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Federal Credit Support Page

Credit Subsidy Calculator 2

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Last updated: January 13, 2009

Software installation

To install the current release of the Credit Subsidy Calculator 2 (CSC2) (Version 1.2c):

  • Use the right mouse button to download the installation files (1.5 MB).
  • When the menu appears, click on "Save ... as" option.
  • When the "Save as" dialog appears, choose a folder for downloading and click the "Save" button. Remember the name of the folder because you will need it later on. The "CSC2ir1.exe" file holds the files needed for installation. It is not the CSC2.
  • Switch to "explorer" or to a "command prompt," go to the folder where you saved "CSC2ir1.exe," and run cscir1.exe. This will start the installation. You will be asked to choose a drive and folder for the installation of the CSC2.
  • Next you will be asked to select a program folder. This name will appear under your "Start, Programs" menu. The default name is CSC2.
  • When the installation is complete you will see the following window:
  • While the installation program is running, you will have a couple of chances to cancel the installation program. Doing so is harmless. If you cancel the installation program, you can restart it by repeating the previous step only. (You do not need to download "CSC2ir1.exe" again.)
    • If you are reinstalling the software (updating to a new version or for a new set of economic assumptions) you should select the "repair" option as shown below:

  • When the installation is finished, the "CSC2ir1.exe" file is no longer needed. You can delete it if you wish to save disk space.
  • The CSC2 is now ready to be used.

When the installation process has finished, you can:

  • Click on the "start" button
  • Choose "programs"
  • Go to the "CSC2" folder
  • Click on any of the following:
  • "CSC2" to start the software
  • "installation notes" for a description of the software and sources of more information
  • "uninstall" to remove the software and related files from your system

You can re-install the software at any time without losing any data that you have created.

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