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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
April 7, 2008

Fact Sheet: Encouraging American Businesses to Invest and Expand
Small And Mid-Sized Business Owners Taking Advantage Of Economic Growth Package Investment Incentives

     Fact sheet President Bush Meets with Small and Mid-Size Business Owners to Discuss Economic Stimulus Package

Today, President Bush met with small and mid-sized business owners to discuss temporary tax incentives in the economic growth package.  In February 2008, President Bush signed into law an economic growth package that will boost our economy by putting money back into the hands of American workers and businesses.  This growth package meets the criteria the President laid out in January – it amounts to more than $152 billion, or about one percent of GDP, provides tax rebates to more than 130 million American households, and offers temporary tax incentives for businesses to invest in their companies and create jobs this year.  These incentives are already in place and are starting to have an impact.  The growth package was carefully calibrated and is large enough to promote short-run growth in our economy without jeopardizing our long-term budget objectives. 

Today's Meeting Participants Were Prompted To Make New Investments This Year As A Result Of The Economic Growth Package

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