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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
February 21, 2008

President Bush Presented with Key to the City by President Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Monrovia, Liberia

  Presidential Remarks

      Africa Trip 2008

10:23 A.M. (Local)

PRESIDENT JOHNSON SIRLEAF: Let me say how pleased we are to welcome President Bush, Mrs. Bush, Secretary Rice and all the members of this delegation. It is a great honor for Liberia to receive them. And they've received a very warm welcome from the Liberian people, from our young people, from our students, who lined the route and waved and showed flags. We're just so pleased and honored. Thank you, President Bush, for making this trip.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Madam President, thanks. I've been looking forward to coming here ever since you extended the kind invitation to me. I do want to thank the people of Liberia for the warm welcome that we have received. I loved all the smiles and enthusiasm along the route.

Most importantly, I want the people of Liberia to know, Madam President, the United States stands with you. We want to help you recover from a terrible period. We want you to build lives of hope and peace. And under your leadership, that's exactly what's happening. It's my honor to have presented you with the National Medal of Freedom; it's the highest civilian award a President can give, and I did so because of your courage and your leadership. And we are so excited to be with you.

Thank you.


END 10:24 A.M. (Local)

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