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List of 2005 Earmarks

In fiscal year 2005, there were 70 earmarks totaling $228,094,000.

Agency:    Department of Defense--Military
Bureau:    Operation and Maintenance
Account:    Defense health program
Certifying Official:    Deputy Comptroller Program/Budget
Certifying Organization:    OSD

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2005 Earmarks Amount ($K)
Air Force Environmental and Occupational Factors in Womens Health Program$1,300
Air Force Integrated Medical Information Technology System (IMITS) Initiative$2,533
Aircrew Laser Eye Protection (ALEP)$5,358
Alaska Federal Health Care Network$2,500
Application/Analysis Sharing Environment for the USAF Surgeon General$1,000
Assessment and Demonstration Center for USAF Surgeon General$3,400
Automated Clinical Practice Guidelines$2,325
Borda Center$650
Brown Tree Snakes$1,000
Cancerous Brain Tumors Drug Research$974
Center for Disaster Humanitarian Assistance Medicine (USUHS)$1,000
Center of Walter Reed Army Medical Center$1,800
Clinical Coupler Integration$2,728
Colon Cancer Program (NNMC)$6,000
Computer -Aided Detection and Diagnostics of Breast Cancer (Transfer from *RDTE,DW, Line 24)$1,072
Computer Assisted Medical Diagnostics$1,462
Control of Medical Records (Transfer from RDTE,A Line 31)$4,400
DNI Anthrax Therapeutic$1,700
Defense and Veterans Head Injury Program$6,000
Digital Access and Analysis of Historic Records at AFIP$17,000
Genetic Cancer Research in Women$1,462
Global HIV/AIDS Prevention$7,312
Graduate School of Nursing$2,500
Gulf War Illness$3,553
Hawaii Federal Health Care Network$20,907
Health Study at the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant$1,000
Healthcare Informatics Testbed$1,656
Integrative Healing Practices for Veterans$1,364
Landstuhl Army Medical Center SRM$8,500
Leukemia Research (CMLRP)$4,141
Life Sciences Research Initiative$488
Madigan Army Medical Center Trauma Assistance$1,300
Manganese Health Research$2,192
Medical Data Records Conversion at NNMC$1,000
Medical Data Records Conversion at WRAMCC$1,000
Medical Error Reduction Initiative$974
Metabolic Defense (Note: only to systemically identify and investigate selected dietary and nutritional supplements (DNS) for enhancing and maintaining military personnel readiness, effectiveness and well-being)$2,143
Military Complementary and Alternative Medicine (MIL-CAM)$2,045
Military-Civilian Education and School Health Decision-Making Program$200
Muscle Research Consortium$3,409
Muscular Dystrophy Research$2,435
National Defense Model Program (Type 2 Diabetes Research with the Air Force)$15,588
National Prion Research Program (Transfer fro RDTE,A Line 2)$1,462
Neuroscience Research$4,144
Ophthalmology Training and Education$1,462
Ovarian Cancer Research Program$9,742
Pacific Island Health Care Referral$4,250
Paralyzed Veterans Association$1,000
Periscopic Surgery$2,143
Portable Remote Medical Collection and Relay Capability$1,000
Preventative Medicine Research for Prostate Cancer$1,364
Preventing Epilepsy after Traumatic Brain Injury$974
Projected Health Information Initiative$824
Prosthetics and Orthotics Education Program$561
Rapid Identification and Treatment for AFSOC Forces$3,897
Real Time Healthcare Management Integration Demonstration with the USAF Surgeon General$1,000
Special Operations Injury Prevention Program$1,454
Spinal Cord Injury Research (Note: only for the project to cure paralysis)$1,462
Telerobotic and Minimally Invasive Surgery At WRAMC$3,995
Tri-Service Nursing Research Program$6,000
Triper Cancer Care$8,287
Tuberous Scierosis Complex (TSC)$3,118
US Air Force Medical Service Database (Note: only for continuing the existing program)$500
USUHS Training and Medical Readiness against WMD$1,500
United States Military Cancer Institute$4,875
Virtual Colonoscopy - WRAMC$935
Virtual Medical Trainer$974
WRAMC Amputees Center Clinical and Applied Collaborative Research and Prosthetic Limb Development (Note: not less than $1,500,000 only for clinical evaluation of vacuum assisted suspension systems)$1,500
Walter Reed Army Medical Center Cancer Screening and Diagnostics$9,800
White River Junction-Fort Ethan Allen Resource Sharing Demonstration$500

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