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List of 2005 Earmarks

In fiscal year 2005, there were 286 earmarks totaling $174,715,000.

Agency:    Department of Agriculture
Bureau:    Agricultural Research Service
Account:    Salaries and expenses
Certifying Official:    Supervisory Budget Analyst
Certifying Organization:    USDA, Office of Budget and Program Analysis

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2005 Earmarks Amount ($K)
Aerial Application Research$590
Aflatoxin in Cotton$638
Agroforestry Booneville, AR$49
Air Quality$1,012
Air Quality Research (PM-10)$222
Alternative Crops and Value Added Products, Stoneville, MS$195
Animal Health Consortium$888
Animal Vaccines$936
Animal Waste Treatment$316
Animal Welfare Information Center$396
Appalachian Fruit Research Station$595
Appalachian Horticulture Research/Woody Genomics and Breeding for the Southeast'..$1,114
Appalachian Pasture Based Beef Systems$1,313
Aquaculture Density Research$197
Aquaculture Fisheries Center, Pine Bluff, AR$74
Aquaculture Initiative, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, Stuttgart, AR$1,720
Aquaculture Initiatives for Mid-Atlantic Highlands, Leetown, WV$551
Aquaculture/Rainbow Trout Research$1,740
Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi, Wyndmoor, PA$46
Arctic Germplasm$295
Arid Lands Research$245
Arkansas Children's Nutrition Center$591
Asian Bird Influenza$46
Avian Pneumovirus$249
Barley Food Health Benefits$482
Bee Research, Logan, UT$246
Bee Research, Weslaco, TX$247
Binational Agricultural Research and Development Program$118
Bioinformatics Institute for Model Plant Species$1,734
Biological Controls and Agriculture Research$539
Biomass Crop Production$1,217
Biomedical Materials in Plants (Biotechnology Foundation), Beltsville, MD$1,223
Biomineral Soil Amendments for Control of Nematodes$394
Biotechnology Research and Development Corporation, Peoria, IL$2,712
Biotechnology Research to Improve Crops & Livestock$1,470
Bovine Genetics$1,633
Broiler Production in the Mid-South$1,687
Broomweed Biological Control$266
Canada Thistle$266
Catfish Genome/Vaccines and Microbe Control for Fish Health$1,804
Catfish Health$2,062
Central Great Plains Research Station$539
Cereal Crops$1,743
Cereal Crops Research$661
Cereal Disease$314
Chloroplast Genetic Engineering Research, Urbana, IL$740
Chronic Diseases of Children$502
Citrus Waste Utilization$397
Citrus and Horticulture Research$393
Coffee and Cocoa Research, Beltsville, MD$739
Coffee and Cocoa Research, Miami, FL$851
Conservation Research/Tillage$417
Control of Perennial and Annual Weeds$670
Corn Germplasm, Ames, IA$861
Corn Germplasm, Mississippi, MI$590
Corn Resistant to Aflatoxin$491
Corn Rootworm$395
Cotton Genetics Research$245
Cotton Genomics, Breeding and Variety$1,470
Cotton Ginning Research (Long Staple Cotton)$884
Cotton Pathology$365
Cotton Quality$266
Crop Production and Food Processing$852
Cropping Systems Research$696
Dairy Forage/Integrated Farming Systems$3,543
Dairy Genetics$939
Delta Nutrition Initiative, Little Rock, AR$1,051
Diet Nutrition and Obesity Research$666
Diet and Immune Function (ACNC)$237
Dryland Production$237
Ecology and Tamarix$1,418
Emissions from Livestock Wastewater$89
Endophyte Research, Booneville, AR$642
Feed Efficiency in Cattle$222
Floriculture and Nursery Crops$2,251
Food Fermentation Research$365
Food Safety and Engineering$579
Food Safety for Listeria and E. Coli$98
Food Safety for Listeria, E. Coli and Other Food Pathogens, Beltsville, MD$223
Food Safety for Listeria, E. Coli and Other Food Pathogens, Clay Center, NE$110
Food Safety for Listeria, E. Coli and Other Food Pathogens, College Station, TX$82
Food Safety for Listeria, E. Coli and Other Food Pathogens, Wyndmoor, PA$66
Forage and Range Research$635
Formosan Subterranean Termites$1,290
Foundry Sand By-Products Utilization$682
Ft. Pierce Horticulture Lab$1,429
Golden Nematode$118
Grain Legume Plant Pathologist$247
Grain Research$491
Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Lab$586
Grape Genetics$635
Grape Rootstock$579
Grapefruit Juice/Drug Interaction, Winter Haven, FL$298
Grassland Soil and Water Research$222
Grazinglands Research Laboratory, El Reno, Oklahoma
Great Basins Rangeland, Boise, ID$196
Great Basins Rangeland, Burns, OR$196
Great Basins Rangeland, Reno, NV$196
Great Lakes Aquaculture Research$533
Greenhouse Lettuce Germplasm$76
Greenhouse and Hydroponics Research$1,540
Harry Dupree National Aquaculture Research Center$443
Hides and Leather Research$172
Honey Bee Research (Varroa Mites)$394
Hops Research$379
Human Nutrition (Equipment)$99
Human Nutrition (Obesity)$738
IPM for Northern Climate Crops$1,663
Improved Animal Waste Management$475
Improved Crop Production Practices$1,401
Improved Forage Livestock Production/Sustainable Grazing Livestock Systems$2,784
Integrated Farming$245
Invasive Aphid Research$222
Invasive Aquatic Weeds$133
Irrigated Cropping Systems in the Mid-South$316
Johne's Disease, Ames, IA$653
Johne's Disease, Beltsville, MD$327
Jornada Experimental Range Research Station$392
Karnal Bunt$334
Land Acquisition Authority, National Peanut Research Laboratory, Dawson, Georgia
Language (Colorado State University)
Lettuce Geneticist/Breeder$37
Livestock & Range Research/Ft. Keogh$1,012
Livestock Genome Mapping$715
Malignant Catarrhal Fever (MCF) Virus$489
Manure Management Research (National Swine Research Center)$392
Medicinal Botanical Production and Processing$470
Michael Fields Agricultural Institute$497
Microbial Genomics, Kerrville, TX$235
Microbial Genomics, Pullman, WA$764
Mid-West/Mid-South Irrigation$496
Minor Use Pesticides (IR-4) Urbana, IL$7
Minor Use Pesticides (IR-4), Beltsville, MD$487
Minor Use Pesticides (IR-4), Charleston, SC$5
Minor Use Pesticides (IR-4), Corvallis, OR$18
Minor Use Pesticides (IR-4), Prosser, WA$38
Minor Use Pesticides (IR-4), Salinas, CA$20
Minor Use Pesticides (IR-4), Tifton, GA$60
Minor Use Pesticides (IR-4), Wapato, WA$109
Minor Use Pesticides (IR-4), Washington, DC$15
Minor Use Pesticides (IR-4), Weslaco, TX$36
Minor Use Pesticides (IR-4), Wooster, OH$10
Mosquito Trapping Research/West Nile Virus$1,251
NW Small Fruits (Small Fruits and Nursery Crops)/Viticulture Research$1,922
Nat'l Center for Cool & Coldwater Aquaculture$1,766
Nat'l Center for Cool & Coldwater Aquaculture-Aquaculture Systems/Rainbow Trout$1,142
National Center for Agricultural Law (NAL), Beltsville, MD$214
National Cold Water Marine Aquaculture$565
National Corn to Ethanol Research$392
National Germplasm Resource Program, Mayaguez, PR$98
National Germplasm Resources Program, Ames, IA$245
National Germplasm Resources Program, Beltsville, MD$514
National Germplasm Resources Program, College Station, TX$245
National Germplasm Resources Program, Corvallis, OR$247
National Germplasm Resources Program, Davis, CA$245
National Germplasm Resources Program, Ft. Collins, CO$590
National Germplasm Resources Program, Geneva, NY$196
National Germplasm Resources Program, Griffin, GA$251
National Germplasm Resources Program, Madison, WI$98
National Germplasm Resources Program, Miami, FL$247
National Germplasm Resources Program, Riverside, CA$247
National Germplasm Resources Program, Urbana, IL$245
National Germplasm Resources Program, Washington, DC$123
National Germplasm Resources Program. Pullman, WA$245
National Nutrition Monitoring System$490
National Plant Germplasm Program, Aberdeen, ID$98
National Sclerotinia Initiative$1,448
National Sedimentation Lab (Yazoo River Basin/TMDLs)$392
National Sedimentation Lab Yazoo Basin$489
National Sedimentation Laboratory - Acoustics (Flood Control/Acoustic Technology), Oxford, MS$563
National Soil Dynamics Laboratory$1,002
National Warmwater Aquaculture Center$829
National Wheat and Barley Scab Initiative, Beltsville, MD$1,076
National Wheat and Barley Scab Initiative, Fargo, ND$98
National Wheat and Barley Scab Initiative, Manhattan, KS$98
National Wheat and Barley Scab Initiative, Raleigh, NC$98
Natural Products$2,108
Nematology Research$251
New England Plant, Soil, & Water Research Lab$532
Northern Grain Insects Laboratory$1,169
Northern Great Plains Ecosystem$784
Northern Great Plains Research Lab$63
Northern Plains Agricultural Research Laboratory$873
Noxious Weeds in the Desert Southwest$307
NutriCore (Nutrition Interventions)$50
Nutritional Requirements$1,277
Oat Virus$235
Obesity Research$174
Ogallala Aquifer$2,421
Olive Fruit Fly, Montpelier, France$304
Olive Fruit Fly, Parlier, CA$216
Organic Minor Crop Research$161
Ornamental and Horticulture Research (Pear Thrips)$231
Pasture Systems and Watershed Management$490
Peanut Research$133
Pecan Scab Research$334
Phytoestrogen Research$1,189
Pierce's Disease, Ft. Pierce, FL$423
Pierce's Disease, Parlier, CA$3,216
Pierce's Disease/Glassy-winged Sharpshooter, Davis, CA$148
Plant Genetic Diversity and Gene Discovery Center$666
Plant Stress & Water Conservation Lab$1,576
Poisonous Plant Research$1,288
Post-harvest & Controlled Atmosphere Chamber (Lettuce)$37
Potato Breeding Research$369
Potato Late Blight$235
Potato Research Enhancement$291
Potato Storage$268
Poult Enteritis-Mortality Syndrome (PEMS)$147
Poultry Disease, East Lansing, MI$244
Poultry Diseases, Athens, GA$901
Poultry Diseases, Beltsville, MD$442
Precision Agriculture Research$490
Quantify Basin Water Budget Components in the Southwest$440
Rangeland Resource Management$1,785
Rangeland Resources Research$196
Red Imported Fire Ants$1,668
Regional Grains Genotyping Research$522
Regional Molecular Genotyping, Fargo, ND$177
Regional Molecular Genotyping, Manhattan, KS$178
Regional Molecular Genotyping, Pullman, WA$178
Residue Management in Sugarcane (Sugarcane Research)$1,105
Resist. Mgmt & Risk Assmt in BT Cotton & Other Plant Inc Protectants$1,078
Rice Research$274
Root Diseases of Wheat and Barley$73
Salmonella, Listeria, E. Coli and other Food Pathogens$198
Seafood Waste$1,240
Sedimentation Issues in Flood Control Dam Rehabilitations$465
Seismic and Acoustic Technologies in Soils Sed. Lab$359
Shellfish Genetics$761
Small Farms, Booneville, AR$1,955
Small Fruits Research/Ornamental/Horticulture$2,195
Soil Erosion Lab$245
Soil Plant Nutrient Research$568
Soil Tilth Research$733
Sorghum Cold Tolerance$266
Sorghum Research, Bushland, TX$488
Sorghum Research, Little Rock, AR$147
Sorghum Research, Lubbock, TX$984
Sorghum Research, Manhattan, KS$747
Sorghum Research, Stillwater, OK$296
Source Water Protection$560
Source Water Protection Initiatives$758
South Central Agricultural Research Laboratory$266
Southeastern Fruit and Tree Nut Research$465
Southwest Pecan Research$235
Soybean Cyst Nematode$493
Soybean Genetics$1,061
Soybean Research in the South$591
Soybean and Nitrogen Fixation$413
Sudden Oak Disease, Davis, CA$321
Sudden Oak Disease, Ft. Detrick, MD$911
Sugarbeet Research$710
Sugarcane Variety Research$1,419
Sustainable Olive Production$394
Sustainable Vineyards/Viticulture Practices$833
Sweet Potato$617
Swine Lagoon Alternatives Research$490
Temperate Fruit Flies$37
Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSE)$223
Tree Fruit Quality Research$440
Trout Genome Mapping$1,208
Turfgrass Research, Beaver, WV$149
Turfgrass Research, Washington, DC$482
U.S. National Arboretum (Germplasm/Ornamental Horticulture)$1,422
U.S. Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center$1,636
U.S. Vegetable Lab$756
Vector Borne Diseases$222
Vegetable Crops Research$196
Verticillium Wilt$479
Virus Free Fruit Tree Cultivars$245
Virus-Free Potato Germplasm$588
Waste Management Research$2,758
Water Management Research Lab$328
Water Resources Management$592
Water Use Management Technology$344
Water Use Reduction$712
Watershed Research$48
Weed Management Research$266
Western Grazinglands, Burns, OR$1,115
Western Grazinglands, Reno, NV$133
Wheat Quality Research, Fargo, ND$196
Wheat Quality Research, Manhattan, KS$424
Wheat Quality Research, Wooster, OH$418
Wheat Quality Research/Western Wheat$491
Wild Rice, St. Paul, MN$89

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