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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
November 26, 2007

President Bush Congratulates Trent Lott on Senate Career

For more than three decades, Trent Lott has been an outstanding advocate in the United States Congress for the people of Mississippi. With service in the Republican leadership in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, he has skillfully advanced legislation and effectively championed key principles of our party, including low taxes and a strong national defense.

Trent has worked to enhance the economic vitality of our Nation and his home state throughout his career. By focusing on the important defense, transportation, infrastructure, agricultural, and educational needs of Mississippi, he has helped bring new development and opportunity to his constituents.

Throughout his service, Trent has always been a leader - someone his colleagues have known they could count on to stay true to his principles while working cooperatively to achieve results for the American people. Trent enjoyed bipartisan respect because of his reverence for the institutions of Congress and because Republicans and Democrats knew they could count on him to keep his commitments and his word. His immense talent will be missed in our Nation's capital. Laura and I wish him and his wife Tricia all the best.

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