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OMB Specific Information Quality Web Page

  • OMB Information Quality Guidelines for OMB (PDF) (HTML)

    These guidelines describe OMB's policy for ensuring the quality of information that OMB disseminates to the public and sets forth the administrative procedure by which an affected person may obtain correction of information disseminated by OMB.

  • Information Quality Correspondence

    At this time, OMB has received no information quality correction requests; however, OMB will update this page if it receives any requests.

  • Forthcoming Influential Scientific Disseminations (Peer Review Agenda)

    Based on the review it has conducted, OMB has not identified any upcoming Highly Influential Scientific Assessments at this time.

  • Government-wide Guidelines for Ensuring and Maximizing the Quality, Objectivity, Utility and Integrity of Information Disseminated by Federal Agencies (February 22, 2002) (162k)

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