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List of 2005 Earmarks

In fiscal year 2005, there were 139 earmarks totaling $206,432,000.

Agency:    Department of Commerce
Bureau:    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Account:    Operations, research, and facilities
Certifying Official:    Budget Officer
Certifying Organization:    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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2005 Earmarks Amount ($K)
Abrupt Climate Change Research$487
Accelerating Climate Models - IRIS$1,478
Aerial Shoreline Mapping$986
Alaska Current & Tide Data$1,479
Alaska Near Shore Fisheries State of Alaska$986
Alaska SeaLife Center$1,000
Alaska SeaLife Center Seals and Stellar Sea Lion Programs$3,200
Alliance for Coastal Technologies$2,463
Anadromous Fish Commission - North Pacific$739
Aquaculture Education Program - Cedar Point MS$1,774
Aquatic Ecosystems - Canaan Valley Institute$4,239
Aquatic Research Consortium MS$2,463
Aquatic Resources Environmental Initiative$4,928
Atmospheric Dispersion Forecasting / Jackson State Univ.$986
BWET Hawaii$1,479
Bay Watersheds Education and Training Program$2,463
Bering Sea Aleutian Islan Non-Pollock Groundfish Buyback$1,000
Bluefin Tuna Tagging - Monterey$550
Bronx River Restoration$990
CDMP - KY$7,811
CDMP - MD$5,421
CDMP - WV$7,811
Carolina Coastal Ocean Observing and Prediction System$2,463
Center for Coastal Ocean Observation and Analysis$2,463
Center for Integrative Coastal Ocean Research (CICORE)$2,463
Center for Marine Education and Research (MS)$2,957
Center for Marine Spill Response Project$1,971
Central Gulf of Mexico Observing System (USM)$1,971
Charleston Bump$246
Chesapeake Bay Shoreline Mapping$986
Climate System Research Center$739
Climate and Environmental Change$2,438
Coastal Ocean Monitoring Network for West Florida$739
Coastal Ocean Research & Monitoring Program$2,438
Coastal Restoration and Enhancement through Science and Technology (CREST)$444
Consortium for Fisheries & Wildlife Conflict Resolution (UNH/NEA/VIMS)$493
Cook Inlet Coastal Monitoring and Habitat$986
Cooperative Institute for New England Mari-culture and Fisheries$2,957
Cooperative Sensor Development Lab for Oceans & Climate$492
Coral Reef - Puerto Rico$493
Crab Rationalization NOAA Fisheries$986
EE Just Environmental Institute$739
EEZ Outer Continental Shelf Ocean Bottom Claims$2,168
FMP Extended Jurisdiction$1,183
GOES Data Archive Project$1,975
Geodetic Survey - AL$1,971
Geodetic Survey - WA$493
Geodetic Survey - WI$2,957
Geodetic Survey- KY$493
Geodetic Survey- LA$490
Great Lakes NWLON$1,971
Great Lakes Toxicity$488
Gulf of Alaska Coastal Communities Coalition$420
Gulf of Alaska Ecosystem Monitoring$1,971
Gulf of Maine Council$739
Gulf of Maine Observing System$1,873
HI Data Buoys$247
Halibut Data Collection$493
Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative$1,479
Hawaii Fisheries Development$739
Hawaii Seafood Safety and Inspections$1,478
Hawaii Stock Enhancement Program (Oceanic Institute)$493
Hawaiian Community Development 1$110
Hawaiian Community Development 2$91
Hawaiian Community Development 3$131
Hawaiian Community Development 4$95
Height Modernization Regional Expansion -TX$739
Height Modernization Study - MS$591
Highly Migratory Shark Fishery Research Program (Mote)$1,971
Horseshoe Crab Research (HCRC)$641
Hurricane Mitigation Alliance (SUSF)$3,039
Inst. for Study of Earth, Oceans & Space (Air-Map - CCRC)$4,930
Institute for Science Technology and Public Policy$887
International Pacific Research Ctr (U of H)$1,971
Intl Council for Local Environmental Initiatives$492
JASON Education and Outreach$2,463
Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research (JIMAR), HI$2,464
Lake Champlain Research Consortium$345
Lake Pontchartrain$1,479
Large Pelagics Research Program (UNH)$2,957
Lobster Sampling$74
Lobster Sampling 2$51
Lobster Sampling 3$15
Long Island Sound Observing System$986
MS Center for Marine Education and Research$1,971
MS/LA Digital Coast (LA)$394
MS/LA Digital Coast (MS)$394
Marin Headlands Marine Mammal Center$1,970
Marine Debris Removal - Alaska$1,183
Marine Debris Removal - SC$197
Marine Environmental Research Institute$296
Marine Invasive Species Program$247
Marine Sanctuary Foundation / Ocean Activity Fund$4,928
Marine Wildlife Noise Impacts / Univ of RI$98
Merrimack River Fish habitat/land conservation$490
Mitigating Coastal Development Impacts/MS State Univ.$986
Monterey Bay Watershed$493
NE Center for Atmospheric Science and Policy$1,479
NMNH East Wing (Oceans)$4,928
NOAA Weather Radio Transmitters - HI$197
NOAA/UNH Joint Ocean Observing Technology Center$3,942
Narragansett Bay Marine Education$492
Nat'l Coral Reef Initiative - Florida$986
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation - NFWF$689
National Institute for Undersea Science and Technology$4,928
National Ocean Science Bowl$986
New England Multi-Species Survey (SMAST)$2,958
New England Weather Technology Initiative$515
New Hampshire Center for the Study of Lakes and Ecosystems$492
North Carolina Flood Plain Mapping Pilot$584
Northwest Straits Citizens Advisory Commission$1,232
Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Rsrch / HI Institute of Marine Biology$1,479
Oyster Restoration - (Chesapeake - VIMS)$1,970
Pacific Ocean and Environment Info Center$986
Pacific Tropical Ornamental Fish$492
Penobscot River Habitat Restoration$986
Pinellas County Environmental Foundation$990
Product Quality and Marketing Gulf Shrimp$986
Red River Basin Institute / Decision Info Network (Tri College University NDSU)$253
Regional Climate Centers$2,460
Remote Sensing Research (ISU/BCAL)$487
Risk Reduction in Water Forecasts (MSU)$1,971
STORM (U. of N. Iowa)$640
Scallop Fishery Assessment (MFI)$1,873
Science Consortium on Ocean Research (SCORE) - NH/WA$986
Seacoast Science Center$986
Shedd Marine Mammals$1,970
South Carolina Taxonomic Center$493
Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System (SCCOOS)$1,479
Submersible Micro-technology Research$969
Targeted Wind Sensing$1,971
Tsunami Warning & Environmental Obs for AK (TWEAK)$1,971
Univ of AL Huntsville Climate Research$986
Vermont Northeast Weather and Wind Data Integration$247
Wallops Ocean Observation Project$1,971
Winter Food Limitation (Pr William Sound Sci Center)$980
Yukon River Drainage Fisheries Association$490

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