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List of 2005 Earmarks

In fiscal year 2005, there were 242 earmarks totaling $156,103,000.

Agency:    Department of Agriculture
Bureau:    Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
Account:    Research and education activities
Certifying Official:    Supervisory Budget Analyst
Certifying Organization:    USDA, Office of Budget and Program Analysis

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2005 Earmarks Amount ($K)
Advanced Spatial Technologies, MS$935
Advanced genetic technologies, KY$645
Aegilops cylindrica/ Jointed goatgrass$355
Ag development in the American Pacific$486
Agricultural diversification, HI$112
Agricultural diversity/Red River Corridor, MN and ND$592
Agriculture science, OH$543
Agriculture waste utilization, WV$649
Agriculture water policy, GA$891
Agriculture water usage, GA$258
Agriculture-based industrial lubricants, IA$523
Agroecology, MD$387
Air quality, TX$1,065
Alliance for food protection, NE & GA$313
Alternative fuels characterization lab., ND$282
Alternative nutrient management, VT$173
Alternative salmon products, AK$1,099
Alternative uses for tobacco, MD$332
Animal Science Food Safety Consortium, AR, KS, IA$1,432
Animal disease research, WY$333
Animal waste management, OK$296
Apple Fire Blight, NY and MI$479
Aquaculture product & marketing development., WV$705
Aquaculture, AR$205
Aquaculture, ID & WA$764
Aquaculture, LA$329
Aquaculture, NC$278
Aquaculture, OH$846
Aquaculture, PA$220
Aquaculture, Stoneville, MS$517
Aquaculture, VA$188
Armillaria root rot, MI$150
Asparagus technology & production, WA$248
Babcock Institute, WI$564
Beef technology transfer, MO$259
Berry research, AK$1,776
Biobased nanocomposite research, ND$177
Biomass-based energy research, OK & MS$1,015
Biotechnology test production, IA$465
Biotechnology, MS$662
Biotechnology, NC$287
Botanical research, UT$889
Bovine tuberculosis, MI$352
Brucellosis vaccine, MT$440
Center for North American Studies, TX$992
Center for Public Land and Rural Economics, UT$223
Center for agriculture & rural development, IA$595
Center for food industry excellence, TX$867
Center for innovative food technology, OH$1,145
Center for rural studies, VT$348
Chesapeake Bay agroecology, MD$314
Childhood obesity and nutrition, VT$190
Citrus canker, FL$470
Citrus tristeza$691
Climate forecasting, FL$3,602
Competitiveness of agriculture products, WA$648
Computational agriculture, NY$239
Cool season legume research, ID$564
Cotton fiber quality, GA$470
Cotton research, TX$2,480
Council for Agricultural Science & Technology$149
Cranberry/Blueberry disease and breeding, NJ$352
Cranberry/Blueberry, MA$152
Critical Agricultural Materials$1,102
Crop diversification center, ND & MO$375
Crop integration and production, SD$295
Crop pathogens, NC$251
Curriculum Development and Strengthening, Mississippi Valley State Univ.$926
Dairy & meat goat research, TX$99
Dairy farm profitability, PA$468
Delta rural revitalization, MS$244
Designing foods for health, TX$1,611
Diaprepes/root weevil, FL$446
Dietary Intervention, OH$1,139
Drought Mitigation, NE$211
Drought management, UT$780
Efficient irrigation, NM & TX$1,488
Environmental biotechnology, RI$612
Environmental research, NY$373
Environmental risk factors/cancer, NY$217
Environmentally-safe products, VT$740
Ethnobotany research, AK$281
Exotic pest diseases, CA$1,929
Expanded wheat pasture, OK$273
Farm injuries and illnesses, NC$297
Feed Barley for rangeland cattle, MT$735
Feed efficiency in cattle, FL$295
Feed efficiency, WV$151
Feedstock conversion, SD$668
Fish and shellfish technologies, VA$453
Floriculture, HI$352
Food & Agriculture Policy Research Institute, IA & MO$1,537
Food Marketing Policy Center, CT$579
Food chain economic analysis, IA$416
Food quality, AK$341
Food safety research consortium, NY$893
Food safety risk assessment, ND$1,366
Food safety, AL$1,091
Food safety, OK and ME$552
Food safety, TX$187
Food security, WA$398
Food systems research group, WI$517
Forages for advancing livestock production, KY$390
Forestry research, AR$461
Fruit/Vegetable Market Analysis, AZ, MO$323
Functional Genomics, UT$1,472
Future foods, IL$545
Generic Commodity Promotions, research and evaluation, NY$190
Genomics, MS$883
Geographic Information Systems$1,702
Global Environmental Management$992
Grain sorghum, KS$136
Grapefruit juice/drug interaction, FL$344
Grass Seed Cropping System for sustainable agriculture,ID,OR, WA$450
Grazing research, WI$260
Greenhouse crop production, AK$445
Greenhouse nurseries, OH$726
High value horticultural crops, VA$567
Hispanic Leadership in Agriculture, TX$546
Horn fly research, AL$166
Human nutrition, Iowa$650
Human nutrition, LA$706
Human nutrition, NY$580
Hydroponic tomato production, OH$179
Illinois-Missouri Alliance for Biotechnology$1,170
Improved dairy management practices, PA$352
Improved fruit practices, MI$210
Income Enhancement Demonstration, OH$725
Increasing shelf life of agricultural commodities, ID$822
Infectious disease research, CO$778
Information Technology, GA$369
Institute for Food Science & Engineering, AR$1,110
Institute for biobased products and food Science, MT$562
Integrated production systems, OK$205
International Arid Lands Consortium$579
Iowa Biotechnology Consortium$1,775
Joe Skeen Institute for Rangeland Restoration$992
Leopold Center Hypoxia Project$222
Livestock & dairy policy, NY & TX$893
Livestock Marketing Information Center, CO$174
Livestock genome sequencing, IL$814
Livestock waste, IA$266
Lowbush blueberry research, ME$234
Maple research, VT$132
Mariculture, NC$317
Meadow foam, OR$260
Michigan Biotechnology Institute$555
Midwest Advanced Food Manufacturing Alliance, NE$524
Midwest Poultry Consortium, IA$683
Midwest agricultural products, IA$612
Milk safety, PA$703
Molluscan shellfish, OR$348
Monitoring agriculture sewage sludge application, OH$1,277
Montana Sheep Institute, MT$569
Multi-cropping strategies for aquaculture, HI$109
Multicommodity research, OR$353
National Beef Cattle Genetic Evaluation Consortium, NY$780
National Center for Soybean Technology, MO$940
Nematode resistance genetic engineering, NM$139
Nevada arid rangelands initiative,$480
New Crop Opportunities, AK$443
New Crop Opportunities, KY$724
Nursery, greenhouse, turf specialties, AL$273
Oil resources from desert plants, NM$211
Organic cropping, WA$359
Organic waste utilization, NM$93
Oyster post harvest treatment, FL$446
Ozone air quality, CA$401
PM-10 air quality study, WA$387
Pasteurization of shell eggs, MI$1,237
Pasture and forage research, UT$223
Peach tree short life, SC$265
Perennial wheat, WA$141
Pest control alternatives, SC$269
Phytophthora root rot, NM$182
Phytoremediation plant research, OH$779
Pierce's disease, CA$2,071
Plant, drought, and disease resistance gene cataloging, NM$233
Potato research$1,497
Precision agriculture, KY$675
Precision agriculture, Tennessee Valley Research Center, AL$599
Preharvest food safety, KS$192
Preservation and processing research, OK$198
Produce pricing, AZ$75
Protein utilization, IA$805
Rangeland ecosystems, NM$282
Regional barley gene mapping project$683
Regionalized implications/farm prog., MO, TX$759
Resident Instruction Grants for Insular Areas$496
Rice agronomy, MO$212
Ruminant Nutrition Consortium, MT, ND, SD, WY$470
Rural Development Centers, LA & ND$230
Rural Policies Institute, NE,IA, MO$1,205
Rural obesity, NY$188
Rural systems, MS$308
Russian wheat aphid, CO$290
STEEP - Water Quality in Pacific Northwest$640
Salmon quality standards, AK$166
Seafood harvesting., processing & marketing, AK$1,058
Seafood safety, MA$435
Seafood/aquaculture harvesting, processing & marketing.,MS$267
Seed research, AK$355
Seed technology, SD$354
Shrimp aquaculture, AZ, HI, LA, MA, SC, TX$3,941
Small fruit research, OR, WA, ID$422
Soil and environmental quality, DE$281
Southwest Consortium for Plant Genetics and Water Resources, NM$373
Soybean cyst nematode, MO$702
Soybean research, IL$955
Sudden Oak Death, CA$93
Supplemental and alternative Crops$1,186
Sustainable agricultural & natural resources, PA$190
Sustainable agriculture freshwater conservation, TX$1,805
Sustainable agriculture, CA$515
Sustainable agriculture, MI$384
Sustainable beef supply, MT$937
Sustainable engineered materials from renewable resources, VA$603
Swine and other animal waste management, NC$466
Tick borne disease prevention, RI$143
Tillage, silviculture, waste management, LA$425
Tri-state joint peanut research, AL$562
Tropical and subtropical research/T STAR$9,398
Tropical aquaculture, FL$211
Uniform farm mangement program, MN$281
Urban silviculture, NY$268
Value-added product development from agricultural resources, MT$405
Virtual plant database enhancement project, MO$705
Viticulture consortium, NY & CA$1,835
Vitis Gene Discovery, MO$603
Water Quality, ND$439
Water conservation, KS$74
Water pollutants, WV$564
Water use efficiency/water quality enhancements, GA$470
Weed control, ND$384
West Nile Virus, IL$496
Wetland plants, LA$562
Wetland plants, WV$188
Wheat genetics research, KS$244
Wheat sawfly research, MT$521
Wine Grape Foundation Block,$322
Wood utilization, AK, ID, ME, MI, MN, MS, NC, OR, TN, WV$6,235
Wool research, TX, WY, MT$298

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