material Characterization and Meteorology Center (Note: only for SJSU nano-technology research, engineering, and training)$500
Medical Free Electron Laser$9,000
Microelectronics Testing, Technology and Obsolescence Program$5,250
Miniature Turntable RF Front End (Note: to develop a complete suite of turnable RF components and salient software for families of miniaturized turnable military RF radio front ends$2,550
Molecular Electronics$1,900
Multi-Role Anti-Armor, Anti-Personnel Weapon System (MAAWS) Multi-Target Warhead (only for continued development and integration of Multi-Target Warhead in AT4CS)$3,400
Multi-Wavelength Surface Scanning Biologics Sensor$1,500
Multi-frame Blind Deconvolution$2,550
MultiView Data Standards for Integrated Digital Environmental$3,000
Multiple Target Tracking Optical Sensor Array Technology (MOST)$1,700
Multipurpose Antenna, X-Band (SMAX)$1,631
Multipurpose Biodefense Immunoarray$1,100
Multithread Architecture (MTA) Upgrade$2,800
Mustard Gas Antidote Research$6,750
NASEC Through Wall Radar Imaging (Transferred from line 12)$2,550
NDU Technology Pilot Program$1,000
Nano Intelligent Detection System Handheld Biological Agent Detectors$4,000
Nano-Photonic Systems Fabrication$3,000
Nano-structured Carbon for Radiation Shielding of Microelectronics$2,000
Nano-technology Research Effort$5,367
Nanoelectronic Defense and Security Initiative$1,500
Nanoscale Organic Spintronics Program$1,400
National Center for Biodefense$1,000
National Center for Defense Robotics$1,500
National Cyber Security Center$1,000
National Information Assurance and Training$1,000
National Testbed for Rescue Robotics$1,000
National Unmanned System Experimentation Environment$2,800
Neptune Maritime Unmanned Aerial Vehicle$1,144
Net Centric Warrior Training (NetCWT)$2,490
Neurotoxin Mitigation Research$1,000
New Approaches to Weaponized Infectious Organisms$1,000
New England Manufacturing Supply Chain$5,660
New York Structural Biology Center$1,000
Next Again Generation Radiation Hard CMOS$2,700
Next Generation Air Start Cart$1,400
Next Generation Manufacturing Technologies Institute$3,750
Next Generation Navigation System$960
Noninvasive Biomodulation$2,600
Novel Viral Biowarfare Agent ID and Treatment$2,800
OR Technology Based Vehicle Bomb Detection$1,500
Only for Optimal Placement of Unattended Sensors$1,000
Only for development of enhancements to Digital Intelligence Situation Mapboards$959
Only for the UAV Near Real Time Video Program$1,342
Operationally Responsive Satellite$20,000
Optical Manufacturing to Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Lithography (Note: only to establish an extreme ultra violet optical manufacturing capability in the USA)$2,940
Optimizing Electronics for Advanced Controlled Environmental Systems (ACES)$6,800
Oral Adjuvants$1,000
Oral Anthrax/Plaguevaccine$2,800
PMRF Upgrades$22,575
Pacific Disaster Center$7,000
Parallelavax Rapidvaccine Testing Technology$2,450
Passive Materials for Chemical and Biological Agent Decontamination$1,000
Perchlorate Demonstration by UV Catalyzed Iron Reaction (Note: transferred from Environmental Restoration, DW)$1,500
Perchlorate Remediation R&D, Rialto-Colton Basin$4,000
Persistent Perimeter Security with Unmanned Mobile Sensors$6,300
Photonics Technology Access Program$1,000
Plantvaccine Development$3,500
Polyclonal Human Antibody Production System$3,000
Polymer Based Bio-Mems$1,200
Porous Silicon$2,550
Project Renew$5,000
Protection Against Toxic Industrial Chemical$1,000
Range Mission Tool$2,550
Rapid Antibody-based Biological Countermeasures (RABB-C)$1,400
Rapid Response Bio-Chem Decon, Liquid & Dry (Decon Green)$1,750
Rapid Response Database Systems Center$1,000
Rapid Response Sensor Networking for Multiple Applications$1,000
Reactive Air Purification for Individual and Collective Protection (RAPICP)$5,600
Real Time Non-Specific Viral Agent Detection$2,000
Remote Detection of Concealed Explosives (Note: only for development and a implementation of the Remote Detection of Concealed Explosives Program)$1,000
Remote Optical Sensing Program$1,000
Remote Presence (Note: only to develop and demonstrate red cell and remote presence technology for transition to joint and first responder applications)$1,700
Remote Unattended Sensing System (RUSS)$966
Remote Video Weapon Sight$1,631
Remotely Operated Electronic Ballistic Technology$1,000
Removal of NBC Agents in Drinking Water$2,800
Repeatable and Robust Lithographic Processes in the Nanoscale$1,000
Research on a Molecular Approach to Hazardous Materials Decontamination$1,000
Robotics Curriculum Partnership$1,000
Robotics Greenhouses Initiative$1,750
Ruggedized Military RFID Tags (Note: only for ruggedized RFID tags leveraging emerging integrated RF electronics for low power, long range and non-volatility, and implanted with fluidic self assembly to ensure low cost)$3,332
S-Band Advanced Radar (SBAR) Algorithm Research and Analysis in Support of MDA-Specific Applications$15,000
SIC Thick Film Mirrors Coatings$2,550
SOCOM Microelectromechanical Systems and Nanotechnology$2,491
SOCOM Rotary Wing UAV (Note: only for procurement of no fewer then seven prototype aircraft and for extensive TAFT/TTP development)$22,000
SOF Experimental Technology Integration$1,918
STAR4D Painting and Coating Pollution Prevention$1,000
Sandia National Laboratories Intelligent Systems and Robotics Center (Transferred from Line 4)$3,500
Scorpius Sub-Optical Family of Responsive, Low-Cost Rockets$3,000
Secure Airborne Freespace Optical Communication$2,100
Secure Digital Coherent Optical Communications (Note: only to continue and expand the ongoing program)$2,916
Secure Group Communications$1,200
SecureD Hardware Encryption Device$2,000
Security Enhancements Through Mobile Devices (SEMD)$2,800
Security Perimeter Awareness Network (SPAN)$1,400
Semiconductor Research- Focus Center Research Program$7,000
Sensor Data Fusion and Communications$2,550
Sensor Electronics Life Cycle Cost Reduction$2,550
Sensor Integration with Lithium Polymer Batteries$2,500
Silicon Carbide Wide Band Gap Research$2,800
Simulation Center HPC Upgrade$3,500
Smart Scanning RFID Tag Reader$2,100
Snapshot Synthetic Aperture Radar$959
Space Based Active Sensors$1,400
Special Operations Forces Teletraining System$960
Special Operations Joint Interagency Collaboration Center Support Data Site$1,918
Spike Missile Development and Production$2,500
Spin Electronics$16,200
Spray Cooling Migration Program$6,300
Spray Technique Analysis and Research for Defense$1,000
Strategic Materials$3,400
Superlattice Nanotechnology$2,940
Surveillance Augmentation Vehicle-Insertable on Request$959
System for Sampling & Detecting Bioaerosals$1,500
System of Systems Engineering Center of Excellence (SOSECE)$2,550
Tactical Awareness for Friend or Foe$1,300
Tactical Communications System Testbed Initiative$2,600
Tactical Imagery Communications Unit (TICU)$1,633
Tactical Radio Frequency Environment Monitor (TREX)$1,959
Tactical Surveillance Equipment Integrated Remote Video Surveillance$3,067
Tactical Systems Development for a SOF Covert Waveform Program$959
Technical Support Working Group$5,000
Technology Matching System$1,950
Technology for the Protection of Water and Air Systems$1,200
Testing and Evaluation of Advanced Composite Ground Radomes$1,400
Therapeutic Approaches to Anthrax & Ricin Toxins$2,000
Therapeutic Phosphorodiamidate Morphine Oligomer Approaches$3,000
Three Dimensional Imaging Technology Development$1,000
Tribal Colleges--Science Lab and Computer Equipment$2,250
Tulane Missile Defense$1,000
USSOCOM Reconnaissance and Surveillance Program$950
Ultra Low Power Battlefield Sensor System$21,000
Ultra Thin Integrated Electronics Miniaturization Trusted Foundry$1,000
Under Vehicle Mobile Inspection/Search UGV(ODIS)$4,250
Vaccines and Therapeutics to Counter Biological Threats$2,800
Vehicle Fuel Cell Program$5,250
Virginia Bioinformatics Institute$2,500
WMD Emergency Responder Training at the National Terrorism Preparedness Institute$2,737
Water Quality Sensors$2,600
Weather Scout UAV$1,000
Wide Area Site Assessment Pilot Program for UXO Cleanup$5,000
Wide Areas Surveillance System (WASS)$1,650
Wide Bandwidth Technology (WBT)$986
Wireless Management & Control Project$3,643
Wireless Vibration Sensor Initiative$1,000
Xenon Filled Gamma Ray Detectors$1,000
Zumwalt Program for Countermeasures to Biological and Chemical Threats$2,000

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