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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
December 14, 2007

Statement by the Press Secretary on 2007 Farm Bill

On January 31, the Administration unveiled its 2007 farm bill proposal to reform current farm programs while strengthening the safety net and funding priorities such as conservation and energy. It's based on suggestions from farmers and ranchers across the nation and it fits within the President's balanced budget plan. Today, the Senate approved legislation that does not represent wise stewardship of taxpayer dollars. When combined with the farm bill agreed to by the House of Representatives, Congress has approved $22.4 billion dollars in new taxes that increase the size and scope of the Federal government and damage the credibility of farm programs. In addition, Congress has refused to significantly limit farm income subsidies for the wealthiest Americans. For these reasons, the President's advisors would recommend he not sign this bill. We look forward to working with Congress to develop a fiscally responsible farm bill that includes real farm program reform while providing a strong safety net for farmers.

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