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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
June 26, 2008

Fact Sheet: Faith-Based and Community Initiatives: Delivering Help and Hope to Millions at Home and Around the World
President Bush Discusses The Important Role Of His Faith-Based And Community Initiatives In Transforming the Way Our Nation Addresses Human Need

     Fact sheet President Bush Attends Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives' National Conference

Today, President Bush will address the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (OFBCI) "Innovations in Effective Compassion" National Conference. President Bush used his first executive order as President to establish the Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives at the White House, and his next one created Faith-Based and Community offices within major Federal agencies. These offices were tasked with a bold mission: to lower the legal and institutional barriers that prevented government and faith-based groups from working as partners and to ensure that the armies of compassion played a central role in the campaign to make America more promising and more just.

In Partnership With America's Armies of Compassion, The Faith-Based And Community Initiative Has Waged A Determined Attack On Need

The Faith-Based and Community Initiative has helped level the playing field for faith-based groups and other charities – especially small organizations that had struggled to compete for funds in the past. Federal agencies have issued 15 regulations mandating that faith-based organizations be treated the same as secular groups and has applied these regulations across the Federal Government. It has educated religious groups – as well as thousands of Federal employees – to ensure these rules are fully applied.

President Bush and his Administration have advanced policies that yield greater support for faith-based and community groups. Working with Congress, the Administration has:

The Faith-Based And Community Initiative Is Helping To Revolutionize The Way Our Government Addresses The Greatest Challenges Facing Our Society

The Initiative has moved government away from large, bureaucratic programs toward responses led by social entrepreneurs that harness the passion and personal touch of neighbors serving neighbors. For example:

The Faith-Based And Community Initiative Has Built A Powerful Grassroots Network

Today 35 governors – 19 Democrats and 16 Republicans – have their own faith-based and community initiatives. Additionally, more than 70 mayors of both parties have similar programs at the municipal level.

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