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List of 2005 Earmarks

In fiscal year 2005, there were 33 earmarks totaling $193,980,000.

Agency:    Department of Defense--Military
Bureau:    Procurement
Account:    Aircraft procurement, Navy
Certifying Official:    Deputy Comptroller Program/Budget
Certifying Organization:    OSD

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2005 Earmarks Amount ($K)
ALR-95 ESM system library, integrated logistics and training support$3,400
AN/AAR-47 missiles warning system$5,000
AN/APR-39B (V) 2 for USMC CH-53 and AH-1W Helicopters Passive Threat Warning Sys for CH-53$5,100
Acoustic Data Recorder-hard drive (ADR-HD)$1,500
Additional C-37 aircraft$53,054
Additional JPATS Aircraft$15,000
Additional two C-35 aircraft$15,926
Advanced Aircraft Collection System (Blackbeard)$4,200
Balancing and Maintenance System (HIPSS/PBMS)$1,000
C-130 Electronic Propeller Control System (EPCS)$2,500
CH-53 IMD-HUMS$8,400
Common defense weapon system (M3M)$7,700
Deployable Flight Incident Recorder Set (DFIRS) (Note; only for modifications to address approaching obsolescence and maintain emergency locator beam capability)$1,100
Digital Stores Management System (DSMS) (Note: only for DSMS upgrade for theP-3C AIP aircraft weapons system)$3,500
EA-6B ICAP II Weapons Systems Trainer$6,300
Fast Tactical Imagery Two (CRTIR/FTI II)$1,000
JMOD Sustainment/Common Configuration Initiative$5,400
LAU-7 Sidewinder missile replacement program (transferred from OPN line 93)$2,600
LITENING Advanced Targeting (AIT) pod for F/A-18D$3,000
Litening pod downlink development program (LPDD) to design, build, test and field video downlink upgrades$4,200
METCAL Program$1,000
Navy Air Refueling Store Advanced Power System (ARSIPS)$1,800
Operational Flight Trainer Simulation Initiative$17,000
P-3 communications upgrades for non-AP configured aircraft$1,000
P-3C AIP tactical common data link upgrade$2,500
P-3C Anti-surface warfare (ASUW) Improvement Program (AIP) (Note: only the surveillance and reconnaissance sensor software and hardware upgrades)$1,000
P-3C Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) based aircraft Health Monitoring System (AHMS) upgrade (Note: only to provide pre-production and acquisition planning for initial deployment)$1,400
P-3C Electronic Support Measures (ESM) geolocation upgrade$2,600
P-3C digital autopilot for additional aircraft upgrades$2,000
P3C ALP-95 ESM wingtip receiver and antenna upgrade$1,000
Solid State recorder conversion (ATARS)$4,300
Super Cobra Night Targeting System$3,500
UH-1N Huey Navigation Thermal Imaging System$5,000

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