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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
March 13, 2008

Fact Sheet: Helping Afghanistan Achieve Sustainable Progress
PRTs Providing Security, Democratic Governance, Economic And Reconstruction Assistance To Local And Provincial Governments Across Afghanistan

      Fact Sheet: Helping Afghanistan Achieve Sustainable Progress
      In Focus: Afghanistan

Today, President Bush received an update by video teleconference from American civilian and military leaders serving with Afghanistan Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRT) and at a Brigade Combat Team (BCT) in Afghanistan.  Teams located around the country provide critical support to the Government of Afghanistan's efforts to improve security and democratic governance, to provide essential services, and to expand economic opportunity.  The President, along with Vice President Cheney, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte, and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General James Cartwright, spoke with U.S. civilian and military officers at U.S.-led PRTs in Ghazni, Paktika, and Farah provinces, and at PRTs led by partners in NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Bamian (New Zealand) and Helmand (United Kingdom).  The President discussed the important progress these teams are making in local communities around Afghanistan. 

PRTs Are A Key Element Of The International Effort In Afghanistan

The United States, in partnership with the Government of Afghanistan, the Afghan National Security Forces, members of the NATO Alliance and other international partners, is helping the Afghan people defend their freedom against the Taliban and al Qaeda.  Thanks to the courage of both military forces and civilian experts, a nation that was once a safe haven for al Qaeda is a growing democracy. 

Twenty-six PRTs are now operating in Afghanistan and working in partnership with communities around the country.  Twelve of these PRTs are led by the United States and 14 are led by our NATO Allies and Coalition partners.  PRTs help ensure that improvements in security are sustainable.

PRTs Participating In Today's Video Teleconference Illustrate The Variety Of Operating Environments, Challenges And Successes That The U.S. Interagency And International Community Face In Afghanistan

1.  Ghazni Provincial Reconstruction Team

PRT Ghazni and U.S. Task Force Fury, located in eastern Afghanistan, consist of service members and civilians from the Departments of State and Agriculture and USAID.   With PRT support, security in the region has improved over the past year.

 2.  Lashkar Gah Provincial Reconstruction Team (Helmand Province)

 The Lashkar Gah PRT and Task Force Helmand, which are led by the United Kingdom, are composed of both civilian and military representatives from the UK and civilian representatives from the United States (Department of State and USAID), Estonia and Denmark.  The UK views this structure, with close civilian-military links, as ensuring a "comprehensive approach" that will make progress sustainable. 

 3.  Farah Provincial Reconstruction Team

 PRT Farah – located in western Afghanistan – is composed of soldiers, sailors, airmen, and civilians from the United States Departments of State and Agriculture and USAID.  The PRT works closely with Regional Command-West (commanded by Italy) and also cooperates with U.S. Army teams who mentor the Afghan Police and Army. 

4.  Paktika Provincial Reconstruction Team (Sharana)

 The Paktika PRT, located in eastern Afghanistan with U.S. Task Force Fury, has members from the Navy, Army, Arizona National Guard, State Department, USAID, and the United States Army Corps of Engineers. 

 Participants In Today's Meeting

 Participants joining from Afghanistan via video teleconference included:


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