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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
July 8, 2008

Fact Sheet: the President's Push for Accountability Highlights Successful G-8 Summit, Hokkaido Toyako, Japan

     Fact sheet G8 Summit 2008

"It's in our national interests that America help deal with hopelessness; and it's in our moral interests that we help brothers and sisters who hurt. It's been the policy of the Bush Administration since day one."

President George W. Bush, February 17, 2008

The President, in Collaboration with Other Leaders from the G-8 Nations, Took Action to:

G-8 Accountability

G-8 Leaders Recognized the Need to Ensure Prompt and Transparent Implementation of Past Commitments by:

Food Security

Building on the President's Recent Food Security Initiative, G-8 Leaders Took Action by:

Energy Security

G-8 Leaders Reaffirmed Shared Interests and Responsibility in Promoting Energy Security by:

New Health Commitments

G-8 Leaders Demonstrated Their Commitment to Save More Lives by:

Climate Change, Clean Energy Technology, and Energy Efficiency

G-8 Leaders Agreed that Actions by All Major Economies are Essential for Tackling Climate Change While Also:

Development and Africa

G-8 Leaders Reiterated that Development Cooperation is Based on Mutual Accountability:

Open Global Economy

G-8 Leaders Noted the Importance of Open Markets by:

Peacekeeping and Reconstruction and Stabilization

G-8 Leaders Committed to Fulfill Efforts to Build Capability for Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding by:


G-8 Leaders Strengthened Efforts Against the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction by:


G-8 Leaders Reaffirmed their Commitment to Counter the Terrorist Threat by:

G-8 Leaders Discussed How to Advance Common Interests in Critical Regions, including:


G-8 Leaders Strongly Urged Iran to Comply With Its International Obligations. They:


G-8 Leaders Welcomed the G-8 Foreign Ministers Statement on Afghanistan. The G-8:

North Korea

G-8 Leaders Strongly Urged the DPRK to Fulfill Immediately All Its Commitments, Including by:


G-8 Leaders Stressed Their Grave Concern About the Situation in Zimbabwe. They:

Middle East Peace Process

G-8 Leaders Reiterated Their Support for the Ongoing Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations. They:


G-8 Leaders Expressed Strong Concern About the Political Situation in Burma. They:


G-8 Leaders Reiterated Their Strong Concern About the Deteriorating Situation in Darfur. The G-8:

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