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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
February 19, 2008

President Bush Visits Kigali Memorial Centre in Rwanda
Kigali Memorial Centre
Kigali, Rwanda

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10:31 A.M. (Local)

THE PRESIDENT: Laura and I have just finished going to a memorial for the -- that recognizes the horrors of the genocide that took place here. This is a moving place that can't help but shake your emotions to your very foundation. It reminds me that we must not let these kind of actions take place; that -- and that the people of Rwanda need help to reconcile, to move forward, after a brutal period.

I guess the only thing I can finish saying is that, you know, we ask for God's blessings on those who still hurt, and on those who long for help, and on the kids whose lives had to have been deeply affected by the trauma of the moment. And we thank the museum officials for their generosity and hospitality, and for putting on such an exhibit to remind people that there is evil in the world, and evil must be confronted.

Thank you very much.

END 10:32 A.M. (Local)

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