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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
September 26, 2008

Fact Sheet: Making Afghanistan More Secure with Economic and Reconstruction Assistance
President Bush Meets With President Karzai And Receives An Update On U.S. Efforts Toward Helping Afghans Achieve Necessary Economic Growth And Political Stabilization to Sustain Security Gains

     Fact sheet In Focus: Afghanistan
     Fact sheet President Bush Participates in Video Teleconference with President Karzai of Afghanistan, United States Provincial Reconstruction Team Leaders, National Guard Agriculture Development Team Representatives, and Afghan Governors

"We're using Provincial Reconstruction Teams of military and civilian experts to help local communities fight corruption, improve governance, and jumpstart their economies.  We're using Agricultural Development Teams to help Afghan farmers feed their people and become more self-sufficient ... In all these ways, we're working to ensure that our military progress is accompanied by the political and economic gains that are critical to the success of a free Afghanistan."                                                               

                                                                                                          – President George W. Bush, 9/9/08

Today, President Bush and Afghan President Hamid Karzai received an update from two Afghan governors and from U.S. Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) and Agribusiness Development Team (ADT) leaders on the important work being done to improve economic and security gains in Afghanistan.  The Provincial Governors and PRT leaders from Nangarhar and Kunar provinces in eastern Afghanistan briefed President Bush and President Karzai on the changes they are seeing firsthand on the ground.  PRT leaders emphasized that strong partnerships between Afghans and the Americans at the local level have led to greater community participation in reconstruction and development efforts, more jobs, and better security.

PRTs Are A Key Component Of The International Effort In Afghanistan

PRTs are part of the overall effort to help the Afghan people defend their freedom and defeat the Taliban and Al Qaeda.  The core mission of PRTs is to help provincial governments develop a transparent and sustained capability to govern; promote increased security and rule of law; promote political and economic development; provide assistance necessary to meet the basic needs of the population; and help ensure that improvements in security are sustainable.

Nangarhar Provincial Reconstruction Team

The Nangarhar PRT and Missouri National Guard ADT have helped make Nangarhar, in eastern Afghanistan, one of the most stable and secure provinces in Afghanistan.  The ADT consists of the Army National Guard and embedded civilian specialists.  The specialists provide technical assistance and training to improve agriculture production, processing, and marketing.

Kunar Provincial Reconstruction Team

The Kunar PRT currently operates through two teams just outside the provincial capital, Task Force Spader and Task Force Raider.  PRT team members have made progress on building government capacity and infrastructure and spurring economic development.  The PRT also hired eight Afghan expatriates to strengthen outreach and forge closer working relationships with communities across the province.

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