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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
December 7, 2007

Fact Sheet: November 2007 Marks Record 51st Consecutive Month of Job Growth
More Than 8.3 Million Jobs Created Since August 2003 In Longest Continuous Run Of Job Growth On Record

      In Focus: Economy

Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released new jobs figures – 94,000 jobs created in November.  Since August 2003, more than 8.3 million jobs have been created, with more than 1.5 million jobs created over the 12 months that ended in November.  Our economy has now added jobs for 51 straight months – the longest period of uninterrupted job growth on record. The unemployment rate remains low at 4.7 percent. 

The U.S. Economy Remains Strong, Flexible, And Dynamic

The End Of 2007 Is Approaching Fast, And The New Congress Has Little To Show For It

Congress should pass the remaining 11 annual spending bills one at a time in a fiscally responsible manner.  Congressional leaders are now talking about piling the remaining bills into one giant piece of legislation, which they will load up with billions of dollars in earmarks and wasteful spending leading to higher taxes.

Congressional leaders should also stand by their commitment to consider pending free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea.  Recently, the House of Representatives and the Senate took a positive step by voting to pass the Peru free trade agreement; now Congress should act quickly to approve the free trade agreement with Colombia. This vital agreement with our strong ally is important to the stability of the region and would benefit American workers and farmers by eliminating tariffs on most U.S. industrial and agricultural goods exports and providing new market access for U.S. service suppliers.  Congress should also reauthorize and improve the Trade Adjustment Assistance program to help workers impacted by trade take advantage of this growing, dynamic economy. 

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