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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
January 8, 2009

Press Gaggle by Deputy Press Secretary Scott Stanzel
Aboard Air Force One
En Route Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

9:32 A.M. EST

MR. STANZEL: I wanted to run through the schedule and we'll see if we have any time for a couple questions here. The President is going to participate in a roundtable. No Child Left Behind -- seven years ago, January 2002, was the signing of the historic No Child Left Behind Act. He'll be visiting General Philip Kearny School in Philadelphia; that is pool at the top. He'll meet with national, state, and local education leaders to discuss No Child Left Behind.

The President will then make remarks on No Child Left Behind. He will discuss the successes of the law that he signed into law seven years ago, and will talk about the importance of maintaining accountability and high standards and not rolling back those measures, to make sure that we continue to close the achievement gap.

Traveling on Air Force One with us today is Secretary Margaret Spellings, who will be participating in the event, of course, and Senator Arlen Specter. And I can give you more information about the events. There are two sponsoring groups of this event: Strong American Schools is a nonpartisan school reform group that advocates for school reform. And also, the Education Equality Project that is a nonpartisan group of elected officials and civil rights leaders and education reformers who are interested in making sure that we have high-quality teachers, accountability, and standards in our schools. So that's what we're planning to do.

Q Comment on the Lebanese attacks?

MR. STANZEL: Obviously we've seen those reports and are looking into the situation, but I don't have anything further for you at this time.

END 9:35 A.M. EST

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