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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
October 3, 2008

Fact Sheet: Hunting, Wildlife, and Habitat
President Bush Is A Strong Ally In Protecting And Conserving America's Natural Resources

     Fact sheet In Focus: White House Conference on North American Wildlife

Today, Vice President Cheney attended the White House Conference on North American Wildlife and reviewed the progress President Bush and his Administration have made on wildlife conservation over the past seven years.  Due to economic events this week, President Bush decided to remain in Washington, D.C.  Vice President Cheney attended the conference in his place.  The Conference sessions provided hunters and other outdoor recreational enthusiasts from across the United States an opportunity to discuss a forthcoming 10-year Action Plan on recreational hunting and wildlife conservation.  Since President Bush took office, the Administration has enhanced and increased wildlife habitats, enlarged wildlife populations and increased opportunities for hunting, and the Administration continues to add to these accomplishments.  In August 2007, the President signed Executive Order 13443 to facilitate the expansion and enhancement of hunting opportunities and the management of game species and their habitat.

The Administration Encouraged And Promoted Conservation Of Our Natural Resources

We are working together to protect wildlife in America's forests.  Under this Administration, the U.S. Forest Service has partnered with hunting organizations to improve forage and cover for elk and wild turkeys.

We are restoring and improving America's wetlands.  In 2004, President Bush set a goal of restoring, improving, and protecting three million acres of wetlands in five years and has met this goal one year ahead of schedule. The President's new four million-acre goal will build on that success and include a stronger focus on quality as well as quantity.

We are encouraging landowners to increase wildlife populations on private property.  President Bush expanded Federal tax incentives to encourage landowners to donate their property for conservation purposes.  Through the Conservation Reserve Program, we are helping ranchers and farmers restore grassland habitats on their land.

We are working together to ensure that America's sportsmen, hunters, and conservationists can make responsible use of Federal lands.  Since 2001, President Bush and his Administration have opened up 30 National Wildlife Refuges to hunting.  The Administration is working with 40 sportsmen's groups to improve access to hunting and fishing on Federal property.  The President has also made significant efforts to assist citizens with planning safe and legal hunting trips by marking access points, improving highway signage for trail heads, and providing electronic maps online. 

We are educating the next generation of sportsmen and conservationists.  President Bush and his Administration are working through Federal programs such as "Kids in the Woods," to teach children about conservation and provide them with hands-on outdoor experience. 

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