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DOC is making good progress on all management agenda items.

Initiative Status Progress
Human Capital — DOC has a strong foundation for improved human capital management. For example, it has a restructuring plan for the Economic Development Administration that moves people from headquarters to regional offices, to provide more direct service. DOC has reduced its lost-time accident rate by 21 percent since 2000, and proposes strengthening its safety program in 2004.
Competitive Sourcing — DOC has studied one percent of its commercial positions, but has committed to study 20 percent during 2003. Census is conducting a major public-private cost comparison and competition of 225 positions. The study covers a variety of clerical and administrative support jobs. Once at least 15 percent of DOC’s positions have been studied, its status will improve to yellow.
Financial Performance — DOC has received three years of unqualified opinions on its consolidated financial statements. DOC expects to resolve its material weaknesses – information security and system integration -- through its new financial system and security enhancements. As of January 2003, 85 percent of DOC was already using a compliant system, and the Department will complete implementation this year.
Expanding E-Government — DOC has provided business cases for all major IT investments and 60 percent of all IT investments. DOC provides quarterly updates on IT security, and is working to address remaining deficiencies. DOC is managing partner for the International Trade Process Streamlining E-Government initiative to help expand exports from U.S. firms, and provides assistance to several other initiatives.
Budget/Performance Integration — DOC’s Budget in Brief will provide a clear presentation of the Department-wide performance budget for 2004.
arrows indicate change in status since baseline evaluation on September 30, 2001.

Program Assessments

Ten Commerce programs were reviewed for performance effectiveness. The Administration proposes a variety of measures to address performance issues identified in the review, such as increasing funding where needed for core activities, reducing funds for low-priority programs, and instituting management reforms. The evaluations of, and recommendations for these programs, are highlighted in the accompanying summaries.
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