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List of 2005 Earmarks

In fiscal year 2005, there were 70 earmarks totaling $231,643,000.

Agency:    Department of Defense--Military
Bureau:    Procurement
Account:    Other procurement, Army
Certifying Official:    Deputy Comptroller Program/Budget
Certifying Organization:    OSD

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2005 Earmarks Amount ($K)
100kW Generators$2,000
172nd SIB Army Range Improvement Plan$11,951
ACUS Mod HMDA$2,500
AN/PEM-1 Laser Borelight System (LBS)$1,400
AN/TPQ-36(V)8 Radar Processor Upgrade (Anti-Obsolescence) Program$3,500
AN/UXC-10 Digital Facsimile (TS-21 Blackjack Army)$5,000
Active Data Rich RFID for In-Transit Visibility$1,000
Advanced Information Technology Services (AITS)$4,700
Advanced Threat Communications Network (ATCN)$2,000
Alaska Land Mobile Radio$13,752
Army 2W Military Tactical Generators for Engineering Support Construction Teams (Note: transferred from OP,A line 137)$1,000
Army Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer Suite (Note: only for procurement of an AVCATT-A suite to assure the combat readiness of Fort Hood Army aviation units)$14,000
Army Legacy Logistics Systems Modernization (Note: only for Unit Level Logistics System-Ground (ULLS-G) and the Standard Army Maintenance Systems (SAMS) 1 & 2).$3,000
Arsenal/Depot AIT (AD-AIT) Initiative$1,500
Base Support Communications-Upgrades to Telecommunications Infrastructure, Ft Lewis, Washington$1,000
Bullet Sensor Livefire Trainer$1,000
Call for Fire Trainer/Joint Fires and Effects Trainer System$5,000
Chitosan Hemmorage Control Dressing$7,000
Combat Arms Training System Modernization for ARNG$4,000
Combat Support Hospitals$1,352
Construction Equipment ESP$4,900
Critical Army Systems-Cyber Attack Technology (CAS-CAT)$1,000
Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR) program$3,800
Deployable Instrumentation Training System (DTS)$996
Distributive Training Technology Project (DTTP) for Army under AITS contract (Note: only to field additional priority DTTP training facilities and upgrade operation systems under the AITS contract.)$6,800
East Battlefield Anti-Intrusion Sys (BAIS)$5,000
Emergency Response System-Rock Island Arsenal$2,536
Engagement Skills Trainer$2,000
Engineer Mission Modules for the Palletized Load System for the MD NG$200
Integrated Family of Test Equipment (IFTE)$6,600
Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) Instrumentation System (IS)$4,979
Kevlar Helmet Retrofit Suspension System$2,500
Laser Leveling System$1,000
Laser Marksmanship Training System (LMTS) Fielding$5,000
Laser Marksmanship Training System (LMTS) for the Army Reserve$4,000
Life Support for Trauma and Transport (LSTAT)$4,300
Lightweight Video Reconnaissance System$1,096
Logistic Support Vessel Service Life Extension Program$2,000
M100 GMENS Navigation System for Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles$1,000
MX-2 Mini-IR Thermal Imager for 18th Airborne Corps$2,500
Meteorological Measuring Set-Profiler (MMS-P)$2,600
Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUNT) Instrumentation-Ft Bragg$1,700
Military Skills Engagement Trainer$1,500
Mobi-Mat Helipad System$1,000
Modular Causeway System$4,235
National Guard Virtual, Low Cost Infrastructure Pilot Program$2,100
National Training Center Range Communications System (NTC RCS) (Note: only for NTC RCS add-on to be common and compatible with NTC RCS currently being installed for operational use.)$4,250
PRC 112D Search and Rescue Radio Kit Upgrades$3,000
Pacific Deployable C4 Package$1,000
Palletized Load System Trucks and Trailers for the MD ARNG$500
Palmtop Emergency Action for Chemical (PEAC) Tool$3,500
Prophet Block I$4,250
Prophet Block I Enhancements$2,300
RI-2200 & RI 2400 Long Arm High Intensity Flashlights$3,387
Regional Medical Distributive Learning$1,400
Rock Island, Pine Bluff, Anniston AIT Automation Initiative$5,600
SFK-646 Night-Hi Efficiency Artillery Targeting (Night HEAT) Kits$1,500
Satellite Multi-Model Collaborative Crisis & Trng Network for MN Army Guard$1,000
Satellite-based Interoperable Network Communications System$3,800
Small Tactical Optical Rifle Mounted Micro-Laser Range Finding System$3,500
Small Tugs CLS$1,000
Standard Army Retail Supply System In-Transit Visibility (Note: transferred from OP, A line 110)$3,500
Tabletop Gunnery Trainers and Tabletop Full-Fidelity Trainers$2,100
Targetry Equipment for a Defensive Live Fire Range at Fort Drum, NY$500
U.S. Army Sustainment Center-Integration of Open Architecture (Note: only for COTS technology for JTAC systems.)$1,800
Virtual Mission Preparation$3,400
Wireless Backhaul Free Base Station$1,800

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