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Refers to the service provider who manages and provides availability to a web site or application, often bound to a Service Level Agreement (SLA). The Hosting entity generally maintains a server farm with network support, power backup, fault tolerance, load-balancing, and storage backup.

  • External (ISP/ASP/FirstGov)

    The outsourcing of a web site or application with a managed service provider. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides telecommunications circuits, server co-location, and web site and application hosting. An Application Service Provider (ASP) offers software-based services for high-end business applications and specific-needs applications such as payroll, sales force automation, and human resources. FirstGov is the official managed service provider for the Federal Government.

  • Internal (within Agency)

    The hosting of a web site or application within an Agency. The Agency is responsible for the maintenance, support and availability of the web site or application.