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September 11, 2002


FROM: Mark W. Everson
Deputy Director Management

SUBJECT: Standardizing Grant Announcements

I am encouraged by the progress to date on E-Grants, the interagency initiative to simplify the Federal grants process. I seek your personal support in implementing two projects that will streamline grant announcements.

Standard Format for Grant Announcements

Currently, agencies announce grant opportunities in a variety of venues and formats, making it difficult for potential grant recipients to locate possible sources of funding. The interagency grants team developed a proposed standard format for grant announcements, which was published for comment in the Federal Register on August 12, 2002. I encourage your agency to offer comments and suggestions.

Standard Grant Synopsis Data

The Federal Register announcement also includes proposed synopsis data, which are the search terms a prospective grant recipient would use to identify grant opportunities. We want to ensure that the search terms capture the needs of grant-seekers. After we receive comments and resolve them, all grant-making agencies will be required to use this synopsis format to advertise all grant opportunities through which currently is the single government point-of-entry for Federal Government procurement opportunities. The interagency grants team and the General Services Administration have produced a pilot system for grant synopsis announcements using the FedBizOpps model, and I strongly encourage you to actively participate in this pilot. Contact Rebecca Harding at 202-690-8655 for more information regarding this pilot.

Your support for these two efforts will strengthen your agency's ability to successfully deploy E-Grants as a one-stop portal, thus fulfilling one of the criteria for success in Electronic Government on the Executive Branch Management Scorecard. Questions about this memorandum may be directed to Joseph L. Kull, Deputy Controller, at 202-395-3993.


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