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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
January 26, 2008

Statement by the President

I strongly condemn the terrorist bombing in Beirut that killed Lebanese Internal Security Forces Captain Wissam Eid and many other Lebanese. I extend condolences to the families of the innocent Lebanese killed in this brutal attack and hope for a rapid recovery for all those wounded.

This bombing, the latest in a series of terrorist attacks targeting those who are working to secure Lebanon's independence and sovereignty, is a part of the continuing assault on Lebanon's institutions. We will not falter in our support for the democratically-elected Lebanese government. We renew our call for the immediate selection of a new President in accordance with Lebanon's constitution. We demand that Syria, Iran, and their allies end their interference in and obstruction of Lebanon's political process.

The Lebanese people should be able to enjoy security and liberty without the threat of terrorism, violence, and foreign intimidation. I appreciate the UN's efforts to rapidly stand up the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, which will hold accountable those who are responsible for this systematic campaign of murder and intimidation. I urge Lebanon's friends and allies to commit immediately the remaining funds required for the Tribunal to commence its work.

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