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List of 2005 Earmarks

In fiscal year 2005, there were 75 earmarks totaling $289,000,000.

Agency:    Department of Defense--Military
Bureau:    Procurement
Account:    Other procurement, Navy
Certifying Official:    Deputy Comptroller Program/Budget
Certifying Organization:    OSD

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2005 Earmarks Amount ($K)
ADCS/SSDS Hardware for Dam Neck and Wallops Island$6,800
ADCS/SSDS Technology Refresh for LHA 2/4$2,500
AEGIS Integrated Bridge System (IBS)$6,800
AEGIS Storage Area Network System (ASAN)$1,100
AEGIS Support Equipment-Frigate Modernization (ECMS)$1,000
AN-BLQ-10 radar narrow band ESM technology refresh$7,000
AN/AQS-20 Mine hunting Sonar$1,500
AN/SLQ-25A Torpedo Countermeasure Set Upgrades$8,500
AN/SPQ-9B radar procurement of additional radars$3,000
AN/SPQ-9B shipboard radar transmitter upgrade$5,000
AN/SPS-67 Radar Obsolescence Availability Recovery (ROAR)$6,800
AN/SPS-67 Radar improvement backfit kits$11,200
AN/SQQ-89 Modernization$11,100
AN/SRQ-4 LAMPS MK III (Note: only for the procurement of AN/SRQ-4 shipboard KU Band system)$4,300
AN/SYS-2(V) 11 and 13 Track Management System for FFG-7$4,300
Allen Telescope Array (Note: only for the purchase of additional antennas, owned by the U.S. Naval Observatory to expand the Allen Telescope Array to establish a test bed for detection of low-observable aircraft)$1,500
Bandwidth Monitor and Control$1,000
CVN Propeller Replacement Program$4,900
Carrier Pier Data Shore Power Upgrade (Note: only for the procurement of equipment to enhance the power system on Carrier Pier Delta at Naval Station Bremerton for support of CVN operations)$1,500
Carrier Smart Ship Weapons Elevator automation$3,400
Common Depth Sounder$2,000
Data Extraction and Switching System Enhancements for AEGIS Virginia land based test sites (LBTS)$1,500
Distributed Engineering Center for Torpedo Defense$2,600
Earth moving Equipment-USN Construction Units$6,000
Envelope protective covers for weapons systems$1,400
Fleet Peripheral Equipment Fielding$3,400
Fuel Catalyst (Note: only for procurement and installation of pre-combustion fuel treatment device to improve fuel efficiency and reduce engine maintenance)$1,500
Fuel and Engine Maintenance Savings System (FEMSS)$2,000
Gulf Coast Jt Harbor Operations Center (JHOC)$1,000
High Performance Brush Program$3,500
IDPE Enhancement & PDM Interoperability$2,800
INTERLOCKS Development Tool$3,000
Integrated Condition Assessment System (CAS)$2,400
Joint Aviation Logistics Technical Data Integration (JATDI) system security solution (Note: only for the extension, procurement and integration of the JEDMICS security solution to JATCI applications)$4,270
Joint Technical Data Integration/Automated Maintenance Equipment$7,000
Joint Threat Emitter$2,300
MBU-23/P Oxygen Mask and Visor$2,600
MK-32 Surface Vessel Torpedo Tubes Remanufacture$6,400
MSG and MCWG body armor$2,600
Machinery Control Surveillance System for gas turbine ships$2,000
Man Overboard Identification (MOBI) System - for procurement and installation$7,000
Medium tactical vehicle replacement (MTVR)-Naval construction force$20,100
Mine Countermeasures Sea Bottom Mapping Project$1,700
Multi Spectral Threat Emitter for East Coast Training Ranges$2,500
Multi-climate protection clothing system$3,500
NIROP Industrial Facilities Materials Staging Area$1,000
NULKA Decoys$8,300
Naval Aviation interoperability (Note: only to upgrade the NAWCAD Surface/Aviation Interoperability Laboratory (SAIL))$1,000
Navy Intelligent Agent Security Module (ASM)-for procurement of 24 units$2,010
PACOM Agile Coalition Environment$6,356
PMRF Equipment$4,300
Performance Centric Mission Essential Content Delivery$1,000
Phalanx SeaRam (Note: only for manufacture of an initial production unit and installation on a FFG-7 class frigate)$4,000
Planar Array Antenna Assembly Backfit$10,000
Procure additional Fire Trucks for Naval District of Washington$1,100
Procurement of 25 Person Life Rafts$2,000
Procurement of Electronic Personal Dosimeters$3,400
Q-70 Based IT-21 Servers$4,300
Radar Display Repeater (AN/SPA-25G) technology refresh kits$1,700
SCOUT High Pressure Air System$3,300
SEABEE Construction Equipment$3,400
SPAWAR FORCEnet Integrated Data Center$364
SPS-73 surface search radar$3,400
Sea Fox Remote Controlled Surface Vessel$2,300
Serial Number Tracking System (SNTS)$6,000
Shipboard Communications Upgrades$1,500
Shipboard Non-Tactical Application Delivery Interface System (SNADIS)$3,500
Shipboard Wireless Mobile Computing Environment initiated under SBIR N99-106 (Note: only for the procurement and installation of the shipboard wireless mobile computing environment as an extension of the Non-Tactical Data Processing System (NTDPS)$2,100
Smart Target Threats for Southern California Offshore Range (SCORE)$1,500
Submarine Common Electronics Equipment Replacement Q-70$8,500
Submarine Technology Insertion SBR (S) N96-278 and N03-049$3,400
Submarine high data rate antenna program$5,000
Surface Sonar Windows and Domes$2,500
Tactical Radio Frequency Environment Monitor (TREX)$1,000
Technical Data Knowledge Management (TDKM) System$2,500

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