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FOIA ANNUAL REPORT Fiscal Year – 1997

The Office of Administration, whose sole function is to advise and assist the President, and which has no substantial independent authority, is not subject to FOIA and related authorities. However, these pages have been maintained due to the Presidential Records Act.

1. A total of thirty-seven determinations were made not to comply with requests for records, or to redact portions of records, under the number 5 U.S.C. §552(a).  It should be noted that in a single responsive document several exemptions may have been cited.
Reason Number of Times
(a) Agency had no records responsive 23
(b) Agency-to-agency requests are not provided for under the Freedom of Information Act 0
(c) Denied in whole or in part under 5 U.S.C. §552 (b) (2) 2
(d) Denied in whole or in part under 5 U.S.C. §552 (b) (4) 5
(e) Denied in whole or in part under 5 U.S.C. §552 (b) (5) 4
(f) Denied in whole or in part under 5 U.S.C. §552 (b) (6) 3
2. Three appeals were made under Subsection 552 (a) (6).  Responses to two of the appeals confirmed that the agency had no records responsive to the request.  In response to one appeal, it was determined that the information was no longer deliberative, therefore, some of the records originally withheld were released.
3. Participating individuals cited in all letters of denial, and the number of instances of participation for each:
Carol Ehrlich
Freedom of Information Act Officer


4. The results of proceedings conducted pursuant to Subsection (a) (4) (F) against the officer or employee who was primarily responsible for improperly withholding records were not applicable to the agency.
5-7. A copy of the Office of Administration's fee schedule, fee waiver policy and miscellaneous fee provisions under 5 CFR §§ 2502.11-15 are attached.
(a) The Office of Administration collected $383.30 in 1997 for making records available.

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