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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
October 6, 2008

Fact Sheet: Judges Who Honor the Constitution
President Bush Has Appointed Judges Who Do Not Legislate From The Bench

     Fact sheet In Focus: Judicial Nominations
     Fact sheet President Bush Discusses Judicial Accomplishments and Philosophy

Today, President Bush will discuss the proper role of Federal judges and the caliber of judges he has appointed with the Cincinnati Lawyers Chapter of the Federalist Society and the Ashbrook Center. Few issues have been more hotly debated or had a more lasting impact on our country's course. Of President Bush's judicial nominees, the Senate has confirmed 61 Circuit Court judges and 261 District Court judges (as of October 6, 2008). Today more than one-third of all Federal judges have been appointed by him – and these men and women are jurists of the highest caliber with an abiding belief in the sanctity of our Constitution.

Judges Matter To Every American, And The Belief In Judicial Restraint Is Shared By The Vast Majority Of Our Nation

The judicial branch has the potential to wield enormous power. It is the only branch of government whose officers are unelected. That means the judges appointed to the Federal bench should exercise their power prudently, cautiously, and conservatively. Judges can have a profound impact on the daily lives of every citizen.

President Bush Has Appointed To The Supreme Court Two Jurists Of Decency, Integrity, And Good Judgment

President Bush's judicial philosophy is demonstrated most clearly by the outstanding judges he has appointed to the bench. America is particularly well served by President Bush's appointments to the Supreme Court.

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