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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
March 13, 2008

Fact Sheet: Protect America Alert: House Foreign Surveillance Bill Undermines Our National Security
House Leaders Move To Vote On Partisan Legislation; President Bush Will
Veto Any Bill That Fails To Provide The Intelligence Community The Tools
Needed To Protect Our Nation

     Fact sheet President Bush Discusses FISA

"Congress should stop playing politics with the past and focus on helping us prevent terrorist attacks in the future. Members of the House should not be deceived into thinking that voting for this unacceptable legislation would somehow move the process along. Voting for this bill does not move the process along. Instead, voting for this bill would make our country less safe because it would move us further away from passing the good bipartisan Senate bill that is needed to protect America."

– President George W. Bush, 3/13/08

This week, House leaders are finally bringing FISA modernization legislation to the floor – but instead of holding a vote on the good bipartisan bill passed by the Senate, they introduced a partisan bill that would undermine America's security. This bill is dangerous to our national security. House leaders know that the Senate will not pass it, and the President will not sign it. The President calls on Congress to end this needless obstruction and pass the bipartisan Senate bill as soon as possible.

Yesterday, The Attorney General And The Director Of National Intelligence Sent A Letter To The Speaker Explaining Why This Bill Is Dangerous To Our National Security And Recommending The President Veto The Legislation:

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