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Over the next two years, DHS faces the challenge of reorganizing nearly two dozen programs and agencies with nearly 180,000 employees. Key to success are new management flexibilities. Because DHS is new, the status starts at red reflecting the known condition of several of the large components being transferred to the department. Progress ratings will be determined in the next year. As such, specific near-term goals for each initiative are highlighted below rather than progress reports in reaching them.
Initiative Status

Human Capital

  • Conduct a workforce analysis to identify mission-critical skills, the competencies of current workers, and actions to be taken to close the gaps.
  • Develop a performance-based human resources management system to reward and motivate employees.

Competitive Sourcing

  • Use innovative procurement methods during DHS’ start up. Partner with the private sector when possible and appropriate.
  • Conduct a review of the Department’s activities, identify commercial functions, and develop a plan for competing jobs that can be done in the private sector.

Financial Performance

  • Implement a unified financial management system that links funding to performance.

Enhancing E-Government

  • Develop a unified operating infrastructure that supports DHS programs and activities.
  • Map operational systems to identify any redundancies and obsolete systems.
  • Develop an interactive website that allows for on-line benefit and grant applications.

Budget/Performance Integration

  • Develop a five-year strategic plan and line up resources with goals for the 2005 Budget.
  • Develop a performance management system that links resources to programs’ operations.

Program Assessments

Nine programs that moved into DHS received PART reviews. Seven did not demonstrate results. These programs generally have a clear purpose but lack long-term, measurable goals. DHS will undertake performance evaluations of its programs over the next two years to identify remedial steps or other appropriate action.

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