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April 26, 2001



SUBJECT:   Physicians Comparability Allowance Data Reporting Requirements

  1. Purpose. This Bulletin, which includes Attachments A and B, provides guidance on data reporting requirements for the Physicians Comparability Allowance (PCA) program. The Bulletin is issued pursuant to the 2000 edition of OMB Circular No. A-11, section 32.2 (b)(12).

    Collection of the data by OMB is required to monitor government-wide PCA usage, physician employment, and physician compensation. The data will be used to evaluate the effect of the PCA program on Federal physician recruitment and retention and to issue the 2001 Presidential Report on the Physicians Comparability Allowance in accordance with the Federal Physicians Comparability Allowance Act as amended (5 U.S.C. 5948).

    Later this fiscal year, agencies are also required to submit to OMB for approval a complete description of their plans for implementing the PCA program in fiscal year 2002.

  2. Background. OMB collects data on PCA program operations to prepare the Presidential report and to assess Federal physician recruitment and retention needs. These data help ensure consistent, government-wide implementation and also are used to evaluate the effectiveness of the PCA program.


    Office of Personnel Management (OPM) regulations implementing the PCA program require OMB approval of agency plans to pay allowances. The OPM regulations are published in 5 CFR 595.

  3. Content of This Year's Report: Reporting requirements for this year's PCA report are substantially the same as last year's. Attachment A is a listing of Federal agencies that are required to submit PCA data under this Bulletin. Attachment B is a data worksheet to be completed by agencies reporting the required PCA data. Organizational components of PCA reporting agencies that employed more than 100 pysicians who received PCA payments during FY 2000 are to submit separate reports by component (using the PCA worksheets), in addition to a composite report for the entire Department/agency.


    Instructions for completing PCA worksheets are posted on OMB's website at: /omb/bulletins/phycomp-inst.pdf. In addition, a copy of last year's Presidential PCA report to the Congress is included for reference purposes at: /omb/bulletins/phycomp-rpt.pdf.

  4. Due Dates for the 2001 Presidential Report information and for the FY 2002 PCA Plans.


    (a) Agencies are to furnish the requested PCA information for the 2001 Presidential Report by May 25, 2001.

    (b) Agencies are to submit PCA plan descriptions for FY 2002 by September 7, 2001, using the format of the FY 2001 PCA plans.

  5. Contact. Questions regarding this Bulletin should be directed to the agency's OMB representative.


  6. Termination Date. This Bulletin will terminate as soon as the requested data have been submitted.

Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr.



Attachment A, Agencies with currently approved PCA Plans
Attachment B, Physicians' Comparability Allowance Reporting Worksheet

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