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Credit Subsidy Calculator

Installation problems

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Last updated: November 21, 2000

When you install the Credit Subsidy Calculator, you might see the following message:

Office of Management and Budget

This message may appear if the directory permissions in your c:\temp directory are restrictive. Normally, the permissions for this directory are set to allow reading, writing, and creating subdirectores. If the configuration of your computer is managed by others (such as IT group or a network support group), the directory permissions may have been changed.

Generally, this problem will be resolved by changing the permissions on the c:\temp directory. To do this, open "explore" with a right click on the "start" button. Then, right click on the c:\temp directory and click on "Properties" and the following dialog box should appear:

Office of Management and Budget

Click on the "security" tab and you should see the following:

Office of Management and Budget

Click on the "permissions" tab. If the permissions are on the default settings, you might see the following:

Office of Management and Budget

However, if the permissions have been changed, you might see something like this instead:

Office of Management and Budget

If the settings look like the box above, there is a problem.

  • If you manage your own computer, the problem can be corrected by changing the type of access from "special" to "change" or "full control."
  • If someone else manages your computer, such as a network support group or IT group, you may need their assistance to make the necessary changes.