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Public Comments on the Review of the
Application of EU and US Regulatory Impact
Assessment Guidelines on the Analysis of Impacts on
International Trade and Investment,
Joint Draft Report for Comment

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  1. Jacopo Torriti, Frederic Bouder, and Prof. Ragnar Lofstedt (5 pages, 42 kb)
  2. Association of American Publishers and The Washington DC Principles for Free Access to Science (14 pages, 121 kb)
  3. Federation of German Industries (9 pages, 305 kb)
  4. BUSINESSEUROPE (4 pages, 42 kb)
  5. Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America (13 pages, 2,726 kb)
  6. TransAtlantic Business Dialogue (3 pages, 46 kb)
  7. American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union (7 pages,104 kb)
  8. Transatlantic Consumers Dialogue (13 pages,345 kb)
  9. Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America:  Supplemental Comment (3 pages, 503 kb)

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