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Peer Review and Public Comments
on the
2005 Draft Report to Congress
on the Costs and Benefits of Federal Regulations
and Unfunded Mandates on
State, Local, and Tribal Entities
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Peer Reviewers

  1. Mark Greenwood, Ropes & Gray (222k)
  2. Robert Hahn, Robert Litan, and Rohit Malik, AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies (135k)
  3. Winston Harrington, Resources for the Future (50k)
  4. Brian Mannix, Mercatus Center (105k)
  5. Richard Parker, University of Connecticut School of Law (184k)

Public Comments

  1. Thomas Curtis, American Water Works Association (109k)
  2. Thomas McGarity and Amy Sinden, Center for Progressive Reform (108k)
  3. William Kovacs, Chamber of Commerce (145k)
  4. Barbara Kahlow (20k)
  5. Susan Dudley, Mercatus Center (124k)
  6. David Crowe, National Association of Home Builders (33k)
  7. Al Mansell, National Association of Realtors (121k)
  8. Alison Keane and David Darling, National Pain and Coatings Association (23k)
  9. Steve Crockett, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (22k)
  10. Sean Moulton and Cheryl Gregory, OMB Watch (106k)
  11. J. Robert Shull, OMB Watch (497k)
  12. Thomas Sullivan and Bruce Lundegren, SBA Office of Advocacy (149k)
  13. Jim Tozzi, Center for Regulatory Effectiveness (19k)
  14. John Engler, National Association of Manufacturers (303k)
  15. Joan Claybrook, Public Citizen (306k)

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