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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
March 1, 2008

ONDCP Fact Sheet: 2008 National Drug Control Strategy

      2008 National Drug Control Policy (PDF, 6.73MB, 79 pages)
      President's Radio Address

Administration Releases Report Laying Out Methods To Combat Drug Abuse In America, Highlighting Recent Progress

"Today, my Administration is releasing our 2008 National Drug Control Strategy. This report lays out the methods we are using to combat drug abuse in America. And it highlights the hopeful progress we're making in the fight against addiction. … Overall, an estimated 860,000 fewer young people in America are using drugs today than when we began these efforts. Our drug control strategy will continue all three elements of this successful approach. It will also target a growing problem – the abuse of prescription drugs by youth."

– President George W. Bush, 3/1/08

With the release of his first National Drug Control Strategy in 2002, the President set the ambitious goal of cutting drug use among young people by 25 percent over five years. Through a balanced approach that emphasized prevention, education, and treatment, as well as enhanced law enforcement and international cooperation, youth drug use has declined 24 percent since 2001 – 860,000 fewer young people using drugs today than six years ago. In addition, teen marijuana use is down 25 percent, Ecstasy use has dropped by more than half, and youth use of methamphetamine has plummeted 64 percent.

Stopping Drug Use Before It Starts

The Strategy continues to utilize such effective tools as the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, non-punitive random student drug testing programs and workplace drug testing programs, and drug-free community coalitions.

Healing America's Drug Users

Recognizing that addiction to substances is a treatable disease and that recovery is possible, the Administration's Strategy supports innovative and effective programs designed to help expand treatment options, enhance treatment delivery, and improve treatment outcomes.

Disrupting The Market For Illegal Drugs

Every day, 732,000 sworn officers in our Nation are on the street closing down open air drug markets, dismantling drug trafficking organizations, and seizing meth labs, marijuana grow houses, and the illicit proceeds of the drug trade. Indeed, domestic and international law enforcement efforts play a crucial role in making our national drug problem smaller. The Strategy outlines the Administration's plan to aggressively attack and disrupt illegal drug markets.

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