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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
September 9, 2008

Rest of the Story: President Bush Supports a Comprehensive Energy Plan

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     Fact sheet In Focus: Energy

USA Today wrongly claimed that President Bush has implied offshore drilling would be "a quick and easy way of lowering prices at the pump." (Editorial, "The Truth About Drilling," USA Today, 9/9/08)

President Bush has repeatedly noted that offshore drilling would take years to have its full impact on prices at the pump: 

The Administration agrees with USA Today and believe offshore exploration is only part of the solution.  In fact in the President's radio address last Saturday, he once again called for a comprehensive energy approach that Democrats refuse to support and requested that, at the very least, Democrats "take action on three common-sense energy solutions that enjoy bipartisan support."  (President George W. Bush, Radio Address, 9/6/08)  These energy proposals included:

Additionally, President Bush has remained strong in the pursuit of alternative sources of energy.  The President signed legislation responding to his "Twenty in Ten" challenge in his 2006 State of the Union address to increase fuel efficiency and mandate the use of renewable fuels to reduce our dependence on oil.  The President recognizes, as do Republicans in Congress, that we do not need just one energy source.  The Administration has also:

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