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List of 2005 Earmarks

In fiscal year 2005, there were 26 earmarks totaling $101,050,000.

Agency:    Department of Defense--Military
Bureau:    Procurement
Account:    Procurement of ammunition, Army
Certifying Official:    Deputy Comptroller Program/Budget
Certifying Organization:    OSD

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2005 Earmarks Amount ($K)
Accelerated Propellant Charge Demilitarization$3,600
Accelerated Propelling Charge Demil Program (Note: only for the Accelerated Propelling Charge Demilitarization Program to be performed at the Fort Wingate Demilitarization Facility)$1,500
Additional Funding for Comventional Munitions Demilitarization$2,200
Advanced Controlled Flexible Ammunition Distribution Module$1,500
Blast Cap, Non-Electric M19, M21, & M23$1,500
Cartridge, Mortar, 120mm, Illum, w/MTSQ FZ, M930$1,750
Cartridge, Mortar, 81mm, Infrared Illum, M815$1,000
Flexible LAP Modern Munitions Enterprise Kansas AAP$6,500
Flexible LAP for 120mm Mortar Family of Extended Range Ammunition$1,000
Holston Army Ammunition Plant RDX and HDX production$3,000
Hydrolysis Demilitarization Demonstration Program-Tooele AD$5,000
Insensitive Munitions Flexible Artillery Manufacturing System$3,500
Insensitive Munitions Production - Holston Army Ammunition Plant$1,500
Lake City Ammunition Plant Upgrade$19,400
Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant LAP modernization$6,500
M110 155mm WP Smoke Projectile$1,000
M72 Lightweight Attack Weapon System (LAW)$4,250
M762A1/M787A1 Electronic Time Fuzes$600
M768 60mm Mortar Ammunition with PD Fuze$1,250
Missile Recycling Capability- Anniston Munitions Center$2,100
Modernization Demolition Initiators (MDI)$1,000
Optimized Desert Peculiar Equipment$1,000
Radford Army Ammunition Plant Acid Production for Small Arms Propellant$16,000
Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant Flexible Manufacturing Facility$2,500
Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon-Disposable (SMAW-D)$3,400

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