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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
December 14, 2007

President Bush Thanks Candi Wolff, Announces Dan Meyer as New Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs

One of the most challenging jobs in any White House is managing the President's relationship with Congress. There are 535 Members of Congress, 2 parties, and 46 Committee Chairmen - but only one Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs. Candi Wolff has done a remarkable job of working with Congress and advancing my legislative agenda.

As my chief advisor on Congressional affairs, Candi has helped bring about many significant accomplishments - including energy legislation, trade agreements, tax relief, vital national security measures, and the confirmation of two Supreme Court Justices. Her dedication and enthusiasm have resulted in policies that protect the American people, hold the line on spending, strengthen our economy, and support our troops. Candi has earned the respect of Members of Congress and her colleagues.

I have relied upon Candi's sound judgment, extensive experience, and thorough understanding of Capitol Hill as I have made decisions that affect the lives of all Americans. As Candi's service at the White House comes to an end, I appreciate her years of hard work and friendship. Laura and I wish Candi, her husband Mark, and their two daughters Veronica and Claire all the best.

I am pleased to announce that Dan Meyer will succeed Candi as Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs. After serving as a House and Senate staffer for more than 15 years, including as Chief of Staff to the Speaker of the House, Dan knows how to help get things done in Congress. As a member of the Legislative Affairs office at the White House, he has been a capable leader who is well respected by Members on both sides of the aisle and committed to reaching solutions on important issues. I am confident he will perform well in this new position. I look forward to continuing to work with him.

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