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List of 2005 Earmarks

In fiscal year 2005, there were 68 earmarks totaling $31,944,000.

Agency:    Department of Agriculture
Bureau:    Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Account:    Salaries and expenses
Certifying Official:    Supervisory Budget Analyst
Certifying Organization:    USDA, Office of Budget and Program Analysis

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2005 Earmarks Amount ($K)
Alkaline digester for the Ohio Agriculture Research and Development Center in Wooster, Ohio$740
Arizona and New Mexico - Wolf Predation$149
Bird damage to aquaculture farms- National Wildlife Research Center, Starkville, MS$350
Brown Tree Snake$511
Brucellosis near Yellowstone National Park$733
California County Pest Detection Augmentation Program$745
Chronic Wasting Disease in Alaska$248
Chronic Wasting Disease in Utah$246
Chronic wasting disease management in Wisconsin$1,736
Cogongrass Management - Mississippi$246
Common agricultural chemical usage and animal health$170
Conservation Medicine Center of Chicago - Chronic Wasting Disease$247
Cormorant control - Lake Champlain Basin$99
Delta States Operations$323
Domestic Alligators$0
Farm Animal Identification and Records (FAIR)$595
Florida Rabies$417
Game bird predation work - University of Georgia$621
Geese control - New York$200
Greater Yellowstone Interagency Brucellosis Committee$886
Hawaii - sugar planters/rat control$231
Hawaii Interline$2,749
Hawaii and Guam operations$308
Hydrilla eradication$99
Hydrilla eradication$315
Import-Export Inspections$496
Imported Fire Ant Management - New Mexico$45
Imported Fire Ant Management - Tennessee$258
Jack Berryman Institute - Utah$245
Johne's Management - Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection$1,000
Kansas Blackbirds$173
Kentucky Beavers$197
Kiski Basin Initiative$296
Louisiana Blackbirds$119
Michigan - Tuberculosis$496
Michigan Cormorants$149
Minnesota - Wolf Control$248
Mississippi - Jack Berryman Institute$292
Mississippi Beaver Mgmt$546
Missouri - Feral Hogs$50
Missouri Crop & Aquaculture$243
Montana, Idaho & Wyoming - Predator Mgmt$1,290
National Wildlife Research Station - Kingsville, Texas$397
Nevada Division of Wildlife$473
Nevada activities$148
New Hampshire Operations$247
New Mexico Rapid Syndrome Validation Program$447
New York Cormorants$992
Nez Perce Bio-control Center for weed management$197
North Carolina Beavers$298
North Carolina rapid response capabilities$298
North Dakota Blackbirds$332
Remote Sensing.$198
Remote wildlife disease activities - North Dakota State University and Dickinson State University$1,240
Risk assessment of genetically modified agricultural products$298
Safety of aged hard cheeses manufactured from raw milk$296
Sandhill cranes in Idaho$298
South Dakota Blackbirds$33
Texas - Wildlife Services$992
Texas Fruit Fly$99
Utah activities$992
Virginia Coyote Predation$99
Wildlife Management - South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks$744
Wildlife damage management - Jack Berryman Institute, Utah$494
Wisconsin - Crane Operations$35
Wisconsin Beavers$149
Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium$1,985
Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan - Wolf Predation$1,056

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