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Performance And Management Assessments

To download: put the cursor on the document you want to download, click the right mouse button, and choose "Save ... as"

The Performance and Management Assessments document is also available as a single PDF file (2.2 MB)

To download all of the "xls" files listed below in a "zip" file, hold down the shift key and click here (7.6 MB)

Department of Agriculture  
     Animal WelfareSummaryWorksheet
     Crop InsuranceSummaryWorksheet
     Direct Crop PaymentsSummaryWorksheet
     Farmland Protection ProgramSummaryWorksheet
     Food Aid ProgramsSummaryWorksheet
     Food Safety and Inspection ServiceSummaryWorksheet
     Multifamily Housing Direct Loans and Rental AssistanceSummaryWorksheet
     National Forest Improvement and MaintenanceSummaryWorksheet
     National School LunchSummaryWorksheet
     Rural Electric Utility Loans and GuaranteesSummaryWorksheet
     Rural Water and Wastewater Grants and LoansSummaryWorksheet
     USDA Wildland Fire ManagementSummaryWorksheet
     Wildlife Habitat Incentives ProgramSummaryWorksheet
Department of Commerce  
     Advanced Technology ProgramSummaryWorksheet
     Bureau of Economic AnalysisSummaryWorksheet
     Economic Development AdministrationSummaryWorksheet
     Manufacturing Extension PartnershipSummaryWorksheet
     Minority Business Development SummaryWorksheet
     National Marine Fisheries ServiceSummaryWorksheet
     National Weather ServiceSummaryWorksheet
     Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery FundSummaryWorksheet
     U.S. Patent and Trademark Office - PatentsSummaryWorksheet
     U.S. Patent and Trademark Office - TrademarksSummaryWorksheet
Department of Defense  
     Air Combat ProgramSummaryWorksheet
     Airlift ProgramSummaryWorksheet
     Basic ResearchSummaryWorksheet
     Chemical DemilitarizationSummaryWorksheet
     Communications InfrastructureSummaryWorksheet
     Defense HealthSummaryWorksheet
     Energy Conservation ImprovementSummaryWorksheet
     Facilities Sustainment, Restoration, Modernization, and DemolitionSummaryWorksheet
     Missile DefenseSummaryWorksheet
Department of Education  
     Adult Education State GrantsSummaryWorksheet
     Comprehensive School ReformSummaryWorksheet
     Even StartSummaryWorksheet
     Federal Pell GrantsSummaryWorksheet
     IDEA Grants for Infants and FamiliesSummaryWorksheet
     IDEA Grants to StatesSummaryWorksheet
     IDEA Preschool GrantsSummaryWorksheet
     National AssessmentSummaryWorksheet
     National Center for Education StatisticsSummaryWorksheet
     Occupational and Employment InformationSummaryWorksheet
     Safe and Drug Free Schools State GrantsSummaryWorksheet
     Student Aid AdministrationSummaryWorksheet
     Tech-Prep Education State GrantsSummaryWorksheet
     Tribally Controlled Postsecondary Vocational and Technical InstitutionsSummaryWorksheet
     TRIO Student Support ServicesSummaryWorksheet
     TRIO Upward BoundSummaryWorksheet
     Vocational Education State GrantsSummaryWorksheet
     Vocational Rehabilitation State GrantsSummaryWorksheet
Department of Energy  
     Advanced Fuel Cycle InitiativeSummaryWorksheet
     Advanced Scientific Computing ResearchSummaryWorksheet
     Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASCI)SummaryWorksheet
     Basic Energy SciencesSummaryWorksheet
     Biological and Environmental ResearchSummaryWorksheet
     Bonneville Power AdministrationSummaryWorksheet
     Building TechnologiesSummaryWorksheet
     Clean Coal Research InitiativeSummaryWorksheet
     Environmental Management (Cleanup)SummaryWorksheet
     Environmental Management (R&D)SummaryWorksheet
     Facilities and InfrastructureSummaryWorksheet
     Fuel Cells (Stationary)SummaryWorksheet
     Fusion Energy SciencesSummaryWorksheet
     Gas Exploration and ProductionSummaryWorksheet
     Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems InitiativeSummaryWorksheet
     Geothermal TechnologySummaryWorksheet
     High Energy PhysicsSummaryWorksheet
     Hydrogen TechnologySummaryWorksheet
     International Nuclear Materials Protection and CooperationSummaryWorksheet
     Methane HydratesSummaryWorksheet
     Nuclear Energy Research InitiativeSummaryWorksheet
     Nuclear PhysicsSummaryWorksheet
     Nuclear Power 2010SummaryWorksheet
     Oil Exploration and ProductionSummaryWorksheet
     Safeguards and SecuritySummaryWorksheet
     Solar EnergySummaryWorksheet
     Southeastern Power AdministrationSummaryWorksheet
     Southwestern Power AdministrationSummaryWorksheet
     Weatherization AssistanceSummaryWorksheet
     Western Area Power AdministrationSummaryWorksheet
     Wind EnergySummaryWorksheet
Department of Health and Human Services  
     317 Immunization ProgramSummaryWorksheet
     Center for Biologics Evaluation and ResearchSummaryWorksheet
     Center for Devices and Radiologic HealthSummaryWorksheet
     Center for Drug Evaluation and ResearchSummaryWorksheet
     Center for Food Safety and Applied NutritionSummaryWorksheet
     Center for Veterinary MedicineSummaryWorksheet
     Children’s Mental Health ServicesSummaryWorksheet
     Chronic Disease - Breast and Cervical CancerSummaryWorksheet
     Chronic Disease - DiabetesSummaryWorksheet
     Data Collection and DisseminationSummaryWorksheet
     Domestic HIV/AIDS PreventionSummaryWorksheet
     Foster CareSummaryWorksheet
     Head StartSummaryWorksheet
     Health Alert NetworkSummaryWorksheet
     Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control (HCFAC)SummaryWorksheet
     Health CentersSummaryWorksheet
     Health ProfessionsSummaryWorksheet
     IHS Federally-Administered ActivitiesSummaryWorksheet
     IHS Sanitation Facilities Construction ProgramSummaryWorksheet
     Maternal and Child Health Block Grant (MCHBG)SummaryWorksheet
     Medicare Integrity Program (HCFAC)SummaryWorksheet
     National Health Service CorpsSummaryWorksheet
     Nursing Education Loan Repayment and Scholarship ProgramSummaryWorksheet
     Projects for Assistance in Transition from HomelessnessSummaryWorksheet
     Refugee and Entrant AssistanceSummaryWorksheet
     Ryan WhiteSummaryWorksheet
     State and Community-Based Services Programs on AgingSummaryWorksheet
     State Children’s Health Insurance ProgramSummaryWorksheet
     Substance Abuse Treatment Programs of Regional and National SignificanceSummaryWorksheet
     Translating Research into PracticeSummaryWorksheet
Department of Homeland Security  
     Aids to NavigationSummaryWorksheet
     Disaster Relief Fund - Public AssistanceSummaryWorksheet
     Drug InterdictionSummaryWorksheet
     Federal Law Enforcement Training CenterSummaryWorksheet
     Hazard Mitigation GrantSummaryWorksheet
     Immigration ServicesSummaryWorksheet
     Metropolitan Medical Response SystemSummaryWorksheet
     National Flood InsuranceSummaryWorksheet
     Search and RescueSummaryWorksheet
Department of Housing and Urban Development  
     HOME Investment Partnerships ProgramSummaryWorksheet
     Housing for the ElderlySummaryWorksheet
     Housing for Persons with DisabilitiesSummaryWorksheet
     Housing VouchersSummaryWorksheet
     Native American Housing Block GrantsSummaryWorksheet
     Project-Based Rental AssistanceSummaryWorksheet
Department of the Interior  
     Abandoned Mine Land ReclamationSummaryWorksheet
     DOI Wildland Fire ManagementSummaryWorksheet
     Habitat Restoration ActivitiesSummaryWorksheet
     Indian School ConstructionSummaryWorksheet
     Indian School OperationsSummaryWorksheet
     National Fish Hatchery SystemSummaryWorksheet
     National MappingSummaryWorksheet
     National Park Service Facility ManagementSummaryWorksheet
     National Park Service Natural Resource ChallengeSummaryWorksheet
     Outer Continental Shelf Environmental StudiesSummaryWorksheet
     Partners for Fish and WildlifeSummaryWorksheet
     Reclamation HydropowerSummaryWorksheet
     Rural Water Supply ProjectsSummaryWorksheet
     Title XVI Water Reuse and RecyclingSummaryWorksheet
     Tribal Land ConsolidationSummaryWorksheet
Department of Justice  
     Bureau of PrisonsSummaryWorksheet
     Community Oriented Policing ServicesSummaryWorksheet
     Drug CourtsSummaryWorksheet
     Drug Enforcement AdministrationSummaryWorksheet
     Juvenile Accountability Block GrantsSummaryWorksheet
     Residential Substance Abuse TreatmentSummaryWorksheet
     Weed and SeedSummaryWorksheet
     White Collar CrimeSummaryWorksheet
Department of Labor  
     Bureau of Labor StatisticsSummaryWorksheet
     Community Service Employment for Older AmericansSummaryWorksheet
     Dislocated Worker AssistanceSummaryWorksheet
     Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA)SummaryWorksheet
     Occupational Safety and Health AdministrationSummaryWorksheet
     Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP)SummaryWorksheet
     Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration (PWBA)SummaryWorksheet
     Trade Adjustment AssistanceSummaryWorksheet
     Youth ActivitiesSummaryWorksheet
Department of State and International Assistance Programs  
     Anti-Terrorism AssistanceSummaryWorksheet
     Capital Security Construction ProgramSummaryWorksheet
     Educational and Cultural Exchange Programs in Near East Asia and South AsiaSummaryWorksheet
     Military Assistance to new NATO and NATO Aspirant NationsSummaryWorksheet
     PKO - including East Timor and OSCESummaryWorksheet
     Refugee Admissions to the U.SSummaryWorksheet
     Refugees to IsraelSummaryWorksheet
     Security Assistance to Sub-Saharan AfricaSummaryWorksheet
     USAID Climate ChangeSummaryWorksheet
     USAID Development Assistance - PopulationSummaryWorksheet
     USAID Public Law 480 Title II Food AidSummaryWorksheet
     Visa and Consular ServicesSummaryWorksheet
Department of Transportation  
     FAA Grants-in-Aid for Airports (Airport Improvement Program)SummaryWorksheet
     Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Grant ProgramSummaryWorksheet
     FHWA Highway InfrastructureSummaryWorksheet
     National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Grant ProgramSummaryWorksheet
Department of Treasury  
     ATF Consumer Product Safety ActivitiesSummaryWorksheet
     Bank Enterprise AwardSummaryWorksheet
     Coin ProductionSummaryWorksheet
     Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) ComplianceSummaryWorksheet
     International Development AssociationSummaryWorksheet
     IRS Tax CollectionSummaryWorksheet
     OCC Bank SupervisionSummaryWorksheet
     Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)SummaryWorksheet
     OTS Thrift SupervisionSummaryWorksheet
     Treasury Technical AssistanceSummaryWorksheet
Department of Veterans Affairs  
     Burial BenefitsSummaryWorksheet
     Disability CompensationSummaryWorksheet
     Medical CareSummaryWorksheet
Army Corps of Engineers  
     Corps HydropowerSummaryWorksheet
     Emergency ManagementSummaryWorksheet
     Flood Damage ReductionSummaryWorksheet
     Inland Waterways NavigationSummaryWorksheet
     Non-regulatory Wetlands ActivitiesSummaryWorksheet
Environmental Protection  
     Air ToxicsSummaryWorksheet
     Civil EnforcementSummaryWorksheet
     Drinking Water State Revolving FundSummaryWorksheet
     Existing ChemicalsSummaryWorksheet
     Leaking Underground Storage TanksSummaryWorksheet
     New ChemicalsSummaryWorksheet
     Nonpoint Source GrantsSummaryWorksheet
     Pesticide RegistrationSummaryWorksheet
     Pesticide ReregistrationSummaryWorksheet
     Superfund RemovalSummaryWorksheet
     Tribal General AssistanceSummaryWorksheet
National Aeronautics and Space Administration  
     Mars ExplorationSummaryWorksheet
     Space ShuttleSummaryWorksheet
     Space StationSummaryWorksheet
National Science Foundation  
     Geosciences DirectorateSummaryWorksheet
     NSF Research ToolsSummaryWorksheet
Small Business Administration  
     Business Information CentersSummaryWorksheet
     Section 504 Certified Development Company Guaranteed Loan ProgramSummaryWorksheet
     Service Corps of Retired ExecutivesSummaryWorksheet
     Small Business Development CentersSummaryWorksheet
Social Security Administration  
     Disability InsuranceSummaryWorksheet
     Supplemental Security Income for the AgedSummaryWorksheet
Other Agencies  
     Broadcasting to Near East Asia and South AsiaSummaryWorksheet
     Consumer Product Safety CommissionSummaryWorksheet
     Export Import Bank - Long Term GuaranteesSummaryWorksheet
     Asset Management of Federally-Owned Real PropertySummaryWorksheet
     Multiple Award SchedulesSummaryWorksheet
     Supply Depots and Special OrderSummaryWorksheet
     Vehicle AcquisitionSummaryWorksheet
     Vehicle LeasingSummaryWorksheet
     High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA)SummaryWorksheet
     Youth Anti-Drug Media CampaignSummaryWorksheet
     Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI)SummaryWorksheet
     Federal Employees Retirement ProgramSummaryWorksheet
     Overseas Private Investment Corporation - FinanceSummaryWorksheet
     TVA PowerSummaryWorksheet
     TVA Resource Stewardship (Non-Power)SummaryWorksheet

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